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Chapter 815 - Face-changing performance

Chapter 815: Face-changing performance

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Origin Ability Association.

Qing Yang, who bought a huge sum of Nitai artifacts with 100 billion dollars, sipped his tea in satisfaction. Those working in the department were also satisfied with the transaction. Just now, they had sent someone to measure the value of these Nitai artifacts. Although it was still in progress, the value is definitely over 100 billion!

“We have earned a huge profit.” Qing Yang was somewhat excited.

Although money is nothing to a world esper, when it reaches a certain amount, there would still be some impact. To be able to save money and only spend 100 billion to complete this transaction, this is definitely a huge contribution.

“However, this guy named Pan Ting, why did he trade like that?” Qing Yang was a little disturbed.

“Perhaps he’s trying to get a favor from us. I have already lost count of the number of people who tried doing this to us every year.” A man said without hesitation.

“No, he’s not some random esper but a world esper.” Qing Yang shook his head, “The aura coming from that man named Wei Zhuang is not any lower than mine, but to be so respectful to Pan Ting, that man is obviously much stronger. Such character, wherever he goes, no one dares to touch him. Even the Tian family would be afraid of the consequences. To gain favor? I will never believe it.”

Everyone went silent, but after thinking about it clearly, they couldn’t really think of another reason.

“Could it be that additional condition he requested?”

“You are saying cultivating his Nitai artifact?” Qing Yang’s eyebrows locked, “With his identity, to cultivate a Nitai artifact is definitely uncommon. An ordinary cultivation room could no longer satisfy him. Naturally, he yearns for the terrifying amount of energy in the special warehouse. However, even if we allow him to absorb freely, how much can he absorb in one day?”

“How much energy can a mere Nitai artifact consume?”


One after another, they agreed. When they were engaging in a discussion, Su Hao had already entered the room, sat cross-legged, and began cultivating. The moment when he absorbed energy with no reserve…


The entire warehouse experienced a slight quake.

The super warehouse detected that the energy in the room had dropped to the minimum point and became active, injecting more energy inside. In an instant, the energy particles in the warehouse moved extremely fast with Su Hao acting as the center point and began rotating like a vortex.

Blue light glimmered.

The scene was akin to the galaxy.

Su Hao was like the center of the galaxy. The progress bar that had halted for so long, under the influence of such a scale of energy, it finally began to skyrocket!

62%, 64%, 66%…

Su Hao closed both his eyes as the light surrounding him carried a touch of majesty.

At this time, when Su Hao began cultivating, all the members of Origin Ability Association, including Qing Yang, were a little disturbed as they could feel it, “Such movement… isn’t it a little too strong?”

It was unknown how many people had used that special warehouse before, but such fluctuation had never occurred before. Even last time, when a man used it in an attempt to step into the world realm, there was not such an earth-shaking scene. This Pan Ting is just cultivating his Nitai artifact, how could such a thing occur?

A delusion?

When they were pondering, yet another sound echoed.


“What was that sound?” Qing Yang’s heart skipped a beat.

An employee stepped forward. When he looked at the control center, his face turned pale, “The energy supply speed in the special warehouse has reached the limit. It had activated the maximum energy transmission mode.”


“How could this be possible?”

Everyone was deeply shocked.

The maximum energy transmission mode!

That’s an unlimited special warehouse. Generally speaking, the limit is not even needed to be set. This so-called maximum transmission mode is just there to prevent any accidental incidents. Now, it was actually triggered! That man named Pan Ting just entered, and he already triggered this mode!

“This doesn’t look great.” Qing Yang couldn’t sit still, “What exactly is this Nitai artifact he is cultivating? Is there any surveillance video? ”

“Nope.” A man smiled bitterly, “Before Pan Ting entered, for confidentiality, it was turned off. Now no one knows what’s happening inside.”

“Damn it!” Qing Yang was a little restless, “No wonder I felt like something wasn’t right.”

“Even if we know what’s happening inside, we can only look helplessly, right?”

Someone smiled bitterly, “Pan Ting didn’t break the agreement with us. Can we really force him out? One needs to know that this is a trade.”

“Trade!” Qing Yang froze.

Then he remembered that this isn’t the usual case where people came here for help but a fair deal. The ones he was dealing with are two world espers! It can’t be that he’s to fight here? Plus, isn’t one day of cultivation a part of the trade?

“It was me who was too impatient.” Qing Yang took a deep breath to calm himself down, “If such a rate is to last for a day, what will happen?”

The technical support staff looked at the data, and then his face became a bit ugly. He didn’t know how to answer.

“Just say it out loud.” Qing Yang glanced at him.

“It won’t last a day.”

