Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 18 - Does Xiaoyu Want a Daddy?

Chapter 18: Does Xiaoyu Want a Daddy?

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Lin Yiqian’s reaction helped Bai Se in getting a clearer picture of the situation. He nodded. “When I found Xiaoyu, I realized they had already met.”

“Then he…”

Bai Se seemed to know what Lin Yiqian was worried about. He gave her a reassuring look. “Xiaoyu was hugging his feet to ask for his phone so that he could call me. The man shook him off immediately.”

Hearing this, Lin Yiqian sighed in relief. She lowered her head as she started laughing again.

That guy truly did not fail to disappoint…

Bai Se was about to ask her what she found so funny. However, he was concerned it might affect Xiaoyu and therefore decided not to ask anything at all.

“Mommy, why is the mister able to urinate so far away?” Xiaoyu asked all of a sudden.

Lin Yiqian suddenly remembered how Xiaoyu was addressing Gu Nianshen. She immediately realized what had happened. “Did you… compare how far you could urinate with him?”

Xiaoyu nodded. “Yeah. He can urinate really far away. He’s so good at it.”

As he spoke, there was a look of admiration on his face. Xiaoyu wished he could be able to urinate as far away as the man one day.

Bai Se was trying very hard not to laugh. He recalled several instances where Xiaoyu would compare with strangers in public restrooms on how far away they could urinate. Bai Se could not help but make fun of Lin Yiqian about it. “Why would you encourage such an interest in the boy?”

Lin Yiqian felt helpless.

She had never wanted to encourage Xiaoyu in regards to this. She merely mentioned that his father could urinate from three meters away some time ago. Ever since, Xiaoyu had been determined to follow after his father’s footsteps.

If she knew this would happen, she would have kept her mouth shut back then.

Lin Yiqian looked at Xiaoyu and the look of admiration on his face which had not worn off. She bit her lip before asking, “Xiaoyu… Would you like to have a father?”

Xiaoyu frowned with confusion. “I thought my daddy has died?”

Lin Yiqian wanted to slap herself. She really must be careful of what she said from now on.

If only she knew this day would come…

She shook her head as she chuckled. She asked again, “What if he could come back to life?”

“Did daddy purchase Immortality?” Xiaoyu asked innocently.

Was his father a character in King of Glory 1 ?

Lin Yiqian frowned. This was supposed to be a serious discussion. The kid had turned it into a joke.

‘Forget it.’ Lin Yiqian thought. It was all her own wishful thinking.

How could she possibly do that to Xiaoyu? It was too huge a risk.

Lin Yiqian dropped the topic. She patted Xiaoyu on his head. “Mommy was only speaking hypothetically. Continue watching your cartoon now. I have to discuss something about work with Uncle Bai Se. I’ll come back to you in a bit.”

Lin Yiqian stood up and walked into a small meeting room in the unit.

After she entered the room, she saw Bai Se and immediately knew that he wanted to ask something. However, she also knew that she would not be able to answer his question directly.

Therefore, she dove right into work. “I have gone through the event flow. Everything looks fine.”

Bai Se immediately responded, “There’s something else missing from the event flow I have sent you.”

He bit his lip before smiling in an odd way.

Lin Yiqian felt an uneasiness in her stomach. She raised her eyebrows and indicated for him to continue speaking.

Bai Se said, “After you sing tomorrow, there’s a five-minute interactive session with the fans.”

Lin Yiqian’s facial expression changed from shock to horror.

For the past few years, she had always only sung on stage. In all of the negotiated contracts, the first line of the contracts always indicated that she would only sing and not interact or take pictures with any of her fans . 1

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