Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 41 - Planning for Xiaoyu's Future

Chapter 41: Planning for Xiaoyu’s Future

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Lin Yiqian had been kept it a secret from so many people and for so many years. If she had to keep it from Bai Se as well, she would probably go insane.

She took in a deep breath and exhaled softly. “I’ll think about it.”

She then turned to face Bai Se again as she bit her lip. “Please take care of Xiaoyu.”

Lin Yiqian wished that she would not have to say this to Bai Se one day.

When that day came, only two possible outcomes could have happened. She would have either failed miserably or became incredibly successful.

Bai Se sighed. “You don’t have to worry about him at all when he’s with me. I just want to tell you that this can’t be a long-term plan. He’s growing up. He needs to go to a fixed school and have you around.”

Lin Yiqian could feel the weight of each word.

She silently hummed in agreement.

When she turned to look at Xiaoyu again, she saw that his attention was fixated on the television screen.

He was still young and could be kept occupied with toys and snacks. What would happen once he grew older?

As Bai Se had said, it was time for her to consider his future.


Gu Nianshen had only just taken over Mega. The handover process was not completed yet. Out of the twenty hours that he was awake, he would spend fifteen of them in the office. A cup of black coffee in the afternoon had become part of his routine.

However, the coffee was always brought to his desk by a female secretary. Oddly, Qi Shaodong was the one who delivered his coffee today. Gu Nianshen raised his eyebrows.

Qi Shaodong did not appear to intend to leave after he had put the coffee on the table. It seemed as if he had something to say.

Gu Nianshen frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Qi Shaodong had no choice but to speak up now. “I checked earlier when I was bored and found out that Mrs. Gu will be returning on the three o’clock flight in the afternoon.”

He looked at Gu Nianshen the whole time he was talking so that he could shut himself up if necessary.

Gu Nianshen waited calmly until Qi Shaodong had finished his sentence. “It’s still during office hours. Were you bored?”


Gu Nianshen’s sudden reaction had freaked Qi Shaodong out. Qi Shaodong was unsure of how to explain himself. He immediately looked for an excuse to leave.

“I have better return Mr. Song’s call now.”

Gu Nianshen frowned as he looked at Qi Shaodong fleeing. He then reached for the cup of coffee on his table. However, before his hand reached the cup, he suddenly reached for the phone placed next to his computer instead.

He picked the phone up.


After finishing his coffee, Gu Nianshen spun around in his chair. He placed the cup on his desk and was preparing to work.

His phone rang all of a sudden.

He saw that it was Gu Nianjia’s call. Intentionally, he waited for a moment before picking up the call and putting it on loudspeaker.

Gu Nianjia asked curiously, “Brother, why did you change my flight?”

“Aunt Zhou made your favorite dish, the sweet and sour fish. I’ll pick you up in the afternoon,” Gu Nianshen answered blankly.

“Really? Brother, you’re the best!” Gu Nianjia was overjoyed.

Gu Nianshen rolled his eyes as he ignored his sister’s reaction. He immediately hung up.

At around half past four, Qi Shaodong saw Gu Nianshen walking out from his office. Gu Nianshen’s hands were in his pockets and seemed ready to leave.

He immediately walked over. “Mister Gu.”

Gu Nianshen stopped in front of Qi Shaodong. “Leave the work you have completed today on my desk. I’m not coming back tonight.”

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