Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 500 - Could The Professor Have Fallen For The Little Coward?

Chapter 500: Could The Professor Have Fallen For The Little Coward?

“Why don’t I get divorced so you can get what you want?” Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Gu Nianjia.

“Hehe. I was only kidding.” Gu Nianjia let go of Lin Yiqian and continued to speak, “Sister-in-law, let’s have dinner together. The beast called Zhang Jingyu has come to visit. He seems to genuinely want to apologize to me. However, I still do not wish to forgive him. That’s why I’m asking you to come along to prove that we are only having dinner.”

“Huh?” Lin Yiqian felt confused.

What kind of logic was this?

Although Gu Nianjia wanted to have a meal with Zhang Jingyu, she was too proud to go alone. Was that why she had asked Lin Yiqian to accompany her?

Lin Yiqian refused to be the third wheel. Professor Zhang had travelled all the way over clearly with intentions of having a meal with Gu Nianjia alone.

Hold on a second. Why did Lin Yiqian think so?

‘This coward…’ Lin Yiqian thought whilst she looked at Gu Nianjia. With her fair-skinned face and bright-looking eyes, Gu Nianjia looked as innocent as Xiaoyu.

Everything about her exuded an air of naivety.

Could Gu Nianjia’s professor have fallen for her, this little coward?

As Lin Yiqian thought about this, she began asking Gu Nianjia in an inquisitive tone, “Nianjia, is the professor usually very strict with you?”

“He’s extremely strict! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have failed all my subjects,” Gu Nianjia said through gritted teeth.

That was not possible. If the professor had really fallen for this little coward, he would be extra nice to her. Why would he make her hate himself?

“What did you do after you failed your subjects?”

“I would beg him to not fail me, of course. He usually gives in after I buy him a meal,” Gu Nianjia replied calmly as if she was already used to this type of interaction.

“Oh…” Lin Yiqian’s eyes glistened.

“Why are you asking about this?” Gu Nianjia began to wonder why Lin Yiqian was asking her about her relationship with Zhang Jingyu.

Lin Yiqian ignored her question as she shook her head. “Dine with him on your own. I don’t want to eat.”

Gu Nianjia’s attention was easily shifted away from her earlier concern. As soon as she heard that Lin Yiqian did not want to have a meal with them, she hugged Lin Yiqian’s arm. “How can you not eat? Food is as important as one’s life. Come on!”

Clearly, Gu Nianjia seemed eager to eat.

Feeling curious, Lin Yiqian decided to prompt further. “If you don’t want to go out with Professor Zhang, you can choose not to. I can buy food for you if you like.”

“But he came all the way here. What if I don’t go and he ends up colluding with the other lecturers to make life difficult for me?”

Gu Nianjia was demonizing these people.

Truly, her imaginative mind deserved a more rewarding career in script-writing. Lin Yiqian believed that Gu Nianjia had chosen the wrong course.

Once Gu Nianjia graduated, Lin Yiqian would find her a good producer.

“Please just come with me. I want to eat with you as well.” Gu Nianjia kept pleading.

It did not seem she would give up until Lin Yiqian agreed.

“Why don’t you hate me anymore?”

Now, this was very awkward…

Gu Nianjia immediately let go of Lin Yiqian’s arm and sat up straight. “I’m a person who knows how to be grateful to others. Since you have helped me with teaching Song Feifei a lesson, I must return the favor by bringing you out for a meal. After this meal, our relationship will resume its prior status.” Gu Nianjia lifted her chin higher as she spoke.

She looked like a proud peacock.

“What was our relationship like?” Lin Yiqian raised her brows and chuckled.

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