Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 17 - Who is the Mister Who Can Urinate Very Far Away?

Chapter 17: Who is the Mister Who Can Urinate Very Far Away?

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Gu Nianshen stared at Lin Yiqian who was pretending to be concerned about Gu Nianjia. He started smiling.

“You’ve probably not met anyone with a better temper.”

Gu Nianshen sounded cheerful. There was even a hint of adoration in his tone.

Was Qi Shaodong mistaken?

Qi Shaodong turned to look at Gu Nianshen suspiciously. However, Gu Nianshen rolled his eyes in response.

‘Hmm… I must have been mistaken.’ Qi Shaodong thought.

After Lin Yiqian entered the hotel, she saw Gu Nianshen walking toward the elevator. She hesitated for a moment before running after him. “My friend booked a room here. I won’t be staying with you.”

She was speaking behind Gu Nianshen. After she finished her sentence, she immediately walked past Gu Nianshen. Coincidentally, the doors to one of the elevators opened. She hurriedly entered the elevator.

She looked as if she was very eager to meet someone.

Just as Gu Nianshen made his way to the same elevator, the doors closed. He clenched his fists.

Qi Shaodong shivered. He then asked, “Boss, would you like me to check which room she is staying in?”

Gu Nianshen asked coolly, “Are you very free?”

Qi Shaodong flinched.

Gu Nianshen’s behavior clearly indicated that he cared a lot about Lin Yiqian. Qi Shaodong felt very confused. It really was difficult to understand his boss.

Lin Yiqian finally sighed in relief after she stepped out of the elevator. She was still being very careful. After making sure nobody was around, she pressed on the doorbell.

“My little Yi, you are finally here.”

Bai Se’s eyes lit up when he saw Lin Yiqian at the door. He was finally able to relax.

“Sorry for all the trouble, my little Bai Se.”

Lin Yiqian looked at Bai Se apologetically before walking into the bedroom.

A familiar cartoon was being played on the television. Lin Xiaoyu 1 was sitting on the sofa and seemed to be completely focused on the television screen. He did not even seem to realize Lin Yiqian had sat down next to him.

However, his lips were pursed tightly together. Clearly, he was upset and intentionally ignored Lin Yiqian.

The same scene happened several times in a year… or even in each month at times.

There was a sense of guilt and shame which Lin Yiqian could not express in words. She sat next to Xiaoyu and pulled him into her arms as she apologized, “I’m sorry for leaving you again for so long.”

Every time she returned, the first word she spoke upon seeing him would be ‘sorry’. He would always forgive her very easily.

Nothing had changed. The kid immediately started smiling and wrapped his arms around her neck to give her a kiss on the face.

The more thoughtful he was, the more guilty Lin Yiqian felt.

She returned his kill and apologized again, “Sorry about ignoring you earlier.”

Five years had passed since she started raising Xiaoyu on her own. However, she had never felt this sorry before. When she had to witness Bai Se dragging Xiaoyu away in the opposite direction earlier, Lin Yiqian felt as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest.

“It’s okay.”

Xiaoyu shook his head and smiled. All of a sudden, he looked at Lin Yiqian and asked, “Mommy, do you know the mister who can urinate very far away?”

Lin Yiqian asked curiously in return, “Who is the mister who can urinate very far away?”

Before Xiaoyu could respond to her question, Bai Se whispered next to her ear, “I’ve given it a thought. That man is probably your husband, Gu Nianshen.”

Lin Yiqian’s face turned pale.

Her eyes widened as she asked nervously, “Has Xiaoyu already met him?”

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