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Chapter 0046 Bolder and more unrestrained teacher

Chapter 0046 Bolder and more unrestrained teacher

The following day, early in the morning, Su Hao received a notice about his tutorial class. This time….turned out to be the ability index tutorial.

“Ability index?”

Su Hao felt headache. If he said that he didn’t want to participate in this tutorial, would people believe him?

In the Origin Ability Association’s official rating, model analysis was a grade E origin ability.

Unless Su Hao was able to prove himself to the association that his model analysis was that formidable, the countless complex operations coupled with huge energy consumption would not change the Association’s assessment.

“Re-register my new ability?”

Su Hao considered this. After all, his origin ability had undergone mutation.

But if he was to do so, the incident where he killed the mysterious man might be exposed. Also, if other students knew about his new ability, they would always keep him in their sights, and eventually when he tried to enhance himself, it will be even more difficult.

Therefore, he absolutely must not register it!

Shaking his head, Su Hao threw that idea of his aside. His main purpose in continuing to improve himself was for reason other than to be strong enough to protect his family. If he was able to be strong with the promise of his family being in danger, what was the point of his struggle then?

Room 120.

Su Hao walked into the room. Compared to Zhang Qiang’s clinic style room, it was completely different and pretty much normal, filled with numerous pieces of testing equipment.

“You’re Su Hao?”

A soft voice came over. Su Hao looked forward, and a woman wearing red dress walked towards him.

That widened V-neckline on her chest and her snow white skin were pleasing to the eyes. With her slightly curly brown hair resting over her shoulders, and her red dress only covering half of her thighs, that pair of slender legs became the main attraction as they were completed with a pair of beautiful red high heels.

Su Hao sucked a mouthful of air.

If Chen Yiran was an elegant lotus, then this woman was without doubt a blooming red rose. That sexiness and attractiveness, her body was full of endless temptation.

This was the instructor for ability index?

Su Hao forcefully calmed himself down, “Teacher, hello. I’m Su Hao and I’m here to participate in the ability index tutorial.”

“En, sit down. You can just call me Su Wan.”

Su Wan flicked her long soft hair back and elegantly sat in front of Su Hao. That skin tight red dress did its part in revealing her hot body figure to Su Hao.


The evil fire within Su Hao’s heart began to go on a rampage!

That bastard.

For a juvenile who had just finished puberty, wasn’t this a bit too much? Feeling that the little brother in his crotch was about to stand up and salute, Su Hao madly cursed in his heart.

Such a woman near perfection and full of temptation, if not for his heart already belonging to Chen Yiran, Su Hao would have lost control of himself long time ago.

After his anger went down a bit, Su Hao raised his head. That pleasing slight smile of Su Wan, that little movement of her red lip, her pair of spotless white leg closing together; as she leaned forward slightly, an aroma of hers began to attack.

Feeling that his body was about to go out of control again, Su Hao unnaturally closed his legs.

As Su Wan smiled ambiguously, one hand of hers touched Su Hao’s shoulder as she slowly moved downwards from his shoulder.

(TL: Sexual assault! Calling police now…)


Su Hao moved his hand and grabbed Su wan’s hand. As his lowered head was slowly raised up, a trace of embarrassment could be seen in his eyes!

Shoulder throw!


At that time, Su Hao didn’t care if she was a woman, and turned around and performed his shoulder throw perfectly. As the woman was thrown to the ground, his knees immediately pinned her down. At the same time, his right elbow directly struck at the woman’s clavicle.

“Who are you? Where is teacher?” Su Hao asked coldly.


Within the woman’s eyes, a flash of surprise and also a trace of irony was present.


Su Hao suddenly felt that it was empty below him; the figure of the woman pinned down by him disappeared. Standing up, Su Hao quickly turned back. To his surprise, Su Wan once again appeared.

However, that red dress had been changed into a beautiful, yet luxurious blue cheongsam.

“Hello, I am Su Wan, instructor for ability index.” Su Wan showed a sweet smile as she stretched out her right hand.

Su Hao clenched his hand. He was somehow at a loss now. How could there be such a completely different style? Those variety of temptations just a moment ago had turned icy cold.

“Teacher, just now….” Su Hao asked.

“Just now what?” Su Wan faintly smiled at him.

