Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 19 - To Give Xiaoyu a Normal Life

Chapter 19: To Give Xiaoyu a Normal Life

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All of Lin Yiqian’s fans knew about this.

Bai Se had also expected the same reaction from her. He explained, “Life’s new CEO had personally talked to me about this. There are too many highly influential individuals involved. I could not reject them. Originally, they wanted to make it ten minutes. I reduced it to five.”

Lin Yiqian knew that if Bai Se had agreed to it, it could not be changed.

She answered coldly, “Once the contract is over, terminate it once and for all. Please don’t renew the contract.”


Bai Se sighed as his head slumped.

Lin Yiqian knew why he was sighing. She looked at him helplessly. “Bai Se, I would also like to make more money by showing my face and taking on more events. However, I would like for Xiaoyu to have a normal life. I don’t want him to be labeled as the son of a famous celebrity. If that happened, he would be followed around by paparazzi everywhere.”

That included herself as well.

All she wanted was to take her mask off and bring Xiaoyu around like how a normal mother would. She would take him to parks, shopping malls, and even grocery stores.

Bai Se knew about this all along.

He felt a little guilty now. “Little Yi, I am sorry. I’ll take note of this next time.”

Lin Yiqian smiled. “Thank you, Bai Se.”

Without such a capable friend, Lin Yiqian would not get to where she was today.

In all honesty, she should be the one apologizing. Based on his capabilities, he could probably get much further in life on his own.

“Little Yi, you never have to say thank you or sorry to me.”

Bai Se looked at Lin Yiqian gratefully. It almost felt like he was worshipping her.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian chuckled at the thought of ‘forever’ and ‘never’. She never believed in these words, despite how much she trusted Bai Se.

Instead of replying Bai Se, Lin Yiqian turned around and walked toward Xiaoyu.

Life was the most popular luxury brand among youths right now. All of the regional managers around the globe were here for the current event. There was an audience of more than five hundred. Two hundred of them were Life’s members who had won the tickets through lucky draws. There were two hundred other fans of Catwoman in the country who had also won their tickets through lucky draws.

The main purpose of today’s event was to promote Life’s new products in China. Many famous celebrities had been invited to walk on the runway. Lin Yiqian would be the last to go on stage to sing.

As she wore a cat’s mask, most of her fans who attended her concerts would also purchase a duplicate version of her mask and wear it during her concerts.

As soon as Catwoman got up on stage, the main spotlight was turned off. The entire audience below the stage looked like an ocean of stars as the diamonds on the corner of their masks glistened.

Lin Yiqian wore a white strapless fishtail-inspired dress which perfectly highlighted the curvatures on her body. She wore a pair of white gloves which extended all the way to her shoulders and left just enough space to display her unique cat-faced tattoos. The most stunning accessory was none other than her one-and-only cat-faced mask.

She walked along the runway and eventually arrived at the center of the stage. Her entire body was glowing as she remained silent.

Cheers and screams could be heard all around her.

“Catwoman, Catwoman! I love you!”

“My goddess, my goddess…”

“Oh my god. Your body is perfect. Goddess, I love you!”

Lin Yiqian received a microphone from the host. She bowed at the audience at a 90-degree angle and said, “Thank you.”

Her voice had a nasal quality to it which sounded very different from how she normally spoke. This was one of the reasons why she stood out so much in the industry. In a popular animated film released not long ago in America, she had single-handedly did voice-overs for three of the characters in the film. Nobody could tell that the three characters’ voices belonged to the same person.

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