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Chapter 816 - Becoming popular upon returning

Chapter 816: Becoming popular upon returning

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“Take care.”

Qing Yang sent off both Su Hao and Wei Zhuang with a calm expression. His face even showed a hint of a smile. His indifferent appearance revealed the majesty of a world esper, and it was completely different from his ugly, dark look earlier. It was as if what happened earlier was just everyone’s imagination.

“Senior isn’t mad?” A technical staff member felt relieved.

“Hehe, from where do you see that senior isn’t mad?”

“Do you know how mad is senior right now?” Another technical staff pointed at Qing Yang.

“I heard that when senior is so angry that he could no longer hold himself, he will use Rule Force to keep his body as peaceful as possible…”

A certain technical staff had his body tremble upon hearing this.

Rule Force? Use it to control his expression? It’s either his Rule Force is too much that he has nowhere to use it, or Senior Qing Yang is already on the verge of eruption.

“Glad to cooperate with you.” Su Hao shook hands with a smile and then took Wei Zhuang away.

“Let’s go back.”

Watching Su Hao leaving, Qing Yang remained indifferent as if nothing had ever happened.

However, according to a record, that Origin Ability Association’s branch was destroyed with Rule Force that evening, which shocked everyone. It was said that Senior Qing Yang used his Rule Force to destroy the branch in order to avoid going berserk…

Tian family, at the official hall.

The people in charge of the Tian family were discussing matters. Even Tian Gang and Tian Zi were present. When they heard that Xie Te and the others were back, they couldn’t help but feel glad.

“What about the Nitai artifacts?” An elder asked quickly, seeing Xie Te and the others return.

Xie Te looked sad.

“What happened?” The elder’s heart skipped a beat, “Could it be…”

“Sorry.” Xie Te looked down and said in an ashamed tone, “The mission failed.”


Everyone was shocked. Looking at Xie Te and the others who came back unharmed, their face revealed a strange look, “It can’t be you all didn’t even get to see the Nitai artifacts?”

Thinking about it, that was literally the only explanation.

Under normal circumstances, when a mission fails, it means the wipe of an entire team. For Xie Te and the others to be able to return intact could only mean one thing, everything is going well. Xie Te smiled bitterly and was just about to say something. Tian Zi, who just silently watched them, suddenly spoke, “Where is your teammate, that guy named Lin Hu?”


Everyone had a look and then noticed that although no one was injured, only eight men remained. Two were missing!


Xie Te looked sad, and he briefly explained everything. After listening, everyone was stunned. A world esper! A world esper actually took action! They knew of Xie Te and the others’ strengths. Under full force, one versus five won’t even be a problem. The only thing that could suppress him is a world esper!

A renowned world esper actually got himself involved in such a matter?

They were actually that free?

Tian Gang’s gaze turned cold, “Seems that we have underestimated the enemy’s strength. Under our pressure, they actually sent a world esper to interfere with our missions. We need to respond in the same manner. Third Elder, let those who just stepped into the world realm have a walk on the other side.”

“Yes.” The third elder showed a merciless face.

“As for that Lin Hu…” Tian Gang sighed, “During Tiankeng, I indeed still doubted him. Never would I imagine that he would be so affectionate and righteous. To dare stand in front of you when facing danger, he wasn’t afraid at all even when confronting a world esper. Such talent is what our Tian family desperately needs. What a pity. I actually had more important missions for him.”

Tian Gang shook his head and then suddenly noticed Tian Zi’s irrepressible smile. Frowning a bit, he seemed to have thought of something, “Who asked Lin Hu to do this mission?”

Tian Zi was startled and quickly stood up, “It’s me.”

“Oh, sit down.” Tian Gang waved his hand, and no longer added any more words.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became depressed. Everyone seemed to have thought of something, and their gaze on Tian Zi also became strange. Tian Zi’s face turned blue and white for a moment. Those skeptical eyes really angered him. He just let Lin Hu perform a dangerous mission. It’s not like he sent someone to kill Lin Hu!

However, would the others believe him?

Tian Zi, who was joyful of Lin Hu’s death, immediately received a basin of cold water.

“I won’t blame any of you. Since it’s a world esper who took action, you all are helpless in stopping him.” Tian Gang looked at Xie Te and others, “Go back and have a rest. Get ready for the next mission.”


Xie Te and the others respectfully exited.

The daily meeting ended in a hasty manner. Originally, if nothing unexpected happened, this event wouldn’t have ended like this. However, never would one imagine that at night, a shocking piece of news came to them. That man named Lin Hu returned! He was actually still alive! He came back alive!

Xie Te was stunned. Everyone from Team F was shocked too.

The moment when Tian Gang and the other elders received this news, they instantly gathered everyone into the hall again. At the same time, Su Hao also was there.

“You’re indeed still alive.” Xie Te pinched Su Hao for a second to check if he was real.

