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Chapter 0047 Rigid target

Chapter 0047 Rigid target

“No wonder, with only an E grade talent, you rushed all the way to 200 points. With such a degree of model analysis, I’m afraid that this ability has already reached its peak.”

The assessment from the Origin Ability Association was not entirely meant just to assess the present ability, but it was also to assess the potential of the ability.

For example, with an E grade ability, why had Su Hao never considered enhancing his model analysis? How to improve his ability accurately and increase the score in the ability index?

It was because he was very clear that his current ability had hit the wall!

There was no longer any room or potential for any improvement.

Su Hao remembered that when he first activated his origin ability, he only managed to obtain 20 points. The so-called model analysis at that time could only create several simple lines.

Subsequently, through his mad training for one year, Su Hao managed to push his score to 100 points!

But that was all.

After that year, no matter how hard he tried, his ability no longer showed any progress. Su Hao understood very well that his grade E ability would most probably stagnate there and no longer showed even the slightest hint of improving.

That was the very reason why Su Hao had never considered improving his origin ability from the aspect of the ability index.

Later, relying on his cheat during the exam, he was able to get such a score. An additional 100 points, which brought him to a total of 200 points. For a grade E talent, that was already an extremely excellent score.

“Although this does not have much combat ability but…..so beautiful.” Su Wan exclaimed.

Su Hao: “….”

So, what caught her surprise was that?

Subsequently, Su Wan couldn’t move her eyes away from the Ling grass that Su Hao demonstrated, nor the herbal garden which had a soaringly high degree of complexity.

After the video finished played, Su Wan began to request while facing Su Hao, “Now, demonstrate that to me.”

“How to show?” Su Hao asked.

Su Wan brought Su Hao in front of a device. The moment she selected to activate the device, the surrounding environment instantly changed. The beautiful beach scenery was exactly the same compared to last time during the mock exam. Just that, now there was an additional Su Wan beside him.

“This is the natural selection class’s 3D virtual environment device. Hold on for a while….”

Su Wan ran to another corner to press a button. A notification popped out within Su Hao’s mind, “Exam system requests connection, confirm?”


Su Hao chose to confirm.

“Alright, now build a model.” Su Wan said.

Su Hao: “….”

Using so many advanced devices, it was all just for the sake of building a model for her?

Was it really just to see his ability?

Su Hao was very doubtful of that!

The same doubt once again appeared within his heart. Was this teacher really a graduate from Zhanzheng College? Don’t tell me that principal spent 200 star dollars to hire some random teacher?

However, since the teacher already requested for him to do so, he could only follow accordingly.

Model analysis, start!


Within Su Hao’s hand, a flash appeared but nothing came out.

His ability had been blocked.

Su Hao’s mind moved. Why not take this opportunity to let Su Wan deactivate the block and then use it to obtain some new cards?

This was indeed a golden opportunity!

“Teacher, my ability had been blocked.” Su Hao said helplessly.

“O, really?”

Su Wan nodded. She then removed her own shielding ability. Su Hao’s mind then immediately activated his ability, “Model analysis, start!”


Su Wan’s model began to slowly establish its shape. A perfect woman appeared within Su Hao’s hand, slowly turning around accompanied by rays of flashing light. Looking at the scene, it was a beauty.

“So beautiful!” Su Wan was shocked. For a woman, her resistance towards a beauty naturally would be extremely weak!

Su Hao was just about to analyse Su Wan’s ability and establish the cards when a thread of light appeared from Su Wan’s model. His heart quickened as Su Hao immediately cut off his ability.

Fortunately, Su Wan was in the middle of enjoying the model. She didn’t notice that abrupt change in Su Hao’s expression.

“Damn it!”

How could you ignore that?

If he tried to establish anything right now, any slight change in the model would be shown in front of Su Wan. Once he tried to analyse her ability, his ability would definitely be exposed!

Trying to build a permanent model?

