Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 40 - Xiaoyu Wants a Father

Chapter 40: Xiaoyu Wants a Father

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Gu Nianshen pointed at the door blankly.


Lin Xiaoyu was not afraid at all. “Uncle Bai Se has told me that cops would never take children away. Between a grown man and a child, the cops would take the man away.”

After finishing his sentence, Lin Xiaoyu started giggling out loud.

Gu Nianshen was speechless.

If he were not a five-year-old child, Gu Nianshen might have thought that Xiaoyu was trying to blackmail him.


All of a sudden, someone was calling Xiaoyu’s name from outside the room.

Lin Xiaoyu immediately started looking nervous.

Gu Nianshen saw his expression and began to grin. While Xiaoyu was not paying attention, Gu Nianshen grabbed him by the shoulders and carried him to the door.

They bumped right into Bai Se who was looking for Xiaoyu.

“Xiaoyu!” Bai Se exclaimed when he saw Lin Xiaoyu. After that, he noticed Gu Nianshen standing behind Xiaoyu.

Bai Se stopped in his tracks.

“Uncle Bai Se.”

When he heard Xiaoyu calling his name, Bai Se immediately shifted his gaze away from Gu Nianshen. He turned to Xiaoyu with a frown on his face. “Why did you run off again?”

Bai Se immediately approached Xiaoyu and took him away from Gu Nianshen. He then nodded at Gu Nianshen politely as he dragged Xiaoyu away.

Xiaoyu rested his chin on Bai Se’s shoulder as he waved at Gu Nianshen. “Uncle Gu, please consider what I said earlier. I will be a good boy and look for my mother now.”

Gu Nianshen did not even look at Xiaoyu. He immediately entered his room and closed the door.


Lin Yiqian sighed in relief when she received a call from Bai Se telling her that he had found Xiaoyu.

As soon as the call ended, Bai Se had returned with Lin Xiaoyu. Lin Yiqian could not help herself as she immediately raised her voice. “Lin Xiaoyu, why did you run off on your own again?”

After yelling at him, she was worried that he would feel hurt. She was about to adjust her tone when Lin Xiaoyu suddenly shouted loudly. “Mother, I want a father.”

Lin Yiqian was stunned by what she heard.

“Why do you suddenly want a father?” Lin Yiqian asked.

In the past, Xiaoyu had asked her why he did not have a father. Lin Yiqian had replied that he had died. However, Xiaoyu did not seem sad as he did not understand the concept of deaath.

After that, he had never brought up the topic again. This was the second time he had ever mentioned anything about the father figure and also expressing his desire to have a father himself.

Lin Yiqian was more confused than saddened by his sudden request.

“If I had a father, you would have someone to hug you when you are tired too,” Lin Xiaoyu smiled.

His childish voice yet considerate manner almost made Lin Yiqian tear up. She caressed Xiaoyu’s face. “You are such a good boy.”

Lin Xiaoyu assumed her response was in agreement to his request. “Mother, don’t worry. I will find you a very amazing boyfriend who can protect both of us.”

“To be honest, Xiaoyu…” Lin Yiqian stopped herself before she finished the sentence. She did not know how to explain the situation to him and she was also worried that he could not accept it right then.

In the end, Lin Yiqian still lacked courage.

As Lin Yiqian had stopped speaking, Lin Xiaoyu did not press on. He turned on the television to watch animated films instead.

Lin Yiqian stood still as her gaze followed Lin Xiaoyu around.

“Xiaoyu will find out sooner or later. How long can you keep it a secret from him?” Bai Se suddenly said.

Lin Yiqian was not surprised by Bai Se’s calm attitude at all. She had not planned to keep it a secret from him anyway.

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