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Chapter 814 - A knockoff two-man team

Chapter 814: A knockoff two-man team

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“All of you aren’t afraid of being discovered?” Su Hao was curious.

“Usually, we won’t be exposed.” Wei Zhuang awkwardly explained.

Each time they are out, they would pretend to be someone else with these three unique talents forming a small team. Each time they got caught in a chaotic battle, they would be regarded as someone from the enemy force when they were discovered. No one would have expected them to be from a small force; no wonder they always succeed in every endeavor.

“So that’s the case.” After Su Hao understood, he no longer uttered any more nonsense, “Let’s go. Follow me to Origin Ability Association, and you get to keep your life.”

“Yes.” Wei Zhuang smiled, “But to go like this, are you fine?”

In his view, since Su Hao didn’t want to be identified, he naturally can’t go like this. A place like Origin Ability Association, won’t any hidden appearance be discovered instantly?

“Don’t worry about it.” Su Hao said indifferently. Two strange noises rang, and it sounded like a mechanical shaft wheel turning. When Wei Zhuang raised his head to have a look, it was already another face.

Wei Zhuang had a glance and couldn’t close his mouth for a long time.

This actually works?

Even when one uses his own ability talent, you need energy to support it. This is why there is a danger of being detected, but there was no trace of energy coming from Su Hao. His facial bones moved freely, changing his appearance into a complete stranger that his facial shape and feature had now differed greatly.

“This…” Wei Zhuang exclaimed in admiration.

“When you reach the world realm, you will understand.” Su Hao just casually glanced at him and no longer spoke. After all, he guessed that this man would never reach that realm anyway.

“Yes.” Wei Zhuang nodded resolutely. His yearning to be a world esper increased by another fraction.

“Let’s go.”


Origin Ability Association.

The department that handles Nitai artifacts suddenly received a visit from two unbelievable guests. One was a terrifying world esper, and the other one looked young, but his realm couldn’t be identified. In addition, that world esper beside him was always full of respect when he talked to that young man.

At least two world espers!

Origin Ability Association was greatly shaken and immediately dispatched a world esper over here to deal with it.

“Good day, gentlemen. My name is Qing Yang, an elder of Origin Ability Association. I am here to assist to the Nitai artifact department regarding your issues.” A middle-aged man with a rather stout body came over. He had a big belly and the only commendable part was his thick dark hair.

Big fatty?

Su Hao and Wei Zhuang had such a thought in their mind but then were stunned by those two words, world esper. Sure enough, Origin Ability Association had dispatched a world esper here. Wei Zhuang had a shock in his heart. Fortunately, his years of experience in cheating and tricking others allowed him to remain calm. The corner of his eye caught a glimpse of Su Hao’s indifferent look, which he rather admired.

This is the difference between a fake and genuine.

Wei Zhuang became even more determined.

Little could one imagine, Su Hao was even more nervous than him at this moment! Wei Zhuang thought that Su Hao is a world esper and that there wouldn’t be much of a problem with Su Hao’s support. However, Su Hao knew that they were both fakes. One has the aura but no strength, while the other has some Rule Force but only sufficient for one strike…

Excluding those, they had nothing else!

Two fakes…

Oh, wrong. To be precise, it should be one counterfeit and one rejected product. Both of them managed to remain calm with their vast experience.

“Hello, I am Wei Zhuang.” Wei Zhuang said in a restrained manner.

“Ah, in the circle of world espers, there is such a character with this name. I have heard about you before. Never would I thought that you’re so young.” Qing Yang laughed.

Wei Zhuang had some cold sweat.

Sure enough, they had heard his name before. In the past, when Wei Zhuang mixed in the world esper’s circle, he just had long-distance communication. Unexpectedly, after these contacts, his name actually spread. Indeed, Origin Ability Association is worthy of its power.

Such a place, to him, it’s like going to the police station and cheat…

How could he not be nervous?

“This man over here must be somewhat new, how do I call you?” Qing Yang looked at Su Hao.

“Hi, I am Pan Ting.” Su Hao just smiled casually. He couldn’t use that name Lin Hu, but when he saw Qing Yang, he already had a new codename in his heart.

“Here, please.”

Qing Yang invited both to enter.

There wasn’t much discussion as time was limited. Su Hao just gave a quick briefing. When Qing Yang heard that these two wanted to sell 386 Nitai artifacts, he could even feel his liver tremoring. Nitai artifacts are common in Origin Ability Association, but to sell as much as 386…

This is too terrifying!

One needs to take note that the purchasing price offered by Origin Ability Association is 1 billion. 386 Nitai artifacts would bring a total of 386 billion star dollars. That’s a horrifying amount. And such an offer is what Origin Ability Association agreed on for the minimum amount of each Nitai artifact. In fact, most junk Nitai artifacts have a value of more than 1 billion, let alone a perfect Nitai artifact that would be at least ten times more valuable than any ordinary Nitai artifact.

“What do you want?” Qing Yang’s expression also became more respectful.

