Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 514 - We Will Soon Find Out

Chapter 514: We Will Soon Find Out

After Aunt Zhou had gone upstairs to call for them three times, Gu Nianshen finally came down.

Having taken a shower, he was now wearing a clean white shirt with a gray tie. With his recently washed hair, he looked and smelled fresh.

With a big smile on his face, Gu Nianshen walked into the dining room and was about to greet Song Changwen when he noticed Lin Xiaoyu sitting next to her.

Coming to a halt, he glanced guiltily at the staircase. When he was walking down the stairs, Lin Yiqian was still changing her clothes and doing make-up.

She would probably take a while to get down here.

“Who let you in?” Gu Nianshen hurriedly entered the dining room and pointed at Xiaoyu.

“I asked Uncle Bai Se to drop me at the main entrance. However, I couldn’t get in after that. Beautiful Grandmother over here brought me inside,” Lin Xiaoyu answered calmly before turning his head to give Song Changwen a smile.

After returning his smile, Song Changwen shifted her gaze to Gu Nianshen with her usual cold expression. “I let him in. What’s the matter?”

Her attitude toward Gu Nianshen was completely different from how she treated Xiaoyu.

Ignoring her, Gu Nianshen walked right up to Xiaoyu and grabbed him by his arm. “Didn’t I tell you not to come here anymore?”

He began carrying Xiaoyu outside.

“He’s only a child. Do you think he’d come equipped with weapons to murder you in your sleep?” Song Changwen ran after them.

She forcefully snatched Xiaoyu away from Gu Nianshen.

Seeing how protective Song Changwen was of Xiaoyu, Gu Nianshen felt even more guilty. He began to feel that Song Changwen might have found out or suspected something between them. “Mother, do you know this child really well?” He tested the waters.

From the moment Gu Nianshen walked in and noticed Xiaoyu, Song Changwen had caught sight of the guilt in his eyes.

“I don’t know him very well right now. But we’ll soon find out,” Song Changwen said thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?” Gu Nianshen was stunned.

“Why hasn’t Lin Yiqian come down for breakfast yet?” Song Changwen called out angrily.

“I’m coming!” Lin Yiqian’s voice could be heard from outside the dining room.

She too had changed into a white shirt. Coupled with her long red dress, Lin Yiqian seemed unusually tall.

“Mother,” Lin Yiqian called out before she even saw Song Changwen. When she arrived at the entrance to the dining hall, she was shocked to find Song Changwen holding onto Xiaoyu.

Subconsciously, she began to run through the suspicions in her mind as to why Song Changwen was holding Xiaoyu.

A few nights ago, Song Changwen had cruelly forced Xiaoyu, who was barely five years old, to leave without showing a tinge of affection or kindness.


Right then, Xiaoyu called out to Lin Yiqian, distracting her from showing any sign of aggression toward Song Changwen.

Lin Yiqian immediately shifted her attention to Xiaoyu. “Why are you here again?” She asked in disgust.

“I miss you and Daddy.” Xiaoyu smiled as Song Changwen placed him on the ground.

“What’s there to miss?” Lin Yiqian frowned as if she did not care.

Lin Yiqian knew that she could not display motherly affection toward Xiaoyu in front of Song Changwen as the latter was also a mother. If Lin Yiqian made it too obvious, Song Changwen would surely sense it.

“Don’t you miss me?” Xiaoyu asked disappointedly.

“No,” Lin Yiqian replied calmly before walking over to the seat across Song Changwen and sat down.

Whilst Song Changwen was looking at Gu Nianshen, Lin Yiqian sneakily made eye contact with Xiaoyu.

The little fellow immediately began to smile before returning to his seat.

Then, Song Changwen followed suit and sat down on her original seat. Very naturally, Gu Nianshen chose to sit next to Lin Yiqian.

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