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Chapter 818 - Light ray detection

Chapter 818: Light ray detection

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Ling City.

This is the city closest to the Bai family. At the same time, it is located within the Bai family’s territory. Today, Ling City was celebrating because the chairman of a certain company invited Bai Lingfeng over for investment matters, and the city government expressed a warm welcome. At least, that was what happening on the surface.

It was now noon.

An aircraft landed.

The moment when Chairman Bai Lingfeng came out, it shocked everyone in Ling City. That young man’s handsome appearance made countless people admire him. The mayor of Ling City received him and led this Chairman Bai into a car.

And no one noticed that among the cheering crowd, there were a few unusual people who stood by and watched Bai Lingfeng follow the mayor to leave.

Those people were none other than Su Hao and his team members.

The plan was going smoothly.

With help from the undercover agents, they easily entered Ling City. The guards at the gate had already been bribed. Ten unidentified men easily passed. In fact, they were even carrying firearms. What made Su Hao sigh helplessly was that even the undercover agents had such authority.

Infiltrating into the city succeeded.

The next action would be the battle. When Bai Lingfeng and the others had their meeting, they would instantly kill all the members of the Bai family in the building and then…

Detonate the entire building.

And this is what Team A is best at.

“Go.” Tian Zi coldly commanded, and everyone left quickly. Only when Su Hao looked at the direction of Bai Lingfeng’s departure, his eyes revealed a feeling which is hard to put into words.


Ling City’s state-building.

The Bai family seemed to know that the situation was urgent. For security reasons, all external personnel in the entire building were replaced. Everyone from the Bai family was in charge of their Clan Head’s security. At the same time, they didn’t waste any time. After reaching the building, they didn’t even have a meal and proceeded to start the secret meeting immediately.

Five ordinary security guards were at the front door.

However, if there is any strong esper passing by, one would notice that the hint of aura coming from these five men was at the peak domain realm! Not only that, everyone’s hands and wrists seemed to be wearing some rings and bandages, indicating a Nitai artifact.

In the Ling City’s state-building, at least eight peak domain espers and dozens of life domain espers scouted the entire building, covering every corner. Those peak domain espers, they only had one mission, protecting their Clan Head!

“First to the third level is safe.”


“Fourth to the sixth level is safe.”


The communication local area network was open. Every thirty seconds, communication would be initiated to guard against any unwanted accidents. A certain esper with defensive talent used his origin technique to cover the entire building. When there is any movement, it would be immediately detected.

At this moment, outside the building, Team A quietly arrived.

“Their meeting is held on the sixth floor. We will enter the sixth floor directly from outside while under stealth.” Tian Zi commanded.


Everyone nodded.

There was indeed one member within the team who has the talent to hide everyone’ presence and conduct many secret operations without any issue.

“Hold on…” Su Hao suddenly reached out his hand to stop them.

“What happened?” Tian Zi was dissatisfied.

Su Hao didn’t say a word, instead he looked up at the building in front before continuing, “Who has an insight type talent? Have a look at what’s happening inside. I feel that something isn’t right here.”

Hearing this, everyone stared blankly.

“You mean energy-sensing?” Tian Zi sneered. Looking at the building in front of them, he smirked, “Perhaps you are still clueless. Even if there is energy sensing, we’re invisible. The other party won’t notice us. This is the strength of a stealth talent. Or do you think that it’s merely for visual invisibility?”

In Team A, a certain member raised his chest proudly, upon hearing this.

“Not energy-sensing.” Su Hao shook his head and insisted, “I think it’s better to double-check the situation.”

“Why?” Tian Zi frowned.

“My intuition.” Su Hao calmly said.

Tian Zi’s eyes flashed coldly. The atmosphere between these two men suddenly became strange. A leader and also the Clan Head requested to directly attack, while the one with huge popularity requested for an inspection. Before the mission even began, differences between them already appeared. As for the others, they felt a headache.

It’s reasonable to say that what Tian Zi said was right.

Their member’s stealth talent can really shield from any detection. So far, no problems have occurred. They were clueless as to why Lin Hu insisted on double-checking.

Alas, since he insisted…

In the end, an experienced member of Team A stepped forward to dissuade them, “There’s no harm double-checking. We don’t have any insight talents, but if I remember correctly, there is such a Nitai artifact within our team. We can give it a try.”

“Alright.” Su Hao nodded.

