Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 542 - Mr. Gu Has Great Acting Skills

Chapter 542: Mr. Gu Has Great Acting Skills

“What are you doing?” Lin Yiqian asked softly whilst she frowned at him.

“You are an actress.” Gu Nianshen nibbled on Lin Yiqian’s ear to let off some steam.

He then put her down on the ground.

Slowly, Lin Yiqian adjusted her clothes. “Your acting skills are pretty good too, Chief Gu,” Lin Yiqian teased as she did so.

Then, she smiled and turned around to get into the car.

When she was about to open the car door, Gu Nianshen stepped forward hastily and stood in her way.

With his back leaning against the door, he now faced Lin Yiqian. “At first, we could have gotten a free meal here. You should be held accountable for that not happening.”

“Do you want me to treat you to a spicy hotpot meal?” Lin Yiqian asked.

“The six-dollar kind?” Gu Nianshen raised his brows.

‘A six-dollar spicy hotpot meal? What kind of a joke was that?’

Lin Yiqian frowned in confusion. Although she was unable to figure the joke out, she was certain it was not a good joke.

Therefore, she decided not to ask him about it.

Since this was the first time Xiaoyu was left at home for an entire day to be taken care of by Aunt Zhou, Lin Yiqian was very worried. She needed to get home quickly.

“Gu Nianshen, get out of the way. We have to go home immediately.”

Lin Yiqian grabbed Gu Nianshen by the arm and pulled him aside forcefully. Using her other hand to open the car door, she quickly got into the car.

When Gu Nianshen saw her sitting in the back, he felt rather unhappy. “Where do you think you are sitting?”

Should she not have sat on the passenger’s seat in the front?

Lin Yiqian glanced at the passenger’s seat before speaking coldly, “I’m sitting in the back. I want to lie down for a while.”

To prove that she meant what she said, Lin Yiqian lifted one leg onto the seat.

Seeing this, Gu Nianshen decided to let it pass. After closing the door for her, he got into the driver’s seat.

Once the car engine was turned on, Lin Yiqian put her leg down. As she was sitting directly behind the driver’s seat, she was completely hidden from his view.

With her head now leaning against the window, Lin Yiqian looked at the passenger’s seat.

She could still picture Xi Xia sitting there very clearly in her mind. Xi Xia must have sat on the passenger’s seat in every single car that belonged to Gu Nianshen.

That must have been the case because Lin Yiqian saw how naturally Xi Xia had opened the door to the passenger’s side. It seemed almost as if this was how it always had been and always should be.

Moreover, Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia used to be a couple. It was normal for her to sit next to him on the passenger’s side.

However, Lin Yiqian did not feel good about it at all. Although it sounded contentious on her part, she really did feel jealous.

In the past, Lin Yiqian was a bystander because Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia were a couple. However, now that she was Gu Nianshen’s lawfully wedded wife, did it mean that she had a justifiable reason to be jealous?

Was it not normal for her to want to act out upon that jealousy?

As Lin Yiqian thought about this, she immediately sat upright and took out her phone to text Bai Se.

Only then did she see Bai Se’s reply to her from before. “They are going through a massive transformation. Any cases related to the termination of contract or signing of new contracts will have to be postponed until their newly appointed manager is in place. The only exception would be if the contracts automatically terminate upon expiry.”

This message from Bai Se was in reply to Lin Yiqian’s query about how the contract termination was going earlier in the morning.

After reading Bai Se’s reply, Lin Yiqian felt that nothing was out of place. Therefore, she did not ask for details and instead wrote a simple reply. “Understood.”

She then continued to write. “Get me a car.”

“What kind of car?” Bai Se replied not long after.

“A Maybach.” Lin Yiqian replied after some thought.

A Maybach was both reliable and not too pompous. It would avoid drawing too much attention.

Bai Se could immediately guess that the car was not for Lin Yiqian herself. “Ehh… That’s not really your style. Is it a gift for someone else?”

“My husband.” Lin Yiqian replied directly without trying to hide the truth.

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