Tian Gang glanced at Su Hao for a second. Using his Rule Force to scan him, there was no trace of camouflage or energy identified. This man was indeed Lin Hu.

“Aren’t you dead?”

“No.” Su Hao scratched his head, “I have a powerful origin technique that when I face danger, it will keep me from dying no matter how strong the attack is. This was why I rushed to block for Captain Xie Te when he was in danger. Otherwise, I won’t dare be that extreme.”

Su Hao sounded awkward as if he was a little embarrassed after being exposed.

“You little brat.” Xie Te ruthlessly punched his shoulder.

The crowd suddenly understood. This explained why Lin Hu strangely saved Xie Te’s life because he wouldn’t really die. As for that strange origin technique of Lin Hu, they had heard about it before. It was because of this that Lin Hu managed to escape from the destruction of his home town.

“It’s great if you’re alive.” Tian Gang’s eyes revealed a hint of a smile, “This mission failed due to unforeseen circumstances. The mission reward will be issued as normal. You all did great. At least one traitor is eliminated.”


Everyone answered.

“All of you can leave.” Tian Gang waved his hand, signalling everyone to leave.

The elders whispered to one another; obviously, they were satisfied with Su Hao. Such people are what the Tian family wants. Someone with affection, righteousness, talent, and well-liked by teammates, compared with their Clan Head, Tian Zi, who is so narrow-minded, he is so much better.


Tian Zi clenched his fists.

Needless to say, he could guess what these old farts were thinking. However, in this mission, there were still some matters, which he couldn’t understand, and asked doubtfully, “Since there are the footprints of our Tian family, why are there still spies? Their life and death are in our hands, yet they still dared to rebel? Could it be Xie Te and the others lied?”

The elders looked at him and then sighed.

Tian Gang replied in a dull tone, “There are certain things in other people’s eyes that are more important. For example, Lin Hu is willing to block the attack for Xie Te. What we control is one’s life, but not one’s heart. Otherwise, the Tian family would have unified the world by now. These matters, you will understand them in the future.”

“Let’s end our meeting here.”

The temporary meeting ended, and the crowd dispersed, leaving behind the dazed Tian Zi. He could see the elders’ disappointment at him and Tian Gang’s disregard…

In fact, he already knew.

If not for his master, if not for the Tian family investing too many resources on him, this position as Clan Head won’t even belong to him, not even as a puppet!

Tian Zi had been patient all this time, but he couldn’t stand it any longer!

Forget about the past, what about now? Just a mere Lin Hu, who just entered the Tian family, everyone in the Tian family already had a better impression of him than of Tian Zi.

“I will prove to everyone that I’m better.” A drop of blood fell from Tian Zi’s clenched fist.


The first strategic mission ended.

Although it failed, the results were unexpectedly great. Su Ha’s bravery and comradeship had won unanimous approval from all the team members. No matter what mentality one has, who won’t like having a team member who will be willing to take an attack for them during such a critical moment?

Thus, Su Hao’s popularity rose.

He was fearless in front of a world esper, and the news of him blocking the attack alone circulated within the Tian family. Regardless of whether one knows Su Hao personally, they will greet Su Hao politely when they meet him. With just one mission, Su Hao gained unimaginable high popularity in the Tian family.

“Look, that’s Lin Hu.”

“So young, both are domain espers, but look at him.”

“He’s so much better than Tian Zi.”

The passing people of the Tian family whispered.

For Su Hao, everything was carried out as planned.

A crazy sprint in Origin Ability Association had allowed him to gain an additional 20%. At this time, his progress had reached 80%!

If there is another chance, Su Hao would be able to step into the domain realm!

The rewards given by the Tian family were just little fishes to him. These days, he had been cultivating to understand his body further and familiarize himself with the fighting techniques.

He needs to have a clear understanding of his current strength.

He could fight toe to toe with an absolute domain esper!

Even with only Mountain Breaker and some basic fighting techniques, Su Hao could still put an absolute domain esper into a sorry state with his overwhelming physical fitness. However, it would be a little too much for him to face life domain espers and peak domain espers, although these two different realms are no different to him.

If he couldn’t defeat them, he can just run.

Unless he uses Shadowless God Needle!

“It’s still a long way to go.” Su Hao continued to train.

He couldn’t put all his expectations in Shadowless God Needle; otherwise, he will be useless when his Rule Force is exhausted. Only by improving one’s own strength can it truly become his own strength! Only by breaking through into the domain realm could he truly fight against life domain and peak domain espers.

Time went by quickly. Just like that, one week had passed.

After the break from the previous mission, Su Hao quickly received his second strategic mission. After being notified, Su Hao was dumbfounded upon seeing the mission. Mission description: Assassination of the current Clan Head of the Bai family, Bai Lingfeng.

“Bai Lingfeng?” Su Hao was a little surprised, looking at this familiar name. It had been such a long time since they met.

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