When the technical support staff honestly said that, everyone had their hands tremble. It can’t last a day, what does that mean? The entire warehouse of resources won’t last a day? Is the absorption rate in the special warehouse that terrifying? Even with the limit on, it’s still that terrifying?


Qing Yang’s teacup in his hand was crushed.

“You mean, all the resources here aren’t enough for him to cultivate his Nitai artifact?” Qing Yang’s murderous intent spiked.

“Eh, no.”

The technical support staff hurriedly waved his hand, “I am just saying that such an absorption speed won’t last a day. Based on the previous data, the most difficult Nitai artifact to cultivate only took 5% of our energy reserves here.”


The crowd felt relieved.


After the staff transferred the data on the screen to Qing Yang for inspection, he then felt relieved, “Even if this Nitai artifact of Pan Ting is strange, it should still be at around 5%, right?”

“It should be that the speed is only quicker.”

“It’s probably going to be over soon.”

Everyone consoled each other. Watching the time pass by, five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, an hour… their faces became somewhat ugly.

“What’s the remaining amount in the energy reserve right now?” Qing Yang calmly asked.

“92%.” The staff member answered.

“That means that he has absorbed 8%?” Qing Yang looked at the data changing on the screen. For a more intuitive interaction, the staff simply showed the crowd the number.

92%, 91%…

The data changed once in a while, which frightened everyone.

This is too quick!

This isn’t an HP bar in a game. This represents the energy reserves in their entire branch! What kind of Nitai artifact could have such an absurd absorption speed?

Everyone just stared in silence.

10% was already used up, which is more than double the previous highest absorption of a Nitai artifact! Even if this is a terrifying Nitai artifact, it should be completed soon, right?

Everyone had such a thought.

They would have never thought what was cultivated inside the warehouse isn’t a Nitai artifact but a person!

After four hours, everyone’s face already turned extremely ugly.

Eight hours later, everyone’s face was completely dark.

By the 12th hour, everyone in Origin Ability Association nearly went berserk.

“Still not done?”

“Why doesn’t it stop?”

“The energy reserve has been depleted by more than half. Only 45% remains now, and there is still half a day left. Damn it, what is this Pan Ting actually doing inside?”

Everyone was furious.

At this time, someone suddenly voiced out, “I finally know why those Nitai artifacts are sold so cheaply.”

Everyone froze, and they felt a chill in their hearts.


No wonder the transaction was so smooth that it looked more like a gift. It turned out that his goal was this!

“So, those Nitai artifacts are the usage fees he paid? And the so-called 100 billion is just a figure he casually threw out?” Qing Yang smiled bitterly.

“I’m afraid that’s the case.”

Everyone sighed.

“Since it’s a transaction, we will keep our end of the deal.” Qing Yang stood up and glanced at Wei Zhuang, who was standing indifferently in front of the door. We only have such an option, right? Everyone looked over there and could only bitterly smile. They had forgotten that he had a powerful gatekeeper. Even if they had some opinion, they could only bear it!

Damn it! This time they suffered huge losses!

At the special warehouse’s door, Wei Zhuang’s eyes ignored everyone as he just stood there indifferently. His heart wasn’t feeling well. He thought that this was just an interlude, but when that crazy energy fluctuation came from behind him, he could already feel the looks coming from everyone in Origin Ability Association became more abnormal. If not for his identity as a world esper, he would have long been kicked out.

“Damn Lin Hu, ah!” Wei Zhuang cursed in his heart. This brat is simply a fraud god! He knew that nothing good would happen when this guy called him here. When he witnessed a world esper stabbing someone from behind and didn’t want to reveal oneself, he already knew that this guy’s moral integrity had long been fed to dogs.

Obviously, Wei Zhuang ignored the fact that he was pretending to be a world esper.

His heart was full of anger, but what can he do?

Bear with it!

Lin Hu is a true world esper. If he doesn’t bear with it, what can he do?

If he dared to run away at this moment, this Lin Hu would probably come out and cut him into pieces before throwing him in a pot and boiling him. Besides that, there was still this 100 billion benefit, right?

“This is a mission. This is a mission.” Wei Zhuang comforted himself.

The anger in his heart made him appeared more majestic. A few staff members of Origin Ability Association, who came here subconsciously, looked elsewhere and didn’t dare look at him.

The energy consumption continued.

Qing Yang and the others held onto the last glimmer of hope and looked forward to his cultivation ending earlier, but as the progress continued to decline, everyone’s heart turned cold.

30%, 20%, 10%…

Qing Yang’s face also changed along with the numbers, from cyan to green to red to purple and finally pitch black as if he was performing a face-changing art.

“It stopped!” The technical staff member suddenly shouted.

Everyone looked over there in excitement. However, their faces became uglier because the progress bar halted at a number that would make one go on a rampage.


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