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Chapter 819 - Confrontation in the state-building

Chapter 819: Confrontation in the state-building

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A confrontation in the state-building

“Who goes there?”

Everyone looked at each other.

Triggering the light rays indicates that one would have exposed oneself to the Bai family. Even if it’s just a slight touch, one would be instantly trapped by the energy rays. Even if by chance one manages to escape, the Bai family would definitely track him down. This is an extremely dangerous task, with an over 90 mortality rate!


Tian Zi took out a leaf illuminating a brilliant light, “Wear this. It can trigger a special defense, which is enough to resist any non-world esper’s attack. This can block the energy rays. After that, immediately destroy it, and it can provide a three-fold increase in speed. ”


Everyone took a deep breath.

How fast is a domain esper?

If it’s three times…

Even an esper with a speed type talent might not be able to catch up! It’s a powerful Nitai artifact, but Tian Zi’s following words illustrated a problem. This thing… it can only be used once. Indeed, he’s worthy of being the Clan Head! Having all sort of countermeasures.

Su Hao sighed.

They were both Clan Head, yet why is the gap in treatment so huge?

Isn’t he’s the Clan Head of the Su family?!

Look at him! Compared to Tian Zi, not only did he have not a Nitai artifact, but his previous Nitai artifact, shadow cloak, got taken away by the Su family to be used by the younger generation. When compared to Tian Zi, he was in such a pitiful state. Of course, talking about it is one thing, but Su Hao was well aware of the reason why.

The reason the Su family didn’t give him any Nitai artifact is because Su Hao couldn’t use anyways!

“I can activate this Nitai artifact in advance so that no accidents happen.” Tian Zi instructed, “This can last for one day. As long as there is energy being supplied, it will work. In fact, I think being outside is the safest.”

Everyone went silent.

In theory, that seemed to be right.

As long as you pick the bubble, you can instantly retreat with full force. The others had to enter Ling City’s state-building and face the enemy; they are the ones who will face the most danger but in the end…

What if a world esper is paying attention?

The mission already clearly explained from the start; it needs to be done secretly! Once someone discovers that there is an attempt to break into Ling City, it might attract the attention of the Bai family’s world esper!

Everything will vanish in an instant.

Any Nitai artifact will be useless.

“What do you all think?”

Tian Zi looked at them with a smile, yet his gaze was only on Su Hao. Obviously, this Lin Hu was the one he hates the most. It was such a rare chance to despise him. Everyone noticed the situation and followed his gaze. If Lin Hu is to volunteer, that would be the best for them.

At this time, don’t expect someone to help him.

“Don’t look at me.” Su Hao spread his hands, “I have a physical type talent. With no energy in my body, even if you give it to me, I won’t be able to use it.”


Everyone was at a loss of words.

Only then did they recall this man is also an esper with a unique talent.

“So who is going?”

With no opportunity to trick Lin Hu, Tian Zi refocused on his priority and regained his calmness. He instantly shifted his focus to the mission, “Who is the fastest in the team?”

One of the members stepped forward with a bitter smile.

“Then you’re the one.” Tian Zi pointed at him and took out a bracelet, “This thing can hide your presence. Once you leave, instantly activate it to hide your aura. Even a global esper won’t be able to detect it. After leaving, just head back to the Tian family.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

There is actually such a thing?

If he’s to take it out earlier, wouldn’t everyone agree? What was Tian Zi trying to do? They suddenly thought of something and looked at Lin Hu again. This man only brought it out after Lin Hu refused. If Lin Hu didn’t refuse… everyone went speechless for a while. During such a situation, this man is still trying to scheme others?


Tian Zi gave an order, and that member was ready to take action.

“Hold on.” Su Hao stopped him.

Everyone in Team A became alerted. Although what Tian Zi did was somewhat wrongful, these Nitai artifacts are after all his personal properties. Whether he wanted to take them out or not, that was his personal choice. However, when the mission is about to start, if there is a conflict, wouldn’t it be bad news?

“What?” Tian Zi smirked, “I have a good relationship with him and gave him my life-saving item. Do you have anything to say?”

That indicated that this item is for life-saving. He had a bad relationship with Lin Hu. Obviously, he won’t sacrifice it for such a person. This explanation was reasonable, and no one dared to say anything. Tian Zi also had such a thought, and this was why he dared to say so directly in front of Su Hao’s face.

Who would have thought that Su Hao didn’t even bother with him. Walking in front of the member, he gave a pattern, “Change your communication device into this pattern. Doing so can reduce the opponent’s alertness. Whether it’s for you or the team, it’s good.”

“This is?” That member was a little confused.

Su Hao grinned, “This is a communication device specially used by Piao Ling Organization.”

