Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 544 - It Was All Because Of Lin Yiqian

Chapter 544: It Was All Because Of Lin Yiqian

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Xi Xia smiled bitterly as she tried to hold her tears back. “Auntie, I heard that Nianshen is going to attend Suka’s International Music Festival. Is that true?” She looked up at Song Changwen.

“He is going?” Song Changwen seemed surprised.

It appeared that she really did not know about it.

“Yeah. I heard it from Roland. Nianshen is even attending their event within the country this time around.” Xi Xia nodded.

When Song Changwen heard this, she smiled. “That’s rather odd. I’ll call and ask him about it later.”

Xi Xia chuckled along. “I found it rather odd when I heard about it too. He used to attend these types of events when we were in school because of me. Even then, it seemed forced. After we graduated, he would also refuse his grandfather’s requests for him to participate in business-related events. In all honesty, Suka’s red carpet event is where celebrities go to try to steal the limelight from each other. I can’t believe he would actually go.”

When Song Changwen heard Xi Xia mentioning the time they were still students and the activities Gu Nianshen participated in, she suddenly recalled the changes Gu Nianshen went through from the time he was in primary school to when he entered high school.

Due to how close Song Changlin and Lin Yiqian were before, Song Changwen would somewhat pay attention to Lin Yiqian each time she went to support Xi Xia during her activities at school.

Song Changwen was aware that Lin Yiqian used to perform poorly in her academics before middle school. Back then, Gu Nianshen also rarely participated in school activities. In fact, he also refused to participate in elections to become one of the class leaders. In relation to this, his teacher had even approached Song Changwen several times to iron things out.

However, Song Changwen always respected Gu Nianshen’s decision and never forced him against his will.

Due to Gu Nianshen’s birthright, coupled with the fact that he only had his grandfather around, he was bound to take on everything in life on his own. If Song Changwen interfered with his decisions too frequently, it would affect his charisma in the future.

Therefore, Song Changwen never asked him about what activities he would or would not participate in back in school.

Even if the teachers complained to her, she would merely listen to them without taking any action.

To Song Changwen’s surprise, she had never realized why Gu Nianshen would gradually choose to attend those sometimes meaningful, but other times meaningless, award ceremonies. In fact, he had even volunteered to represent his school on an exchange trip to another district.

Now that she thought about it, it was because Lin Yiqian was present at all of those events!

“Auntie, what’s the matter?” Xi Xia asked softly after realizing Song Changwen was staring into space.

With her thoughts interrupted, Song Changwen chuckled as she continued to speak, “He used to always hang out with Li Nanmu and those other kids. He must have been influenced by them, even if only a little.”

While Song Changwen thought about the matter more carefully, her heart went out to Xi Xia.

This was especially because Xi Xia still thought that Gu Nianshen had participated in those school activities for her sake. In actual fact, Song Changwen was the one who had fought for a place on behalf of Xi Xia after finding out that Gu Nianshen would participate in those events.

Song Changwen looked up at Xi Xia while she gently rubbed her face. “Silly child.”

After Song Changwen stopped speaking, she feared that Xi Xia might get suspicious. “Your body hasn’t fully recovered. Don’t do anything else. Focus on healing your body,” she added hurriedly.

“Roland asked for my help. Of course, I had to do it.” Xi Xia chuckled. “I am really not as weak as before. Moreover, I have decided to try going back to work next month.”

“Don’t mess around with your own health.” Song Changwen frowned.

“I don’t want to stay at home like a sick person. I don’t like who I am right now,” Xi Xia said as she lifted her head to look at the night sky. There was a sense of hope and longing in her heart.

Meanwhile, a helplessly sorrowful look appeared on her face.

“It’s not good for a girl to work so hard. You’ll only tire yourself.” Song Changwen pinched Xi Xia’s face while she spoke.

“I don’t want to rely on anyone at any single point of time.” Xi Xia turned around to look at Song Changwen.

There was determination in her eyes.

Song Changwen had no choice but to let Xi Xia do as she wished. “In that case, take good care of yourself this month. We’ll see how your recovery is going next month. If the doctor says it’s okay, I will agree to let you return to work.”

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