Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 39 - The Man Next Door is a Better Match For Your Mother

Chapter 39: The Man Next Door is a Better Match For Your Mother

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Will Gu Nianshen see Lin Xiaoyu again? Never again in this life time.

After meeting this kid, Gu Nianshen had one more item on the list of things he regretted doing, which was to compare with him who could urinate further.

Now, the whole world knew that he could urinate three meters away. The news was all over the internet. Gu Nianshen felt the urge to feed the kid to sharks in the ocean.

“Really?” Lin Xiaoyu asked in a tone of disbelief as he looked at Gu Nianshen.

Would he be able to meet the uncle who can urinate very far away again after finding his mother?

Gu Nianshen was about to lose his patience. He nodded as he scooped Xiaoyu up in his arms and walked toward the door.

If this kid did not leave anytime soon, Gu Nianshen was bound to commit a crime of child abuse.

Lin Xiaoyu was very smart. He knew that he was about to be kicked out. Therefore, he clung on to Gu Nianshen’s shirt tightly as he yelled out loudly. “Bad uncle, bad uncle!”

Lin Xiaoyu began to cry out loud. His pitch was so high that it hurt Gu Nianshen’s ears. Gu Nianshen finally placed him on the ground with an annoyed expression.

As Xiaoyu’s tears continued to fall, Gu Nianshen placed his hands on his waist while he frowned helplessly.

Where was Qi Shaodong? Why was he not back yet?

Gu Nianshen glanced at the door. He was going to look for Qi Shaodong to sort this mess out. However, as soon as he took a step forward, Lin Xiaoyu grabbed onto his leg.

This kid.

He was hugging Gu Nianshen’s leg again.

Gu Nianshen lowered his head to stare at Lin Xiaoyu. He had finally stopped crying. However, there were still tears on his face. Whenever Gu Nianshen moved, Lin Xiaoyu’s tears would fall onto his trousers. Gu Nianshen tried to shake Xiaoyu off but failed miserably.

This kid’s mother must have taught him how to hug someone’s thigh very tightly, apart from the weird hobby of comparing how far one can urinate.

He was like a magnet that could not be removed.

Gu Nianshen had never felt this helpless when dealing with another person. He could neither scold or hit him. The worst part was that he could not even ignore the child. If Xiaoyu started crying again, he would attract even more attention.

Gu Nianshen wiped his forehead as he stared at Lin Xiaoyu. “What are you trying to do?”

If his son were like this in the future, Gu Nianshen would dump him on the streets for him to fend for himself.

Lin Xiaoyu was very upfront. He immediately wiped his tears away and told Gu Nianshen his wish. “My mother will be your girlfriend. Can you be my father?”

‘Pretty please.’ Lin Xiaoyu thought to himself.

Gu Nianshen did not even need time to consider the offer. “No way!” He said blankly.


Did he have a face that looked like a father?

After being rejected, Lin Xiaoyu felt very disappointed. He pursed his lips as he asked, “Am I not good enough?”

Gu Nianshen did not reply. Lin Xiaoyu was not going to give up. “My mother is very pretty. A lot of uncles like her.”

‘Hehe. I knew it.’ Gu Nianshen thought as he lowered his head and chuckled. “The man next door is a better match for your mother. He would be a better father.”

Gu Nianshen bent down to grab Xiaoyu’s arms as he pulled him away from his leg.

Lin Xiaoyu shook his head. “Our neighbour is Uncle Wilson. He is already married and has a baby. He can’t be my father.”

Gu Nianshen felt powerless against Xiaoyu’s naive demeanor.

He looked at Xiaoyu without being able to say anything.

Gu Nianshen did not want to waste anymore time on this kid. Although he wanted to kick him out, he was worried the kid would start crying again. “If you don’t leave, I’m going to call the cops. They will take you away.”

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