Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 543 - This Was The Only Way To Take Gu Nianshen Back

Chapter 543: This Was The Only Way To Take Gu Nianshen Back

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“Alright. I understand.” Bai Se then added an emoticon of a cartoon character rolling its eyes.

Lin Yiqian chuckled out loud but did not reply to his text.


After dinner, as everyone proceeded to eat fruits in the living room, Xi Xia returned to her room on her own.

Worried, Song Changwen only took a few bites before she went to knock on Xi Xia’s door.

With only the lamp by her bed turned on, Xi Xia sat at the balcony with her back to the door. She seemed to set a melancholic scene beneath the dim lights.

Song Changwen’s heart went out to her.


After she sighed helplessly, Song Changwen walked quietly over to Xi Xia. “Xiaxia, why did you go to Gu Nianshen’s office today?” She asked casually.

When Xi Xia saw that Song Changwen had arrived, she stopped looking sad and instead lifted her head to smile at Song Changwen.

Then, she pulled the chair next to her over for Song Changwen to sit on.

Once Song Changwen sat down, Xi Xia smiled and continued to speak, “I was done editing Roland’s gown design for Suka’s red carpet event and was sending it over to her manager. Since I was on the way, I decided to drop by at Mega.”

After she spoke, Xi Xia looked down with a desolated look in her eyes.

Song Changwen felt very bad for her. At first, she thought that Gu Nianshen might at least still like Xi Xia despite being forced to marry Lin Yiqian. Even if he truly fell for Lin Yiqian one day, at least he used to like Xi Xia.

However, Song Changwen did not once think that Gu Nianshen might never have liked Xi Xia in that way at all. All along, he had only ever liked Lin Yiqian, so much so that he had even changed his grandfather’s will so that he could marry her.

It would be too cruel for Xi Xia to find out about this.

Therefore, Song Changwen decided she would try to keep the information a secret from Xi Xia for as long as possible. She would pretend that she never knew it at all.

The only thing she could do now was to help Xi Xia move on by forgetting about Gu Nianshen.

As Song Changwen thought about this, she used both hands to cup Xi Xia’s hand in a protective way.

“Nianshen must be really busy these days. There are a few programs that have to be launched by the end of the year.” Song Changwen pretended as if nothing had happened.

Only when Gu Nianshen was mentioned did Xi Xia’s face brighten up. “Yeah. He was still busy when I arrived earlier. He was the only person left in the office.

“He’s turning twenty-four in a few months. I think he really needs a helping hand,” Xi Xia said as she felt her heart clenched.

“Don’t worry about him. His grandfather had started preparing him as his successor since he was a child. Gu Nianshen has been exposed to the market during his teenage years. He’s experienced enough to adapt to such situations. Therefore, you can’t compare him to other people of his age.” Song Changwen chuckled.

“Auntie,” Xi Xia suddenly said in a serious tone. Song Changwen could tell she had a question on her mind.

With her brows raised, Song Changwen waited for Xi Xia to ask her a question.

While Xi Xia opened her mouth, she hesitated and did not speak immediately. Meanwhile, Song Changwen waited patiently.

“Nianshen has always been grandfather’s priority. On the other hand, Nianshen has never expressed any interest in taking over the business. However, why…” Xi Xia’s eyes glistened with tears as she looked at Song Changwen.

Knowing what Xi Xia was trying to ask her, Song Changwen patted her the back of her hand gently and sighed. “I have spent over twenty years with the old man, but I could never tell what was on his mind. He would never divulge his trade secrets completely. Therefore, nobody could possibly guess what was on his mind.”

Then, Song Changwen looked down with a guilty smile as she did not dare to look Xi Xia in the eyes.

The mood was getting rather heavy.

Suddenly, Song Feifei’s voice could be heard from behind. “Which is why you, Sister Xiaxia, should help Brother Nianshen out at his office. Only by staying close to him can you reclaim him.”

Song Changwen’s facial expression changed while she turned around to give Song Feifei a look, hinting for her to shut up. She then turned around to smile at Xi Xia affectionately. “I wouldn’t let Xiaxia go to work in her condition.”

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