Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 508 - Are Xi Xia's Feelings More Important Than Mine?

Chapter 508: Are Xi Xia’s Feelings More Important Than Mine?

If Xiaoyu found out that his father ate the chicken wings he made, he would definitely be very happy.

Although Gu Nianshen usually did not have any interest in such food, he still took several bites out of it when Lin Yiqian brought it close to his mouth.

This was the first time he ate whilst walking. More importantly, he was eating a chicken wing.

Lin Yiqian kept her eyes on him the entire time. After he had taken several bites, Lin Yiqian asked anticipatingly, “Does it taste good?”

“It’s normal,” Gu Nianshen replied calmly.

In Gu Nianshen’s case, ‘normal’ was considered high praise. Lin Yiqian felt satisfied with his answer and picked up another chicken wing for herself.

“Xiaoyu made these himself,” she said as she began to chew on the flesh.

Before she could even finish her sentence, Gu Nianshen tossed the chicken wing he was biting on away.

In fact, he had tossed it directly onto the ground.

Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly at him. “What’s the matter with you? Why did you throw the chicken wing Xiaoyu made for us away?”

She hurriedly picked up the chicken wing Gu Nianshen had tossed away and blew at it twice before she continued to eat it.

As Xiaoyu had personally made these, she would not let any of the chicken wings go to waste.

“Why are you still eating it? It’s dirty.” Gu Nianshen knocked the chicken wing away from Lin Yiqian’s hand after she had taken a bite out of it.

Lin Yiqian wondered why Gu Nianshen was behaving so oddly.

As she looked at him confusedly, she wondered why he was overreacting to the fact that Xiaoyu had made those chicken wings for them. It was not like Xiaoyu had put poison in them or anything.

Although Gu Nianshen was trying very hard to control his temper, he could not suppress the feeling of guilt in his heart. “Why did he make chicken wings for us?”

‘I can urinate this far away from the urinal. Can you do that, mister?’

‘Mister, be my Daddy.’

‘Mister Gu, I miss you so much.’

Gu Nianshen could not help but recall the incidents between him and Lin Xiaoyu ever since the first time they met.

Whenever they bumped into each other, the little jerk would be on his own. It was always so coincidental.

In the capital, it had happened three times. Back at Shanghai’s airport, it happened again…

The more Gu Nianshen thought about it, the more restless he felt.

A frown had appeared on Lin Yiqian’s face as she pondered why Gu Nianshen seemed to be on alert.

“He… He said that he made it with his family. He sent these over because he liked us. What’s wrong?” Lin Yiqian asked carefully.

“Are you very close to his family? Why are you eating random stuff from them?’ Gu Nianshen raised his voice.

As he spoke, he snatched the container away from Lin Yiqian and began walking to the trash can.

Realizing that Gu Nianshen intended to throw all of the chicken wings away, she quickly caught up with him and took the container out of his hand.

“Gu Nianshen, if you won’t eat them, I will.” Lin Yiqian held the container protectively in her arms, wary that Gu Nianshen might try to take it away from her again.

She was protecting it like her prized possession.

Although Gu Nianshen knew that Lin Yiqian liked Xiaoyu a lot, he felt all the more guilty when she expressed even more fondness toward him.

Clearly, Gu Nianshen had still not come to terms with the fact that Xiaoyu was his son.

“Lin Yiqian, can you please stop getting in touch with his family? And please, don’t bring the little jerk back to our house again. Could you do that?” Gu Nianshen placed a hand over Lin Yiqian’s shoulder as he negotiated.

If Lin Yiqian liked children, they could conceive one together. Gu Nianshen did not want another person’s child.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian pushed him away and took two steps back.

Before the day of the celebratory event, Gu Nianshen did not seem to have minded the rumors at all. In fact, he was even beginning to express liking toward Xiaoyu.

For once, he had actually asked about Xiaoyu on his own initiative.

However, on that fateful night, his attitude toward Xiaoyu changed.

“Gu Nianshen, are you doing this because you care more about your mother and Xi Xia’s feelings than mine?”

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