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Chapter 820 - Behead Bai Lingfeng

Chapter 820: Behead Bai Lingfeng

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“Why you didn’t say it earlier?”

Everyone in Team A rolled their eyes.

They all have strength around the peak of the domain realm. With Tian Zi equipped with countless powerful Nitai artifacts, they could kill any enemy that shows up instantly. However, they had forgotten that this Lin Hu only has the strength of the absolute domain realm. Fortunately, this didn’t impact them much, “If it’s a surprise attack, assassinating a life domain esper shouldn’t be an issue, right?”

“No problem.”

“Then, that’s great. Just leave peak domain espers to others. Start now!”

The team of people quietly moved.

One of the peak domain espers, who was patrolling together with his team, halted his movement. His eyes revealed uncertainty. The light beam detector didn’t respond, so there shouldn’t be anyone here. However, his vast amount of experience made him subconsciously feel that something was amiss. Just when he was about to say something…


A cold light flashed by.

A figure appeared in front of him, accompanied by a terrifying origin technique. It was a peak domain esper. Before he managed to use his full combat strength, he actually got covered in endless attacks. This opponent’s strength was not any lower than him but stronger instead.

Who is this?

Why is there an enemy here?

What happened?

Why didn’t the energy beam detector react?

Numerous thoughts flashed through his mind, while his vision turned dark. Before closing his eyes, he seemed to have witnessed his surrounding teammates also facing countless enemies.

“It’s over.”

That was his final thought.


Countless people fell to the ground. An entire small patrol squad collapsed. The perfect utilization of this invisible talent’s concealment produced such an impact. Although this stealth talent isn’t as monstrous as the light ray detection, when it’s used properly, it’s still heaven-defying.

“Two seconds ago, he had already reported. With three seconds of fighting, we have 25 seconds left.”

“Start clearing the enemies!” Su Hao decisively commanded.

Everyone quietly vanished. After five seconds, another squad got eliminated. Eight seconds later, yet another squad was down. Twenty seconds later…

In this Ling City’s state-building, due to the protection of the light ray detector, Team A’s surprise attack produced an even more amazing result in a mere 28 seconds!

All the enemies were eliminated!

Next, their target… who was inside the conference room!

At the door of the conference room, the crowd didn’t take action. Instead, they put down several strange equipment at the door. After Su Hao ensured everything is fine, he nodded slightly, signaling others to take action.

“Communication signal: Blocked.”

“Energy detection: Blocked.”


There was no longer any need to hide. Rushing into the conference room, Su Hao kicked the door without hesitation. With a loud bang, that door made of special metal was kicked opened by Su Hao, and every one of Team A swarmed inside. Those who were in the middle of the meeting were all shocked.


“How did you all come in?!”

“Who are you guys?!”

Everyone in the conference room was stunned. As for that esper with light ray detection, he was even more shocked. How could someone invade under his detection?!

One needs to take note.

In the past, even a world esper couldn’t escape from being detected by him.

“Clan Head, quickly evacuate!” Someone said in a panic.

However, at this time, would Team A give them a chance? Moving like the wind, a peak domain esper charged forward like a tiger hunting its prey. There were quite a number of peak domain espers from the Bai family, but for security purposes, they were too scattered and got eradicated by Team A one by one. Those that remained in the conference room, how much stronger could they be?

“Light ray, shrink!”

Numerous light rays suddenly contracted from the building, protecting Bai Lingfeng and the two guards beside him.

“Clan Head, be ready.”

One of the guards said, and then faint energy appeared from his hand. The surrounding space was torn open, forming a crack which rapidly expanded.

Space transfer!

The Bai family indeed had such a powerful space transfer esper.

“Get down for me.”

A peak domain esper from Team A abruptly rushed forward. However, when he touched the light ray, he got killed by the counterattack on the spot. The light rays returned to their original state as if nothing happened.

“What a terrifying defense.”

Everyone was alarmed.

Energy flashed. Within two seconds, Bai Lingfeng already got transferred away.

“Damn it!”

Everyone was anxious.

If Bai Lingfeng escaped, no matter how many people they killed, this mission will still be a failure. As long as Bai Lingfeng leaves, they can forget about leaving here alive.

“Let me do it!” Tian Zi coldly grumphed.

The sword shape Nitai artifact appeared in his hand. He aimed at the space where Bai Lingfeng left and attempted a slash. At the same time, at least five Nitai artifacts within Tian Zi’s body were destroyed!

That sword shape Nitai artifact turned out to be a consumable type weapon!

A slash consumed five top Nitai artifacts?

How powerful is this sword?

Without having Tian Zi to open his mouth, everyone had already seen it.

The guard who was about to leave with Bai Lingfeng got hit by the slash and was beheaded. As for the cracks within the space, it got cut off by the same slash too!


The surrounding space turned havoc.

“Such a powerful blow!”

