Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 499 - Aunty, Does Nianshen Not Like Me Anymore?

Chapter 499: Aunty, Does Nianshen Not Like Me Anymore?

“Aunty,” a familiar voice suddenly called out to Song Changwen.

With her thoughts interrupted, Song Changwen immediately started walking toward Xi Xia who was approaching her. “Xiaxia, why aren’t you asleep yet?”

As Xi Xia was wearing a thin layer of pyjamas, coupled with the fact that they were surrounded by harsh elements of nature, Song Changwen was worried that she might catch a cold. Hence, she immediately escorted Xi Xia into the house.

As the two sat down on the couch, Xi Xia picked up a slice of cantaloupe with her fork from a beautifully decorated platter of fruits for Song Changwen. “I prepared the fruit platter earlier. I was waiting for you to come home,” Xi Xia said softly in a hoarse voice as she smiled.

The sight of Xi Xia being weak and feeble made Song Changwen feel even more hurt and guilty.

Xi Xia picked up another piece of fruit and was about to pass it to Song Changwen when she noticed the latter still staring at her. “What’s the matter?”

Song Changwen shook her head with a smile. “Nothing. Sleep earlier tonight.”

“Okay.” Xi Xia nodded. After Song Changwen had eaten the piece of fruit, Xi Xia placed the fork back on the plate. “I heard that Gu Nianshen caused a huge mess at our uncle’s house.”

“He’s always been arrogant like that. Indeed, Jin Suisui was being rather brainless as well. It should be a good lesson for her not to step out of line in the future.”

“You’re right, Aunt Jin is rather unstable sometimes.” Xi Xia mildly agreed.

Xi Xia used the fork to feed herself another piece of fruit. “Nianshen and Little Yi seem to be getting along rather well lately,” she said softly whilst chewing.

“Xiaxia…” Song Changwen said almost apologetically.

“Yeah?” Xi Xia looked up at her nervously as her hand trembled.

It seemed like she had a bad feeling about what Song Changwen would say next.

Song Changwen placed a hand on Xi Xia’s shoulder. “Get well quickly. There are a lot of good men waiting for you.”

It was clear that she meant Xi Xia should not wait for Gu Nianshen any longer.

“Aunty…” Xi Xia’s eyes began to fill with tears as she hugged Song Changwen.

With her chin on Song Changwen’s shoulder, Xi Xia inhaled deeply. “Does Nianshen not like me anymore?”

Xi Xia could no longer stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

Feeling equally heartbroken, Song Changwen sniffed before pushing Xi Xia away slightly to rub her tears away. “Gu Nianshen is a jerk. He doesn’t deserve you at all.”

Xi Xia bit her bottom lip without saying a word.

With her hands still holding onto Song Changwen, Xi Xia slowly kneeled down and began crying her lungs out.

‘No, this can’t be.’ Nianshen belonged to her. He was clearly hers.


After the damaged items in the office had been cleared out, one might have mistaken that the place was closed down.

As Lin Yiqian sat on the couch, she looked at the photo Xiaoyu had sent her.

It was all food.

This little glutton had never stopped eating.

“Mommy, when are you coming back? I’ve saved a lot of good food for you. Uncle Bai Se and I made these on our own.”

Although Lin Yiqian felt tired, she would feel a little more relaxed each time she replayed the little fellow’s voice note.

After each replay, she would smile affectionately.


Suddenly hearing Gu Nianjia’s voice, Lin Yiqian hurriedly locked her phone.

When she looked up, Gu Nianjia had already walked into the room.

“I heard that my brother came to rescue his princess today.” Gu Nianjia smiled slyly.

As she spoke, she began approaching Lin Yiqian to give her a hug. “Yikes. It’s just like a Hollywood movie. I wish I could get married to someone like my brother.”

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