“Could it be that you were testing your student?” Su Hao asked carefully.

Su Wan rolled her eyes, “Little guy, you are saying that for every student coming to my class, I will let them take advantage of me?”

“Of course not.” Su Hao madly sweated.

“A!” Su Wan laughed in a small tone. “Such treatment, nobody besides you received it. The student who came before you was Chen Yiran. Her talent is good. As for her characters, it’s not bad either. Since I like her, I decided to take her as my disciple.”

Su Hao was shocked.

Disciples and students were completely different matters. Teaching students was a teacher’s responsibility and also the school’s work. But accepting a disciple, that was all on her own accord. It was totally not the same concept!

To be able to be a disciple of natural selection class instructor, it was naturally an honor for Chen Yiran.

But….This teacher was really too overbearing!

That move just now, it was totally just to seduce people. If he was not able to control himself, perhaps he would have fallen head over heels. Being trapped by this woman, Su Hao would feel ashamed to meet Chen Yiran in the future.

Thinking of that, Su Hao’s expression turned ugly.

“Well, not bad. Overall, you are fairly satisfactory.” Su Wan nodded in satisfaction and looked at him, “Plus, those with the family name Su are quite rare. A few hundred years ago, we were still a family. Fast response, strong control, you really suit Yiran. It’s just that your move was a bit too aggressive….”

Su Wan rubbed her wrist, which was a bit red. It was very clear that Su Hao’s throw was completely out of her expectations.

Su Hao was too lazy to pay any attention to her.

So what if she was a teacher? Today he attended this ability index tutorial, besides origin ability cultivation and its like, he was not interest in others.

His own ability, he was the one who was clear about it the most. It was a totally hopeless case for him.

He dared to say that in the whole natural selection class, he was the only student with a grade E origin ability.

Moreover, the incident just now made it so that Su Hao didn’t have a good impression on the teacher. If not for the school curriculum requiring completion of basic tutorial, he might not even attend this class. Right now, he just wanted to quickly finish this tutorial.

“You aren’t that old, yet your temper is huge.” Su Wan laughed, “Alright, next it will be the real ability index tutorial. What is your origin ability?”

“Grade E model analysis.” Su Hao replied.

“En.” Su Wan looked at the information on the screen. “400 points in ability index, with advanced cultivation method 200 points. Your ability talent only accounted for exactly 200 points. But for grade E talent, you have worked really hard.”

Su Hao seriously listened to her.

“To increase ability index, there are two options. The first one, it is similar to origin ability cultivation method. Enhancing the upper limit of the energy and faster restoration rate. As for the other one, it would be origin ability talent upgrade. This upgrade is none other than the strength of your origin ability! When these two aspects combine together perfectly, then only the most perfect enhancement would occur.”

“But as for your case, it’s an exception.”

“To be frank, I have already taught so many batches before, yet I have never encountered one with grade E talent in the natural selection class! The only one with a lower grade was that Sun Yaohui from a previous batch. However, that guy had a terrifying talent in pharmacy. Such hidden ability, nobody would be able to understand much about it. As for model analysis….can you briefly describe it?”


Su Hao nodded, “Model analysis is to analyse anything and then establish its model!”

Su Wan touched her forehead, “Not that. That information is what the exam assessment said. I also have it here. What I want is the usual situation when you are using your ability.”

Su Hao shrugged, “It could only create a 3D model within my mind only.”

“Well, hold on….” Su Wan selected something on the screen. Very soon, the data regarding Su Hao’s mock exam appeared. “The data from the college entrance examination, I don’t have the authority to look at it but for the mock exam, I can still see it.”

The virtual screen enlarged, in the screen, it showed the scene where Su Hao was taking the exam.

Su Hao was busy condensing a model composed of blue light. After seeing it for a few moment, Su Wan had come to understand, “So, this is the case.”

“Model analysis, such an ability, I have seen it several times. But they were at the bottom level that they couldn’t even qualify to enter a normal university.” Su Wan faintly said and was ready to close the video.

But at that moment, in the virtual screen, within Su Hao’s hand, a perfect model appeared. It was completely different from the model just now composed of only blue light. That was exactly the same as the original object.

“This…” Su Wan was overawed.


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