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Chapter 813 - A deceptive three men team

Chapter 813: A deceptive three men team

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“You really think so?”

That low voice coming from behind him caused the world esper’s entire body to become stiff. However, he quickly calmed down and turned around. After seeing the person who spoke, his eyes suddenly went sharp, “So it’s you! What big guts you have! I just left your life intact a moment ago, yet you’re actually impudent to such a degree!”

The horrifying aura suddenly emerged like a large river gushing out, the majesty of a world esper was once again revealed. However, Su Hao just looked at him quietly with a look full of sarcasm.

“Are you sure it’s your intention to avoid killing me or that you aren’t capable of doing so?”

Su Hao seemed to not even bother with that aura. Instead, he took one step closer to ask.

“What did you say?”

That world esper’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled as he stared at Su Hao coldly, “I remember I didn’t use much of my strength. How could I accidentally kill you? So, you’re merely pretending to die. However, little brat, how dare you to toy around with me like that! You think I will let you off today?”

Su Hao didn’t speak.

He just quietly looked at that world esper. His taunting eyes were even more obvious than before.


That world esper coldly snorted.

In the end, he still sighed, “Just go. After all, I still can be considered as having some connection with your Tian family. That year… no, forget about it. Just leave, and I will pretend nothing happened.”

“I want to take away the Nitai artifacts.” Su Hao calmly said.

“No!” That world esper instantly raged and glared at Su Hao hatefully, “Little brat, I give you an inch, and you want a mile!”

“Haha.” Su Hao smirked.

Both stared at each other as the atmosphere slowly grew colder. That chill was quite a strange one. If others saw this, they would probably be unable to understand and even go crazy. A magnificent world esper confronting Su Hao, a mere peak professional esper, this is simply an unbelievable incident.

“You’re courting death.”

That world esper finally could barely contain his anger.

He casually lifted his finger, and an invisible force appeared out of nowhere. If anyone saw this, they would instantly exclaim, Rule Force!

As the Rule Force emerged, that world esper said in a cold tone, “I will give you one more chance.”

“Chance?” Su Hao finally voiced out, “Just because you said so?”

“Since you’re courting death, then go to hell.”

That world esper raged, and when the endless Rule Force was about to slam down, Su Hao attacked without any warning.


Shadowless God Needle!


Floating in mid-air, the Shadowless God Needle appeared. The momentum it carried was extraordinary. As the dense Rule Force flew out from the needle, its tip was aimed at that world esper. That world esper who was getting ready to eradicate Su Hao suddenly revealed an unbelievable look.

“You! This is…”

“You should be familiar with Rule Force, right?” Su Hao’s mouth curled, revealing a smile, “Why don’t you have a taste whether my Rule Force is real or fake?”


Su Hao pushed forward slightly.

That Shadowless God Needle struck like lightning. When that world esper’s Rule Force came into contact with Shadowless God Needle, it immediately disintegrated and dispersed into thin air.

“Rule Force!”

“Boundary spirit!”

“You’re a world esper! At the creation stage!”

That world esper finally began to feel panic as he looked at Su Hao in horror. He would have never thought that a world esper would be in the Tian family’s team! Moreover, this man’s strength turned out to be at the creation stage! Plus, his boundary spirit is extremely terrifying. Just one look at it and that world esper could hardly suppress his fear.

“Do you want to try it?”

Su Hao leisurely took one step forward.

That world esper was so afraid that he took a step back, watching Su Hao in fear.

“Interesting. I have been in this world for so long and have seen all sorts of talents, but it’s the first time for me to see such a daring one. If not for me being a world esper, perhaps I might really have been fooled by you.” Su Hao casually took two steps forward.

That world esper took yet another few steps backwards, and eventually couldn’t even move under Su Hao’s threatening gaze.

Su Hao took another two steps forward.


That esper was so afraid that he knelt down.

“Se… senior.” He timidly knelt on the ground and repeatedly said, “Senior, please be forgiving. Senior, be merciful. I won’t dare anymore. I will never dare to pretend to be a world esper again.”

Yes, you heard it right!

He was pretending!

Su Hao looked at that world esper who knelt on the ground and smiled.

Previously, after doing several analyses, he felt that something was amiss. After a more detailed analysis and deduction, he actually ended up with a conclusion that shocked himself. Then, this esper’s action at the later stages increased the small probability infinitely, which then sealed Su Hao’s confirmation.

This guess which sounded so absurd, this man was posing as a world esper!

Thus, Su Hao dared to face him alone and be so arrogant in front of this world esper. He wanted to see how his enemy was going to react.

Just as expected, even when Su Hao kept pressuring, this man kept throwing empty words. The endless threats even nearly made Su Hao believe it. After all, this guy managed to act so well that Su Zhengwen didn’t even realize it. To phrase it in another way, this man even dared to cheat a world esper. Such courage and capability are absolutely amazing.