“It’s like this.” Su Hao went silent for a moment and seemed to be thinking of something, “I want to cultivate a Nitai artifact and need energy. I have heard that Origin Ability Association has a special warehouse with unlimited energy. I wonder if I can borrow it?”

“Special warehouse?” Qing Yang’s face changed.

That special warehouse, in a sense, is used to impact bottlenecks. Only when one is at the peak professional realm or the peak domain realm is it plausible to use it. Even the insiders of Origin Ability Association won’t have the qualification to use it, let alone an outsider.


Qing Yang showed some hesitation, “Let us think about it first.”

“100 billion star dollars.” Su Hao calmly said.

“What?” Qing Yang’s hand trembled, and he looked at Su Hao in disbelief.

“Let me go to the special warehouse and cultivate. These 386 Nitai artifacts, I will sell them for 100 billion. Such an offer should be pretty reasonable, right?” Su Hao replied nonchalantly.

Wei Zhuang was dumbstruck upon hearing this. What is this man trying to do? That’s hundreds of Nitai artifacts! And he is selling them for only 100 billion? Please, just randomly pick five or six top-grade Nitai artifacts and they’re worth more than 100 billion, let alone 386 of them!

This is crazy!

Wei Zhuang felt that the transaction between these two men had gone beyond his understanding.

“100 billion…” Qing Yang rubbed his hands. He knew that this was his chance! Regardless of the quality of those Nitai artifacts, on average, a Nitai artifact offered would be less than 300 million. Even the lowest price of a defective Nitai artifact already costs more than triple, what is this if it’s not an opportunity?

And the requirement is only to let Pan Ting enter the special warehouse to cultivate a Nitai artifact for a day!

Is there really such a good thing?

Qing Yang looked at Su Hao.

“I only came here after hearing about the existence of the infinite amount of energy in the warehouse.” Su Hao said calmly, “Although Nitai artifacts don’t have much use to a world esper, there are some unique origin techniques which are interesting. And this Nitai artifact of mine needs to consume quite a bit of energy. Any ordinary cultivation room won’t be sufficient to support its consumption.”

“So that’s the case.” Qing Yang was shocked. After considering it for a moment, he finally made a decision.

“One day, I can only offer you a duration of one day!” Qing Yang said with a serious face, “After one day, which is 24 hours, you must come out. You can’t even exceed one minute.”

“Deal.” Su Hao grinned, “100 billion, just transfer it to this person next to me.”

“Alright.” Qing Yang requested a man to transfer the money.


Wei Zhuang, who had been acting the whole time, was dazed. He didn’t expect that he could be a part of the transaction. When he heard the money would be transferred to him, he opened his mouth wide, “It’s for me?”

“Guard for me outside the door.” Su Hao said coldly.

Wei Zhuang quivered and instantly sobered up. This 100 billion is just nothing to a world esper! That money is given to him to prevent others from disturbing this world esper when cultivating his Nitai artifact! Scare you first with a big stick before throwing you a radish. Even if you’re not willing, well, what can you do since he’s a world esper?

Of course, others were clueless, but he was extremely clear that his biggest purpose here is only one thing, to scare people away!

Su Hao’s casual handling of 100 billion shocked many people. What Origin Ability Association shocked even more was Su Hao’s attitude to this powerful world esper next to him. It was as if that world esper is his subordinate. And that world esper name Wei Zhuang was very afraid of him.

How strong is this man exactly?

Qing Yang had a quick glance and couldn’t see through the strength. After all, he had reached the creation stage. Could it be that this man in front already reached the third stage?

“Get ready to trade then.”

Su Hao glanced at the crowd and didn’t care what they were thinking. After speaking coldly, he went out to carry the Nitai artifacts into Origin Ability Association. That casual appearance made Wei Zhuang and everyone else in Origin Ability Association admire him.

100 billion?

A world esper?

It’s just mere dust to him.

This is what a true strong esper’s attitude.

However, no one realized Su Hao’s casual attitude was because of his heartache! That’s 100 billion and not some Chinese cabbage! If not because of that amount of Nitai artifacts, where could he get that much money? The Jin family had been collecting for so many years, and how many Nitai artifacts did they manage to collect?

Such an opportunity presented by the Tian family was one of a kind, but so what?

Transferring money requires one’s identity and account. Although he could use his hacking skills to hide it, there will be still some risks. To him, it wasn’t worth it. If he was discovered of hacking the system, that would bring him big trouble.

It’s only 100 billion.

Su Hao smiled indifferently.

He believed that this 100 billion wouldn’t be wasted by giving it to Wei Zhuang. Plus, the most important matter now is to restore energy! Since he had this excuse of cultivating a Nitai artifact, this one day period mustn’t be wasted! A special warehouse, huh? How is it when compared with the Federation’s cultivation room?

There are still 40% more to go…

Su Hao once again looked at his body. How much can he accomplish in one day?


Su Hao stepped into the special warehouse.

The door quietly closed as Wei Zhuang stood outside with a serious face while emitting a touch of a world esper’s aura. This unique scene became a beautiful scenery inside Origin Ability Association.

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