Everyone was terrified. At this time, Bai Lingfeng had lost his chance to escape and turned pale as if there wasn’t any hope left. The current battle became almost one-sided as Team A’s powerful strength crushed the opposition! Now, Bai Lingfeng’s transfer had been interrupted. He was left with no choice but to die!

So what if there are the light rays to defend?


Surprisingly, just as Team A was about to wipe out everyone, another guard next to Bai Lingfeng made a move, and a pit suddenly appeared on the ground. One meter of radius below Bai Lingfeng’s feet became a desert, and his figure fell into it unexpectedly.

“Not good!”

Team A was shocked, “Quick, kill him!”


Light rays flickered.

The entire ground was now blocked.

An endless stream of light rays sealed off the ground. Team A, who planned to rush down, got counterattacked again. They could only watch Bai Lingfeng fall down helplessly. Here was the sixth floor. Down to the fifth floor, Bai Lingfeng can escape easily within two seconds as everyone was trapped here.

“Darn it! We actually failed!”

Everyone cursed.

It had progressed out of their expectations.

Who would have thought that Bai Lingfeng’s security around him would be so tight? The most disgusting one would be the esper with light ray detectors. If one dare not kill him, forget about killing Bai Lingfeng.

“It’s over.”

Everyone in Team A had their faces turn ugly.

Tian Zi’s fiercely attacked the light rays but with little effect. The esper of the Bai family, who was already overwhelmed by the incoming attacks, suddenly released even more of his potential, blocking them frantically. Obviously, they would use their lives to protect the Clan Head! As long as these two seconds passed, Bai Lingfeng would be able to escape successfully.

And this mission wasn’t hard for them.


Unexpectedly, Su Hao attacked at this moment.


His terrifying physical strength was released. Under the shocking eyes of the Bai family, this enemy who had difficulty dealing with the other guards actually managed to clear away the light rays in one swoop! The terrifying counterattack didn’t even have any effect in front of Su Hao.


It’s too quick!


He slammed yet another punch toward the light rays. He actually planned to blast through the light rays.

“How is this possible?”

“What kind of speed is this?!”


The light rays detector esper spat out blood and shouted crazily, “Come here and help me!”

All the other espers around him simply gave up in resisting and instilled energy directly to him, allowing him to recover the broken light rays slowly. However, this wasn’t important to Su Hao. The moment the light rays got destroyed, the game had already ended.

Behind him, a dazzling fluctuation flashed.

The space travel Nitai artifact in Tian Zi’s hand gently patted on Su Hao.


A buzzing sound could be heard.

Su Hao’s figure flickered. When he reappeared, he was already outside of the light rays’ range. At this time, even when the light rays slowly healed, it was useless.


Su Hao charged forward and moved like electricity. His physical strength was used to the extreme. Under the horrifying expression of everyone from the Bai family, he struck Bai Lingfeng.


There was hardly any suspense!

How strong is Su Hao’s current physical strength? Even if a life domain esper is to drop his guard, Su Hao could still kill him off! Not to mention this Bai Lingfeng was only a level one domain esper. He did have a powerful Nitai artifact, but Su Hao’s speed caused him to be too late to use it.

“You…” Bai Lingfeng opened his eyes wide. His body got penetrated.

Blood spattered all over the scene.

Bai Lingfeng died!

Mission completed!


Team A’s members were in ecstasy.

“Kill them.” Tian Zi coldly gave his order and looked at the remaining domain espers from the Bai family, “A bunch of idiots, you nearly made me fail my mission. I am going to bury you all alive!”


Everyone from Team A marched forward.

Their plan was implemented smoothly.

As long as they killed everyone here and detonate this building, the mission would end perfectly. However, things would never proceed according to the plan. Just when Team A was busy killing off others, an alarm rang. Su Hao and the others looked into the distance and were shocked, “The Bai family’s reinforcement is here!”

“So quick!”

“Retreat, leave right now!”

Team A quickly retreated.

“Stop them here!” The light rays detector esper shouted. Waving his hands, he stared at Team A with deep hatred. His Clan Head had been killed, and he had no one to blame but himself. At this moment, he almost became crazy.

“What do we do?”

Team A became anxious.

Tian Zi was also at his wit’s end. The response from the Bai family was too fast! Their cherishment of Bai Lingfeng was beyond everyone’s expectation. The Bai family probably noticed it when Bai Lingfeng’s life signal vanished. Bai Lingfeng, exactly what identity does he have that the family put such an importance on him?

He still remembered the information.

Bai Lingfeng has the bloodline of a small branch family in Jianghe City but later entered into the main family and became the Clan Head due to some special circumstances…

Could it be that was the reason he was this highly valued by the Bai family?

“Seems that we have overlooked something. We knew that the Bai family put such an importance on Bai Lingfeng. We should have been more cautious. Retreat now, we have no hope.”

“If we’re to retreat now, what about the mission?”

“They will definitely hide the news.”

“Then what could we do? Everyone in the Bai family has been killed, and now we must use our full power to retreat, or else we have no chance to escape!”

“What now?”

Team A looked at each other and finally made a decision, flee!

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