Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 509 - Gu Nianshen, You Were A Short And Thin Child

Chapter 509: Gu Nianshen, You Were A Short And Thin Child

Did Gu Nianshen ignore Xiaoyu because he cared too much about Xi Xia’s feelings?

After asking the question, Lin Yiqian stared at Gu Nianshen unblinkingly.

On one hand, she tried to convince herself that it would be fine if he admitted that that was the case. However, on the other hand, she wished he would deny it.

“No!” Gu Nianshen answered decisively almost instantly.

Lin Yiqian’s eyes widened as her eyes glimmered. The feelings of jealousy and contempt immediately disappeared.

Wait a second… Did Gu Nianshen care about her own feelings then?

“Are you that lacking in confidence in yourself?” Gu Nianshen frowned at Lin Yiqian.

Before she could answer, he continued to nod and speak, “That’s right. After all, you have such poor taste. I bet you never thought that I would become this man at the pinnacle of society. You probably didn’t even dare think you might be with me one day.” Gu Nianshen raised his chin as he lifted his chest intentionally.

He was trying to look like a successful and confident man.

Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

She had never seen anyone more self-infatuated than him. It had reached a point of shameless obsession with oneself.

It seemed that Lin Yiqian needed to lower his ego to resolve this.

After pondering for a moment, she stood on her toes and stared right into Gu Nianshen’s dark eyes. “It’s not that I didn’t dare to think of it. I didn’t even consider you good enough!” Lin Yiqian uttered.

To further make her point, she raised her voice as she repeated herself, “Do you get it? I never considered you good enough!”

Then, Lin Yiqian stomped her foot on the ground and pushed Gu Nianshen away as she twirled and smiled confidently. “A girl as pretty and smart as me has always been pursued by lots of men who would want to treat me like a princess. Why would I want to spend time thinking about you?”

Gu Nianshen gave her a disgusted look. “You’ve always been plump as a kid. Even those who liked you were fat and ugly. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have had eyes for you.”

Gu Nianshen then turned around and walked away as if he had won an argument.

“Gu Nianshen, you big jerk. You were a short and thin boy. Oh, and, your dick was also shorter than the others!” Lin Yiqian yelled out loudly.

“Huh???” Gu Nianshen stopped walking as he subconsciously looked down at his pants.

What did this idiot say? Did she say his dick was shorter than the others?

Gu Nianshen’s facial expression immediately turned gloomy. As he turned his head around, he could see Lin Yiqian was already walking toward him. “I think you might want to rest in bed again,” he said through gritted teeth.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian walked nonchalantly past him as she stuck her tongue out at him. “You can’t beat me, can you? I’m much more powerful.”

Gu Nianshen remained silent.

His wife was behaving rather childishly today. It was kind of cute and made him long to go to bed earlier today.


Once Lin Yiqian had sat down with the plate of chicken wings Xiaoyu had made, she began to eat them.

Although she made the chicken wings seem delicious from the way she was eating, Gu Nianshen was not taking it well at all.

‘Lin Yiqian, what if it turns out to be true? Would you still like that child?’

However, Gu Nianshen secretly hoped that she did mind because that would prove that he was important to her.

Sensing that Gu Nianshen was looking at her, Lin Yiqian held out the chicken wing she had taken a bite from to him. “Do you want it? Just tell me if you do?”

“It’s too oily,” Gu Nianshen said disgustedly before picking up his chopsticks and digging into his rice.

Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia began teasing them after having observed the two for some time. “Can you two please get a room? Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to behave like this in front of Professor Zhang?”

As she spoke, Gu Nianjia continued to peel the prawn in her hand.

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