Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 460 - We Will Soon Have An Aunt-in-law

Chapter 460: We Will Soon Have An Aunt-in-law

Song Changlin’s casual answer caused Lin Yiqian’s eyes to brighten up.

Her mouth was slightly ajar in disbelief.

If Xi Xia was not around, Lin Yiqian might have thought that Gu Nianshen intentionally did it to brag to Song Changlin. However, if he had mentioned her in front of Xi Xia, did that mean he did not worry about Xi Xia being jealous?

Moreover, Lin Yiqian recalled that Gu Nianshen had even tried to do something with her the night he returned.

Did he not feel sorry for Xi Xia at all?

Or perhaps, he really had fallen for Lin Yiqian…

“Little Yi…” Song Changlin suddenly spoke in a serious tone as if he was about to say something important.

“What’s up?” Lin Yiqian looked up at him. Under the dim light, she could not quite tell what emotions he was feeling beneath those hazel eyes.

Song Changlin continued to stare at Lin Yiqian for a long time without speaking, which only made Lin Yiqian feel more curious. Just as she was about to ask him to speak, Gu Nianjia returned.

“The number of people who lined up was scary.” Gu Nianjia hurriedly entered the car with a few containers of lobsters. “Let’s go! I’ve got to get home and eat these.”

After putting on her seatbelt, Gu Nianjia opened one of the containers. “I’ll peel one box of these for you. You can take them home to eat later.”

Gu Nianjia put on gloves and began peeling the lobsters as she placed the pieces of shell into another empty box.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian had become distracted by Gu Nianjia’s arrival and forgot about what Song Changlin was going to say earlier.

As she observed Gu Nianjia carefully peeling the lobsters, she could not help but find her to be a sweet and naive person.

Gu Nianjia was perhaps the only person in the world who was genuinely kind to Song Changlin.


When they arrived home, Gu Nianjia insisted that Song Changlin stopped outside the courtyard. She then dragged Lin Yiqian out of the car before waving Song Changlin off.

Lin Yiqian did not wait for Gu Nianjia as she proceeded to enter the courtyard.

After getting inside, Lin Yiqian changed her shoes. As she did so, the sound she made attracted Gu Nianshen’s attention. As soon as Gu Nianshen stepped out of the study, he saw that the door to Lin Yiqian’s room was open.

Hurriedly, he turned around with his phone in hand and began walking back to his room with the intention of turning his computer off.

“Brother, wait for a second,” Gu Nianjia called out sneakily as soon as Gu Nianshen opened his bedroom door.

When he turned around, Gu Nianjia was already behind him.

Gu Nianshen waited for her to speak with a blank facial expression.

“I just wanted to tell you that our youngest uncle sent me and your wife home,” Gu Nianjia spoke as she leaned against the wall whilst eating the peeled lobsters.

Wary that Lin Yiqian might overhear them, Gu Nianjia lowered her voice.

Gu Nianshen immediately seemed upset. “Don’t worry though. I sat in the passenger seat. Throughout the journey, they barely even talked. Our youngest uncle has already developed an interest in my goddess.” Gu Nianjia smirked proudly.

“Therefore?” Gu Nianshen raised his brows nonchalantly.

“Eh?” Gu Nianjia’s eyes widened. “There’s nothing else to it. We’ll soon have an aunt-in-law.”

“What’s the point of your snooping around then?” Gu Nianshen asked.

“You are my biological brother. Isn’t it normal for me to be concerned about your personal matters? Your words are too hurtful.” Gu Nianjia pouted.

“No. I should reward you.”

As soon as Gu Nianjia heard the word ‘reward’, her eyes lit up.

“Actually… You don’t really have to…” Gu Nianjia pretended to be overwhelmed.

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