“Then, try it.” Tian Zi smirked. He wanted to see how exactly Lin Hu would carry himself if nothing could be detected. He would become a huge joke instead. A member of Team A took out a pair of glasses and put them on. Looking through the building, he didn’t speak for a long time.

“What happened?”

The others were shocked for a second.

“You can all have a look at it yourself.” That man bitterly smiled. Taking off the glasses, he kept activating the Nitai artifact and let the others have a quick glance through it. When everyone had a look, they suddenly took a deep breath.

The entire Ling City’s state-building was wrapped in numerous light ray flashed like a spider web. Forget about them, even if a world esper attempts to break into the building, he would be found instantly. The entire Bai family will instantly run towards him!

“This is…”

“Talent… light ray detection.”

Everyone was shocked.

Grade A talent, light ray detection, it’s a unique talent which only has one role, defense! Those countless invisible light rays spread around any object like a fine spider web. It looks normal, but once someone dares to approach it, these light rays would become a true weapon.

Each light ray represents countless energy and a powerful origin technique.

Once someone touches one of them, he would be surrounded by the countless light rays. In an instant, one would turn into slag, it’s a typical passive counterattack talent.

Its combat effectiveness is almost zero.

It’s destined to be a special talent that can only develop under the support of powerful forces. Cultivating such a talent to this degree by themselves is impossible or is extremely rare.

Never would they have thought that there was such a person in the Bai family.

These light rays had three functions, detection, defense, and counterattack. The esper himself isn’t strong, but his unmatched defensive capability makes him qualified among the top three defensive talents! As long as this esper remains in the building, Team A can forget about breaking into the building!

“Damn it. This is a huge problem.”

Everyone from Team A smiled bitterly; at the same time, they gave a grateful look to Su Hao. If not for Su Hao’s reminder and they charged in, the light ray detection would be triggered. Their journey would probably end instantly inside. Tian Zi’s face was a little pale and also fearful. If just now…

“It’s just luck.” Su Hao shook his head slightly, “As a man who cultivates by himself in the outside world, being cautious has already become a habit.”

Team A nodded.

This was a characteristic of a wild esper. It’s either they are too pitiful that they couldn’t struggle in difficult times, or they become so powerful, experienced, and proficient in tips and tricks. Don’t think that this Lin Hu seems kind; those who had seen him in Tiankeng knew that this man would not be lenient when he turns serious.

Fortunately, since the previous mission, they knew that this man is only ruthless against his enemies.

That’s enough.

“Then what are we supposed to do now?”

Everyone’s face turned bitter. No wonder the Bai family’s Clan Head dared to come out. It turned out that there was such a special esper. In this case, they failed the mission before even starting.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay and no longer could think of an idea.

To charge in forcefully?

Their strength isn’t weak, to begin with, and they aren’t afraid of clashing with the Bai family. However, the moment when the Bai family falls into such a position, as soon as the battle begins, the Bai family’s Clan Head would be immediately transferred to safety! If so, even if they managed to kill several domain espers, their mission would be considered a failure.

Su Hao’s eyes narrowed. He just calmly looked at them.

“Perhaps there is a way.” Tian Zi wasn’t stupid. What Su Hao can think of, Tian Zi also could think of as well, “If one person triggers the light rays, perhaps the other members can take the opportunity to sneak in.”

“Impossible!” Someone instantly rejected, “The light ray detection can never be cracked like this. If that esper is to master his talent to perfection, he might even master energy return.”

Energy return.

The light ray detection has such an origin technique.

When the light ray detection is triggered, the esper can see exactly what has happened! If he perfects energy return, he could even hear their sounds!

This is the might of light ray detection.

The chance now is less than 1%, and no one dares to take the risk.

“Others can’t, but we can.” Tian Zi pointed at someone in Team A, “He can make us invisible. Even if the esper mastered his talent perfectly, he can’t see us at all.”


Tian Zi took out a powerful top notch Nitai artifact, “Short space travel, 10 meters. If it’s any normal light ray detection, it’s enough to shield the space manipulation, but when someone triggers the detection, the surrounding effectiveness would be weakened.

“This entire process will only take 2 seconds, but it’s sufficient.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

He’s indeed worthy of being the Tian family’s Clan Head. That powerful Nitai artifact is at least 100 times more expensive than others. With an invisible talent esper together with this Nitai artifact, they forcefully made something impossible to possible, giving them an opportunity to break-in.

“So… who going?”

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