Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 459 - Her Husband Had Actually Mentioned Her In Front Of Xi Xia

Chapter 459: Her Husband Had Actually Mentioned Her In Front Of Xi Xia


This time, Lin Yiqian managed to hold her laughter in without making too much of a sound.

“That’s my personal card. Your mother won’t find out,” Song Changlin said.

“Just transfer me enough money on WeChat to buy the lobsters.” Gu Nianjia changed the topic.

“Got it. Is five hundred enough?” Song Changlin gave in as he picked up his phone for the transfer.

“Yeah. Thank you, Uncle,” Gu Nianjia said before running off excitedly.

Although Gu Nianjia seemed joyful, Lin Yiqian felt saddened by what she heard from Song Changlin. ‘Your mother won’t find out…’

“Is Chief Song the one who set Gu Nianjia’s living expenses?” Lin Yiqian asked as she looked away from Gu Nianjia to Song Changlin.

In actual fact, Lin Yiqian had wanted to ask why Song Changlin was so cold toward Gu Nianjia.

However, it might have been a little too insensitive. Besides, Lin Yiqian knew Song Changlin was not one who liked to gossip, and more importantly, he did not like being involved in his family’s matters.

“Gu Nianjia is the one who’s being too stubborn and strong-willed,” Song Changlin answered indirectly.

He was still looking at Gu Nianjia who had run off with an affectionate smile. After a while, he finally looked away and turned to face Lin Yiqian.

As the lights in the car were not turned out, and only very little light from the streetlights seeped into the car, neither of them could see each other’s faces clearly.

Right then, Song Changlin was staring at Lin Yiqian with his head leaning against the seat.

The sudden silence made it feel awkward.

Lin Yiqian decided to look down at her phone instead. Noticing that there was a WeChat message, she opened it. As expected, it was from Gu Nianshen.

“Why aren’t you home yet?”

“I’m on the way. Gu Nianjia is buying lobsters.” Lin Yiqian answered.

“Are you two together?”

“Yes…” Lin Yiqian hesitated to add that Song Changlin was with them. In the end, she decided against it.

If she told Gu Nianshen that, he would definitely wonder if she was cheating on him.

Ever since they got married, Gu Nianshen constantly worried about being cheated on. It was very entertaining for Lin Yiqian to observe.

“I heard you’ve been busy with the company lately,” Song Changlin suddenly said.

“Yeah, it’s been rather busy. A bunch of minor things to sort out,” Lin Yiqian replied.

“Is there anything I can help with?”

“Not really. I can still handle most of it on my own.”

“I believe Nianshen would help you too.” Song Changlin chuckled as he looked to the front.

Unable to see his eyes nor his facial expression, Lin Yiqian could only reply to him calmly. “Yeah. He has sent a few people over to help out. They’ve been wonderful.”

“It looks like you two are getting along rather well these days.”

“It’s… not too bad.” Lin Yiqian pursed her lips. Hoping that the conversation would stop there, she looked down at her phone to check if Gu Nianshen had replied.

“He wouldn’t stop talking about you the other night when we had dinner,” Song Changlin suddenly added.

“Was that two nights ago?” Lin Yiqian asked in an uncertain tone.

Did he mention her during dinner with his grandmother? Was Xi Xia not around?

“Yeah.” Song Changlin nodded.

“Why did he bring me up?” Lin Yiqian pretended not to sound interested.

“He said that you are very capable and that the company’s situation would improve under your leadership.”

“In that case…” Lin Yiqian bit her bottom lip as she hesitated to speak. “Was Xi Xia there too?”

Perhaps, Xi Xia was not around. Otherwise, why would Gu Nianshen mention Lin Yiqian in front of her?

“She was.”

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