Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 461 - Your Reward Is Being Picked Up By Zhang Jingyu Personally

Chapter 461: Your Reward Is Being Picked Up By Zhang Jingyu Personally

Before Gu Nianjia could finish delivering her fake-sounding speech, Gu Nianshen cut her off. “Your reward is being personally picked up by Zhang Jingyu.”

Gu Nianjia’s facial expression immediately changed. “You are not my biological brother at all. I will terminate our relationship right away,” she said in a huff before turning around and returning to her room.

What kind of brother was he? She had never met anyone like him.

Gu Nianshen’s gaze shifted to Lin Yiqian’s room.

‘Our youngest uncle sent me and your wife home…’

‘Lin Yiqian, you’ll be dead tonight!’ Gu Nianshen thought to himself.


After sending several emails, Lin Yiqian noticed that it was soon going to be ten o’clock. She picked up her glass of milk and began heading over to Gu Nianshen’s room.

When she opened the door, she noticed that the light in the lounge was turned off. Only the bedroom’s lights were lit.

Was this fellow already going to bed at ten o’clock?

Once Lin Yiqian stepped inside, she headed for the bedroom right away. Just as she was about to reach the entrance, Gu Nianshen appeared from within.

Still in his bathrobe, he was holding an empty cup with his hair still somewhat wet. He had probably just finished taking a shower. As the bathrobe was tied very loosely, parts of his neck and collarbone were visible.

Lin Yiqian instantly spotted the two kiss marks on the right of his neck. As he was fair-skinned, the marks were easily visible in contrast and appeared to resemble sakura petals against a backdrop of white snow. It was mesmerizing.

However, Lin Yiqian knew exactly how they landed there. Feeling a little awkward, Lin Yiqian looked away. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Lin Yiqian walked past Gu Nianshen and headed for the closet to retrieve her bathrobe.

As she walked, she removed the rubber band tied around her hair. Her long hair instantly fell forward until they covered her chest.

All of a sudden, her fair skin seemed even fairer in contrast. Gu Nianshen was taken aback as he stood still.

Gu Nianshen then recalled that she had not tied her hair up when she left the house. When did she tie her hair up?

Although he felt an urge to ask that question, he did not dare to ask it directly. After much hesitation, and realizing that Lin Yiqian was about to enter the bathroom, he panicked. “Lin Yiqian, why did you return home with Gu Nianjia?”

“I bumped into Nianjia and… Your uncle. That’s why we have returned together,” Lin Yiqian said plainly.

She seemed to struggle a little when addressing Song Changlin’s name.

In the end, she felt that it was more appropriate to address him as their uncle in front of Gu Nianshen so that he would not take it the wrong way.

If they had bumped into each other on the way, that meant Lin Yiqian was not with Song Changlin from the beginning. Song Changlin was only with Gu Nianjia.

That also explained that Lin Yiqian tying her hair up had nothing to do with Song Changlin.

As Gu Nianshen thought of this, his mood became better. When he looked at Lin Yiqian again, he noticed that she was staring at him by the bathroom door.

“Are you explaining yourself to me?” Gu Nianshen straightened his back.

Lin Yiqian remained silent.

He was the one who had asked the question. She was only answering him as he expected.

Feeling speechless, she looked at Gu Nianshen and noticed he was acting all proud.

Lin Yiqian decided not to clarify further as she nodded in submission.

Gu Nianshen should be pleased now.

“Hurry up and shower so we can sleep,” he ordered with a glint in his eyes.

Gu Nianshen then poured himself a glass of water before returning to the room. “Why are you still standing around?” He frowned when he saw Lin Yiqian still standing in front of the bathroom with her bathrobe in her hand.

Was she not aware that it was already ten o’clock? They should be sleeping soon.

Lin Yiqian suddenly pouted. “Can you help unzip my dress from the back? I spent too much time typing on the keyboard and my arms hurt. I can’t reach the zippers.”

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