Everyone froze for a second and then rejoiced. What he said is true! If any random person is to trigger the alarm, it would be enough to arouse the alertness of the Bai family, but if it’s Piao Ling Organization…

That can only be explained that the meeting place had been leaked. Someone planned to make a move against the Bai family. To hire a random killer organization is such an amateur move, and this is definitely by no means done by big forces. This will then reduce their attentiveness.

“Good plan.”

Everyone applauded.

Vaguely, everyone took a quick glance at Tian Zi and then sighed. This is what the gap all about. No wonder everyone said that Lin Hu is righteous. Look at this; this is the difference. At such a crucial moment, this Tian Zi was still playing tricks, but Lin Hu had been thinking about the mission and his team members.

Such a gap, forget about it.


Tian Zi’s face became tense. In his heart, all the curses he knew were thrown out.

How can this be?

How did it end like this again?

He was the one who suggested the plan, and he also provided the Nitai artifact. In the end, why is Lin Hu the one to become the good guy, while he gets despised instead? The anger in Tian Zi’s heart had reached the maximum point. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t get a trace of gratitude after giving so much? Instead, this Lin Hu just fluttered a few words and already won everyone’s hearts!

“Curse you!”

Tian Zi’s fists were clenched tight.

Since meeting Lin Hu, clenching his fists had become a necessity because if he didn’t, he was afraid he couldn’t control himself from throwing a punch.

“Alright, start then.” Su Hao smiled indifferently, “Be careful. After you activate the light rays, remember to make a frightened gesture to express your shock. Only then will this be perfect.”

“Haha, rest assured.”

The team member who was now prepared took a deep breath before silently charging inside.

“As for the others, get ready.” Tian Zi commanded.

Everyone looked at Su Hao subconsciously. Su Hao just nodded slightly, “It’s about time. Get ready to take action.”

The others nodded and got ready.

Tian Zi’s lips were bitten to the point that it almost bled. He could only follow in silence. The mission had started. No matter how angry he is, he needs to suppress it! When the mission is over…

Perfect actions must always support perfect plans.

Everything about the plan was perfect. In fact, it didn’t take a long time to prepare. A secret confrontation between the Tian family and the Bai family was about to start. Near Ling City’s state-building, a figure quietly lurked around. At the same time, every member of Team A was in a group and quietly vanished from sight.

The strategic plan, execution began!

Ling City’s state-building.

Suddenly a loud sound echoed.


It shook the entire building.

The peak domain esper, who was responsible for inspection, suddenly became serious, “Enemy attack! Immediately alert everyone! Fluctuation occurred outside room 2301 on the fifth floor. The guards nearby, prepare to engage and start to initiate the plan to transfer Clan Head away.”

Everyone moved according to the command.

Inside the conference room, an esper was sitting cross-legged. A huge screen appeared in front of him, revealing endless light beams appearing from the void, trapping a frightened man for everyone to see. The man looked at the energy beams in horror. Apparently, he was very scared.

In confusion, he activated his Nitai artifact, causing the first counterattack from the energy beams to be ineffective. Seeing no enemies around him, that man used another Nitai artifact and fled the scene.

That man disappeared after causing a fuse.

In just two seconds, the energy beams failed to hit the target and returned to its initial state. The moment when the light beams vanished, one could see those from the Bai family arriving at the scene. Reaching the scene from the other floors in just two seconds showed how fast peak domain espers are.

“Report to Clan Head that the enemy has fled. Should we pursue?”

The alarm sound could be heard from a communication device.

Bai Lingfeng’s gaze swept across the meeting room. That scene just now, through the light beam sensing, everyone could see it clearly, “Who was that just now? Which force is he from?”

“Piao Ling Organization.”

“Humph, a mere killer organization actually dares to touch us, the Bai family?”

“It doesn’t look like it though. Probably, an assassination mission accepted by a single person. If it was the organization taking action, they wouldn’t leave that easily.”


After a discussion, everyone came to a conclusion, “No need to chase. Resume our agenda today. Suspend the transfer plan and continue our meeting.”


Everyone accepted the order.

Ling City’s state-building returned to normal.

However, unfortunately, even those espers, who looked over the scene, had missed the important two seconds. While under confusion from the light beams triggering, an invisible entity flickered inside without being noticed by anyone.

The infiltration plan succeeded.

“The opposition communicate too frequently, once every thirty seconds. We must kill our target in the shortest time possible. Should we disperse and kill them all?”

“We can’t.”

“As long as there is an energy fluctuation, it would be detected by them. The energy fluctuation needs to be hidden within the protection of the stealth talent esper.”

“What do we do then? Even if we’re invisible and can hide energy fluctuations, the moment we make a move, we will be exposed. ”

“Everyone in the team will make a move together! The moment we reveal ourselves, kill everyone. They are peak domain espers like us, leading several teams of life domain espers. That’s not a problem for us.”


“Hold on. I have a comment.”

“Lin Hu, what’s wrong?”

“Uh, I only have the strength of an absolute domain realm esper. I might not be able to defeat a peak domain esper.”


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