Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 501 - Being Your Friend Ruins My Reputation

Chapter 501: Being Your Friend Ruins My Reputation

“Eh…” Gu Nianjia hesitated.

Lin Yiqian was still her sister-in-law.

Noticing how Lin Yiqian was smiling at her in a knowing manner, Gu Nianjia gritted her teeth. “Let’s put it this way. As long as you stop seducing my uncle and get along with my brother, we can be good friends from now on.”

Gu Nianjia prayed that Lin Yiqian would save her the embarrassment.

Could Lin Yiqian not tell that Gu Nianjia wanted to mend things between them that happened in the past?

Lin Yiqian frowned. “You are such a coward. You didn’t even dare fight for yourself when you were bullied. Why would I be your friend? It would only ruin my reputation.”

This was too much!

Gu Nianjia’s facial expression immediately changed as she stood up and pointed at Lin Yiqian’s nose. “You…”

Feeling so upset that she could barely speak, Gu Nianjia turned around and stormed off.

She could not believe that she almost wanted to accept Lin Yiqian as her sister-in-law. With Lin Yiqian’s current attitude, Gu Nianjia felt she needed to re-evaluate her decision with further observation.


Gu Nianjia would stomp her feet from time to time as she walked to show how upset she was.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian shook her head and laughed at how immature Gu Nianjia seemed.


When Lin Yiqian looked down at her phone, she saw the words ‘ShenQian’ appear on her screen. She then looked up and blanked out at the empty space in her office.

‘You belong to me.

‘I belong to you too.’

What did he mean by that? Was he flirting with her?

Or was he hinting something…?

Lin Yiqian wondered for a moment before picking her phone up and opening WeChat. Gu Nianshen had sent her an emoticon that expressed his boredom.

It was an emoticon of a character with a plump and pale face, which did not seem like something an arrogant CEO like him would send. In fact, it felt almost as immature as something Gu Nianjia would do.

However, Lin Yiqian stared at the emoticon for a long while and smiled along like a fool.

As Lin Yiqian did not reply to Gu Nianshen, he sent another text message to her after some time. “When are you coming home?”

Did she say she was returning home?

Lin Yiqian frowned as she ignored the message.

Just as she was about to put her phone down, another message arrived.

This time, it was not a text message. Instead, it was a red packet with a message attached to it. “Are you coming home for dinner tonight?”

Lin Yiqian immediately became wary.

How did he suddenly think of communicating with her by sending a red packet?

Did Song Changlin teach him that?

While Lin Yiqian pondered, Gu Nianshen sent yet another red packet. “Aunt Zhou prepared some of your favorite dishes.”

Right after she finished reading this one, another arrived. “I destroyed my uncle’s house.

“My uncle called the cops and wanted to arrest me.

“Do you think I will go to jail?

“Tonight will perhaps be the last time we two can sit down for a meal together.”

Gu Nianshen had sent six red packets in a row. However, Lin Yiqian read the texts without accepting the red packets.

By the time she finished reading the sixth text, Lin Yiqian could no longer hold her laughter in.

After laughing to herself for a while, she saw Gu Nianshen send her an emoticon of a character trembling in fear.

‘Immature kid!’ Lin Yiqian thought as she stopped laughing.

No longer feeling curious, she tapped on the screen of her phone and began accepting the red packets one after another. They all had fifty-two dollars in them. After doing so, she still did not reply to Gu Nianshen’s messages.

“I’ll pick you up.” Gu Nianshen sent him another red packet.

As Lin Yiqian accepted the red packet, she noticed that it contained 131.40 dollars. “I don’t want you to pick me up. Don’t talk to me,” she hurriedly replied.

Lin Yiqian had promised to spend time with Xiaoyu. Besides, Xiaoyu was still waiting for her to get home and eat the chicken wings he had personally cooked.

“Why are you still replying to me then?” Gu Nianshen asked.

Lin Yiqian was speechless.

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