“In this era of origin ability, there are indeed many talented ones.” Su Hao sighed.

That man continued to kneel on the ground awkwardly and dared not speak.

If it were any ordinary man, even when one sees the Shadowless God Needle, they won’t be able to recognize it, but he was different. He had been mixing in the world esper’s circle for so long and was very familiar with Rule Force. Although he didn’t master it himself, he could recognize a boundary spirit with a glance!

Boundary spirit!

The symbol of a world esper reaching the creation stage!

Moreover, even if he couldn’t understand it, he could sense a special aura coming from this silver needle. This boundary spirit is at least at the treasure level!

Because of this, he was now trembling in fear.

Unlike others, he had stayed in the circle of world espers for too long. The closer he was to the circle, the more he knew of how terrifying a world esper is. Think about it; he just used his aura and could easily scare off so many espers. These two words, world esper, had such endless intimidation.

Thus, he was scared.

Because he knew in a blink of an eye, he will be killed by that silver needle! Although he didn’t have such strength, he had such a vision.

“What’s your name?” Su Hao calmly asked.

“Wei Zhuang.” Wei Zhuang answered in a trembling voice.

“What a great name, it suits you.” Su Hao nodded calmly and looked at him with a sinister smile, “Now, you still want to take away the Nitai artifacts?”

“No, I don’t dare.” Wei Zhuang quickly waved his hands. This isn’t any joke. How could he knew that the Tian family would actually send a world esper secretly or else, even if one beat him to death, he won’t dare to take action.


Su Hao laughed and didn’t say anything. After a few seconds of silence, he looked at this Wei Zhuang in front. The more he looked, the more satisfied he felt. He finally said, “Why don’t we cooperate.”

“Cooperate?” Wei Zhuang looked at him blankly.

“These Nitai artifacts.” Su Hao casually pointed at them, “I want to sell them to Origin Ability Association. Thus, I need you to come forward. I believe this task should be a walk in the park for you, right?”

Wei Zhuang’s body went stiff as his eyes opened wide, “Sell it to Origin Ability Association, are you not from the Tian family?”

“Of course not.” Su Hao looked at him strangely, “Why must I be someone from the Tian family?”

Wei Zhuang’s mind went chaotic.

This world esper is not from the Tian family but from another family. To sell these to Origin Ability Association, this means that the other party is also paying the same attention as them. Wait… if he’s a world esper, why not take action? Forget about others, just that silver needle alone…

Wei Zhuang looked at Su Hao with suspicious.


Su Hao just sneered. Wei Zhuang, who noticed this, had cold sweat and dared not look up.

“You must be wondering whether I am legit or fake right?” Su Hao’s eyes turned cold.

“I dare not.”

Wei Zhuang trembled and then thought of something, excluding him, who will dare to pretend to be a world esper? Not to mention that Rule Force and boundary spirit of this man is legit! He just subconsciously considered this possibility. When he saw Su Hao’s anger, he instantly trembled in fear.


Su Hao coldly grumphed and stared at Wei Zhuang coldly as if he was considering the next action. It wasn’t good to kill him directly. After pausing for a moment, he began to speak, “As a world esper, we have our prestige. We will never backstab one from behind.”

“Of course, you’re the exception.” Su Hao looked at Wei Zhuang with a sly look, “While you pretend to have the aura of a world esper, you can’t fake our prestige because you don’t have the strength! This time, if not because of a unique reason, I won’t even be willing to take action against these backstabbers. If this news is to spread…”

“Haha.” Su Hao smirked.

“Absolutely won’t. I will never do that!” Wei Zhuang quickly replied. At this moment, his previous doubts were revealed. It turned out that this world esper was actually planning such a cunning move. If this is to be known to others, that won’t be great. No wonder this senior hid himself as an ordinary man in the Tian family’s team.

Wei Zhuang just made his clever conclusion, and Su Hao didn’t add any more words.

For a world esper, to be willing to explain things to Wei Zhuang, that’s already considered lucky. As for whether Wei Zhuang could see it through, that depended on his understanding.

“What is your strength?” Su Hao glanced at him for a second.

Wei Zhuang retracted back the aura of a world esper and then answered awkwardly, “Peak domain realm.”

“You aren’t acting alone, right?” Su Hao faintly asked.

“Yes.” Wei Zhuang nodded and said embarrassed, “We’re just a small force. The strongest ones are only us three at the peak domain realm. One with a unique talent, reading tarots which can deduce and predict. Another one has the capability to divide himself, and he would usually be in the forefront. As for me, my ability is also unique, and I generally in charge of scaring people from behind.”

It turned out to be like that.

Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

No wonder he had seen that guy a few times now, doppelganger! There was actually such a magnificent talent. No wonder Su Zhengwen couldn’t even see it through. These three men actually all possessed unique talents that complement each other so well that it can easily trick others.

“In this era, there are indeed all sorts of talented people.” Su Hao once again sighed.

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