Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 507 - Eating The Chicken Wings Prepared By His Son

Chapter 507: Eating The Chicken Wings Prepared By His Son

A house visit? Only Gu Nianshen could think of such a thing.

“I guess so.” Zhang Jingyu nodded after taking some time to think.

As soon as he spoke, Gu Nianjia ran over and complained to Gu Nianshen. “He said he would take me out to eat. In the end, he lost his wallet and did not have a single dime on him.”

Did she actually believe him?

Lin Yiqian blinked in disbelief at Gu Nianjia’s naivety.

‘How could this girl be so naive?’ Lin Yiqian wondered.

Besides, Lin Yiqian felt that the professor was rather mean for tricking an unsuspecting young lady like that. “Did he lose his phone too?” Lin Yiqian intentionally pointed him out.

“Oh, right.” Gu Nianjia knocked herself on the head before turning to look at Zhang Jingyu. “Don’t you have money in the e-wallet in your phone?”

“I do.” Zhang Jingyu nodded frankly.

He did not seem to feel guilty at all.

“Then, why didn’t you pay with your phone?” Gu Nianjia asked, finally sounding displeased.

“I was about to suggest that when you dragged me all the way home,” Zhang Jingyu said helplessly as if he was being blamed mistakenly.

“You… I…” Gu Nianjia stammered angrily. “You are not sincere at all. Despite saying that you want to make it up to me, you still tricked me into providing you with a meal instead. How can you be this calculative?”

Lin Yiqian shook her head speechlessly as she observed Gu Nianjia.

Had Gu Nianjia not realized how far the man traveled to get here from Beijing? Would the flight ticket not have cost more than a single meal?

Lin Yiqian could not help but feel sorry for Gu Nianjia’s lack of logical thinking.

In fact, she believed that even Lin Xiaoyu had better thinking skills than Gu Nianjia.

“Nianjia, this is your professor. He’s come all the way here. Why can’t you be polite?” Aunt Zhou slapped Gu Nianjia on her butt before giving her a look.

She then turned to look at Zhang Jingyu with a smile. “Professor Zhang, please excuse Nianjia for being so clueless. I hope you will pay more attention to her back in school.”

“No worries. I’m already used to it.” Zhang Jingyu smiled politely.


Used to it?

Did it mean Gu Nianjia behaved like this back in school as well?

“How can this be? I must inform Changwen about this situation,” Aunt Zhou said sternly as she picked up her phone and pretended to call Song Changwen.

Terrified, Gu Nianjia hurriedly stopped her. “Aunt Zhou, please don’t do that. It’s not what you think. I’m very respectful of my professors.”

As she spoke, she moved closer to Zhang Jingyu and smiled at him. “Professor Zhang, let’s head to the dining room for our meal.”

Dressed in her comfortable clothing, Gu Nianjia was barely six feet tall. When she stood next to Zhang Jingyu, she needed to lift her head to look at his face.

Right then, she had a very obviously fake smile on her face.

When Zhang Jingyu lowered his gaze to look into Gu Nianjia eyes, the polite smile on his face had transformed into a keenly affectionate one.

“Hmm,” he said breathily.

Why did Lin Yiqian feel that the scene was very heart-warming?

As Lin Yiqian tilted her head, she spaced out while observing Gu Nianjia and Zhang Jingyu holding each other’s gaze.

Suddenly, the housekeeper’s voice could be heard by the front door. “Madam, there’s a food delivery for you.”

“Bring it in,” Lin Yiqian immediately said as she was certain Bai Se had sent someone to deliver the chicken wings.


“What’s this?” Gu Nianshen asked curiously as he moved close to Lin Yiqian.

The elaborately decorated container did not have a logo attached to it, and thus one could not determine which restaurant it was from.

“Chicken wings,” Lin Yiqian answered whilst opening the container. There were six pieces of chicken wings in the container as well as some raw vegetables.

“Here, have a taste.” Lin Yiqian took one out and brought it close to Gu Nianshen’s mouth.

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