The moment when Su Hao activated his ability to do so, the origin ability energy consumption was like a waterfall. Stopping his action the very next second, this character model, the consumption was too large!

For the current him, he still couldn’t afford it.

Su Wan stared at the model for a long time and finally began to open her mouth, “Your ability isn’t bad. Now you can deactivate it.”


Su Hao dispersed the model. The numerous devices surrounding them were switched off and both returned back to the supposed classroom environment. Su Hao took the opportunity to quickly establish a model of Su Wan to analyse but ….nothing!

Once again, she activated that shield of hers.

Regarding this, Su Hao could only bitterly smile.

“Alright, now I completely understand your ability.” Su Wan faintly said, “I will just be frank to you. Your ability is completely useless for survival and combat.”

“Well, I know.” Su Hao nodded.

“Although it’s beautiful, you can contribute to the city construction or some model activities. But to fight and try to survive, especially in the wildness, you can give up on your ability.” Su Wan didn’t hold back in her comment at all.

Su Hao smiled awkwardly, “Understood!”

“If you can understand then it’s good.” Su Wan nodded, “Ability talent is mostly measured for combat and survival but….you are completely on neither side. To tell you the truth, your ability should be in lowest grade F instead.”

“Why so?” Su Hao was a bit doubtful.

“Let me ask you this, what is an origin ability?” Su Wan looked at him and asked.

“Isn’t origin ability a comprehensive evaluation on the overall performance?”

“Wrong! A big cross!” Su Wan continued, “Origin ability isn’t a reflection of your performance. Do you think that Origin Ability Association has that much time to purposely come out with a guidance in an assessment? Then why not just use comprehensive assessment during the college entrance only? Why is there still this standard for origin ability?”

“Don’t know.” Su Hao was at a loss.

“Let me tell you. Origin ability isn’t only to show the score. Origin ability is the true rigid standard during a battle and survival!” Su Wan faintly said, “Origin ability is the best standard to know whether the person is strong or not.”

Su Hao frowned, “But in school, there are still some students with origin ability of 5 that defeat those with 6. Such cases are very common. Even when I was 6.8, I was still able to completely suppress Sun Yaotian that time!”


Su Wan didn’t ask anything further about this and continued her own question, “This then leads to another question? What is combat then? Is it only just fighting?”

“Combat is naturally fighting, or not what else?” Su Hao was getting annoyed. Suddenly, the topic was changed into a philosophical discussion.

“You still don’t understand.” Su Wan shook her head, “Combat is divided into many aspects and isn’t just fighting. Let me tell you a story. I have a senior. His origin ability was high but fighting capability was super weak. Everytime, he would lose in any challenge by other fellow students. This was because his origin ability was natural toxin. Although it’s a grade B talent, it’s completely useless in combat.”

Su Hao listened to her seriously.

“Thus he was ridiculed as high school price of Zhanzheng College. Anyone knew that he was just a waste with a high origin ability. Until later on, during a mission when an unexpected situation occurred, that kind of scene was not something you could imagine.”

A tide of berserk beast….

Su Hao had experience that first hand. A tide of low-leveled beasts was already that scary. As for a tide of high-levelled beasts?

“That time, all the people who were participating the mission might not have been able to retain their life. He began to take action. Standing in front of all the students, he produced a barrier to surround them. Within a radius of ten meters, all the nearby berserk beast were no longer able to breathe! From that moment on, everyone knew that this senior’s ability was that formidable! That seemingly useless origin ability, facing berserk beast, it was an ultimate weapon!” Su Wan told with an energetic enthusiasm.

“Origin ability standard existence is definitely for something. Some are able to improve their combat capability, some in other random aspects. For someone with high origin ability but weak individual strength, you must be even more careful with such a person. Where exactly was his origin ability added to?”

Su Hao’s mind shivered!


Facing such a person, you should be even more cautious right?

This was the era of origin ability!

This was an era when anything was possible!

Those few words from Su Wan had awaken Su Hao once again. The things he wanted to learn, there were too many!


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