Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 462 - Lin Yiqian, Are You Shameless?

Chapter 462: Lin Yiqian, Are You Shameless?

As Lin Yiqian spoke, she raised her right arm and used her other hand to rub her right shoulder.

It seemed like she was really in a lot of pain.

Seeing this, Gu Nianshen immediately forgot about his pride and dropped the duvet on the nightstand before returning to Lin Yiqian. “Does it hurt here?” He began gently massaging her shoulder.

His touch was very gentle and far exceeded Lin Yiqian’s expectations. Even his voice sounded softer than usual.

At first, she had only wanted to get him to remove her clothes as a way of teasing him. She did not expect that he would actually worry about her.

It reminded her of the time when she had a severe stomachache, and it made her want to pretend as if she was really in pain.

“Yeah. It’s like my entire arm hurts.” Lin Yiqian nodded.

Gu Nianshen had barely massaged her thin and fair-skinned arm for a minute but it had already turned red from the pressure. “You are the company’s CEO, not a typist. Stop doing so much lowly work,” Gu Nianshen said angrily.

However, he did not stop massaging her.

“Oh.” Lin Yiqian chuckled as she enjoyed his touch.

It felt so good that she was tempted to close her eyes. Gu Nianshen suddenly stopped moving.

Soon after, she could hear a zipping sound.

With her pink dress unzipped, Lin Yiqian’s fair-skinned was now half-bared to Gu Nianshen. He did not even realize he had made a swallowing sound as his body began to heat up. “Hurry up and get into the shower.” Gu Nianshen looked away as he urged Lin Yiqian.

Lin Yiqian could hear a change in Gu Nianshen’s voice. A sly smile appeared on her face as she took a step forward and dropped her shoulders. Her dress instantly fell to her feet.

Right then, her entire back was fully visible to Gu Nianshen. It seemed perfect to him.

Gu Nianshen could feel the temperature in his body rising as he stared wide-eyed at Lin Yiqian’s back.

“Oops. It dropped.” Lin Yiqian acted surprised as she placed her hands over her chest and took two steps back.

She was now on her side as she faced Gu Nianshen with the curvatures of her body clearly defined.

Gu Nianshen lifted his head and held his breath.

“Lin Yiqian, are you shameless?” Gu Nianshen finally yelled out after nearly suffocating himself.

Lin Yiqian pouted as she looked at him. “You were the one who unzipped the dress. It fell on its own…”

‘I’m innocent.’

As it seemed too fake and unlike Lin Yiqian at all, Gu Nianshen’s facial expression immediately turned gloomy and he no longer felt awkward.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” Gu Nianshen stepped forward.

With his waist slightly bent, he was getting dangerously close to Lin Yiqian.

Lin Yiqian suddenly began to feel a little shy and afraid as she leaned away. Gu Nianshen reached out with a hand and grabbed her by the waist.

With a strong pull, their bodies immediately became stuck against each other. Love was in the air.

Slowly, Gu Nianshen moved his palm around Lin Yiqian’s back. Eventually, his hand arrived at the buckle of Lin Yiqian’s bra with the intention of removing it.

“I haven’t showered. My body is covered in sweat.” Lin Yiqian pushed him away as she yelled at him.

“Hurry up then.” Gu Nianshen could not wait for her to be done with the shower.

“Okay.” Lin Yiqian entered the bathroom with reddened cheeks.

After she closed the door behind her, Gu Nianshen curled his hands into fists and punched the air twice.

Cheerfully, he went into the lounge and retrieved a half-emptied bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet. He then poured himself half a glass of wine before lazily leaning against the bar table as he sipped on the wine.

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