Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 513 - I Promised Mommy

Chapter 513: I Promised Mommy

“I promised Mommy not to tell anyone.” Xiaoyu shook his head.

His mother had told him not to tell anyone, which included his ‘Daddy’ as well.

That meant, Xiaoyu could not reveal her identity to this beautiful grandmother before him either.

“Am I just a stranger to you?” Song Changwen prompted further as she tried to fish for more information.

However, Xiaoyu simply shook her head. “Mommy said that I must behave like a trustworthy person. Since I promised Mommy, I can’t tell you.”

As he spoke, he dropped his backpack on the ground and covered his mouth with both hands.

That would prevent him from accidentally letting the words slip out.

For a kid his age, Song Changwen was surprised that he took being trustworthy so seriously. She suddenly lost the will to persuade him further. With a smile, she patted Xiaoyu on his head. “That’s right, we must all keep to our promises. In that case, I will stop asking you that.”

Song Changwen began to stand upright whilst speaking.

“Here, this candy is for you.” Xiaoyu raised a lollipop to her.

As he seemed very genuine in his offering, Song Changwen thought it best not to reject. “Thank you.”

“Aren’t you going in? Why are you sitting here?” She asked after chucking the lollipop into her purse.

“I couldn’t reach that button. And no one else was around to open the door for me.” Xiaoyu pointed at the doorbell.

“Your father is a weird guy. He insisted on installing the doorbell up there.” Song Changwen chuckled.

Then, she realized how easily she had said the words ‘your father’.

Stunned, she took another look at Xiaoyu.

This time, he too was looking up at her.

“I’ll take you inside.” Song Changwen patted him on the head as she reached for her hand so that they could both get into the car.

“I don’t want to get into the car.” Xiaoyu hugged Song Changwen’s leg when he saw Lao Si.

As Lao Si was Song Changwen’s personal driver, and he was also the one who drove the other night, she figured that Xiaoyu was still traumatized by what happened with him back then.

“Don’t worry. Without my orders, nobody would dare take you away,” Song Changwen said reassuringly.

However, Xiaoyu was still too afraid to get into the car.

Right then, Lao Si approached them and kneeled before Xiaoyu. “Hey, little fellow, could you please accept my apology for what happened the other night?”

As he spoke, he pushed his spectacles further up his nose bridge.

“No. I don’t want to get into the car.” Xiaoyu shook his head furiously without meeting his eyes.

Lao Si’s facial expression immediately changed.

“Why don’t you take the car and go inside? I’ll take him with me.” Song Changwen chuckled.

Using her thumbprint, she managed to unlock the gate and began walking into the courtyard with Xiaoyu next to her.

On their way in, Song Changwen kept her eyes on Xiaoyu’s chubby face and those dark brown eyes. She could not help but notice that the edges of his eyes lifted slightly, and also the good-looking features of his eyebrows and nose.

‘The kid looks exactly like Gu Nianshen when he was a wee child.’

Song Changwen suddenly recalled what Aunt Zhou had said as she suddenly stopped walking.

“Why did you stop walking, Beautiful Grandmother?” Xiaoyu looked up at her confusedly.

“I saw something dirty on your head.” Song Changwen reached for his hair with her trembling hands.

As she spoke, she gently plucked two of Xiaoyu’s hair off.

“Ouch… Granny, why did you pluck my hair off?” Xiaoyu cried out in pain as he rubbed his head.

“It was an accident,” Song Changwen said apologetically.

“Well then, I forgive you.” Xiaoyu pouted.

He then reached for Song Changwen’s hand and began dragging her forward.

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