Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 512 - Candies For My Beautiful Grandmother

Chapter 512: Candies For My Beautiful Grandmother

“What do you mean?” The driver, Lao Si, asked confusedly.

“If Nianshen forbade her from reporting to me, do you think she would still dare to do it?” Song Changwen snorted again before looking out the window. Her smile faded away as she began to look serious again.

“Ehh.. Do you mean Nianshen is the one who instructed Aunt Zhou to inform you of these things?” Lao Si turned around to look at Song Changwen with a surprised expression.

Song Changwen did not answer him. Coincidentally, they had also arrived at the gated entrance to Gu Nianshen’s house. Hence, Lao Si did not enquire any further.

He was about to make a turn into the courtyard when he noticed a child squatting next to the entrance. “Hey, why is there a kid by the entrance?”

Hearing this, Song Changwen immediately extended her neck to take a look. Her eyes lit up when she noticed Lin Xiaoyu. “It’s that little fellow.”

Song Changwen hurriedly instructed Lao Si to stop the car.

When Lin Xiaoyu saw that a car had arrived, he stood up curiously to look into the car.

As soon as the door was opened, Xiaoyu saw Song Changwen and immediately retracted his neck before backing away until he leaned against the main gate.

His hands clung tightly to the metal bar on the steel gate.

Watching him behaving like that, Song Changwen stopped walking as she frowned confusedly. However, she soon realized that Xiaoyu must have been traumatized by what happened the other night.

A hurtful look appeared in her eyes momentarily. However, she kept a smile on her face as she slowly approached Xiaoyu. “Are you afraid of me?”

Xiaoyu kept his lips pursed as he glanced at Lao Si who had just got out of the car. Xiaoyu became so frightened that he turned around and pressed his body against the gate with his back to Song Changwen.

Song Changwen felt a pang of guilt in her heart.

She tried to get closer. “If you’re afraid of me, why did you come here today?” She asked softly.

“I came to look for my Daddy and Mommy,” Xiaoyu said in a trembling voice with his back still facing Song Changwen.

He sounded as if he were about to cry.

As a person who was usually logic-minded, Song Changwen found herself being caught off guard by a sense of pity for the young boy.

Her usual self would have sent the child away by asking Lao Si to grab him forcefully. However, when Song Changwen saw Xiaoyu’s plump figure, she suddenly thought of Gu Nianshen when he was much younger.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t force you to leave today,” Song Changwen spoke very gently.

“Really?” Xiaoyu turned his head around ever so carefully as he looked up at her with tears in his eyes.

His hands were still holding onto the metal bar for an added sense of security.

“Your granny is a person who stands by her words. Of course, I won’t lie to anyone, let alone a child.” Song Changwen smiled as she took a step closer to Xiaoyu.

As she seemed genuinely friendly, the little fellow began to let down his guard as he turned around to face her.

Song Changwen kneeled in front of him to wipe the tears away from his eyes. “Tell me, did your mother ask you to come here?”

Naturally, Xiaoyu could not tell that she was trying to test him. “No, I came because I wanted to.”

As he spoke, he dropped his backpack on the ground before fishing out a bunch of snacks for Song Changwen. “Look, I brought these for Daddy. Would you like some, Beautiful Grandmother?”

Song Changwen looked down to find lollipops and cotton candies in his hand.

Everything was sweet.

“It’s not good to eat so much sweet stuff. Your teeth will go bad.” Song Changwen frowned.

“I know. Mommy tells me that all the time.” Xiaoyu nodded.

Seeing how obedient Xiaoyu sounded, Song Changwen could not help but reach out to pinch him on the cheeks softly. “In that case, can you tell me who your Mommy is?”

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