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Chapter 0045 A mad choice

Chapter 0045 A mad choice

“Very few students could get such a score in high school?”

Su Hao felt somehow strange, “Aren’t those with body strengthening ability able to easily push themselves to reach the 400 mark?”

Zhang Qiang clicked his tongue, “Physical fitness which exceeds 400 points would be moved to ability index. However, there’s no such concept of upgrading your physical fitness with your origin ability. Even if it’s a physical reinforcement ability, the system will automatically separate them. Ability enhancement is ability enhancement, physical enhancement is physical enhancement!”

“So it’s like this.” Su Hao suddenly understood.

In a simple way, all the physical fitness increments due to ability would be counted as ability index. During a physical fitness test, the system will completely neglect the enhancement by origin ability and only measure the basic parameters of the body.

However, with origin ability and some drug agents, the body might undergo some slight impact and enhancement which was impossible might be detected. That was the very reason why once physical fitness exceed 400 points, the extra points would be considered as ability index.

“The most popular and also most enhance one in the market, advanced body strengthening drug, is used to increase from 250 to 300 points. And from 300 to 400 points, that journey would be extremely difficult.”

Zhang Qiang continued, “No matter what, as you are approaching the limit, this time when you try to increase your physical fitness, it’ll be more difficult!”

Su Hao then thought to himself, wasn’t his theoretical foundation the same thing too?

“Therefore, Zhanzheng College had researched a custom set of body forging methods specifically for those over 300 points to train.”

Zhang Qiang faintly said, “Being able to enter Zhanzheng College, most of them were from rich families and also from the elites ones! Just like that Chen Yifeng last time, being able to perfectly fuse the drug in his body, achieving 300 points.”

“Thus, when they are in Zhanzheng College, the one they would be practicing is none other than this custom body forging method!” Zhang Qiang glanced at Su Hao and then laughed for a second, “You kid, are different from others. You are too brave that you reached this border of 300 points this early. This means that you can start practising this method earlier!”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up, “Teacher, want to teach me about it?”

“In your dreams!” Zhang Qiang clicked his tongue, “You know what the name of this lesson is?”

“Body strengthening tutorial.”

“Yes, tutorial! What I can give you is the method! I can tell you what the method to upgrade your physical fitness is, but the specific details on upgrading it, that’s your own problem.” Zhang Qiang said with a sinister laugh.

Su Hao clicked his tongue, “Teacher, don’t tell me you also don’t know about the method.”

Zhang Qiang sneered, “Stop joking, if I didn’t have a perfect 400 points in physical fitness, how could I guide you all?”

“400 points!”

Su Hao was completely awed by his statement. Although he had speculated that Zhang Qiang’s physical fitness reached the max, never did he expect that that was really the case!

“Then, could you at least tell me how to get this body forging method?” Surrendering himself, Su Hao asked.

“Simple!” Zhang Qiang laughed, “The school store sells it, just buy it directly from there!”

Su Hao no longer said anything. Advanced body strengthening drug already cost tens of millions. That much more terrifying body forging method, how much more expensive that would be? Moreover, the school’s currency was definitely not star dollars!

Noticing Su Hao had been shocked, Zhang Qiang continued, “A lot of things which could be obtained outside or stuff from Zhanzheng College, you can buy them here! However, what we use here isn’t cash, but task point! After completing the tutorial courses, you will know then. The school will announce some tasks and each of them will have corresponding task points. When you have accumulated enough points, naturally you’ll be able to buy it.”

Su Hao nodded. This was a reasonable approach indeed.

However….in addition to this, he could use other methods to obtain it. For example….

Su Hao raised his head and looked at Zhang Qiang. Model analysis. Start!

Within Su Hao’s eyes, a flash of light appeared. When the surrounding environment had not completely changed, “Pa ji!” With a slap, Zhang Qiang hit Su Hao’s head. That action forcefully interrupted Su Hao’s ability.

“Brat, what are you looking at?”

“Uh….” Su Hao had a cold sweat, he had been caught?

“You thought that your origin ability could be activated secretly right?” With his sinister smile, Zhang Qiang laughed.

Su Hao nodded.

“You all with those underhand methods, they could only cheat those little guys. If the strength gap is too huge, the foe could easily perceive changes in your origin ability. Not to mention, there are also a lot of people with perceiving ability, complete counter to all these strange origin ability.”

Zhang Qiang said with disdain, “As a school teacher, every year we have to teach so many students. Do you think we would let you all use abilities on us and discriminate against us?”

Su Hao bitterly smiled. That was the the first time he had been caught using his ability.

“This isn’t to guard against you. Hey, I remember there was one term, I met one little girl. Her ability turned out to be see through! F*ck, my strong and burly body had nearly been seen through naked!”

The corner of Su Hao’s mouth twitched slightly.

“So, remember this. Don’t simply use your ability on others. Although it’s very subtle, some people always have ways to detect it. Doing so in school might not be a problem, but if you carelessly use it outside, you could be directly marked as an enemy.” Zhang Qiang said as he patted Su Hao’s shoulder.

Su Hao’s was surprised!


What if he himself found out that someone used an ability on him? Of course, Su Hao wouldn’t hesitate to attack! What if that was some strange assault ability, then wouldn’t he have to die miserably?

He himself had neglected the possibility until now.

His ability was model analysis. The ones who knew about it obviously wouldn’t care. Even he couldn’t deny the possibility of him being found out using his origin ability: Chen Yiran, Chen Yifeng, and the school teacher would allow him to comfortably use his ability. After all, who would bother someone who was wasting his energy using such a useless ability?

But outside, things would be different….

That one slap of Zhang Qiang could be considered as completely clearing his cloudy mind!

Be careful! Cautious!

Recalling back what Teacher Yang had once told them, “My fellow students, when it’s time to learn, learn properly. Once you step into this world’s society, you will then be aware of how scary and messed up this world is!”

Su Hao was pretty sure that Zhang Qiang used the custom body forging method to get that 400 max points. Too bad…..he couldn’t see and helplessly stared at the prize in front.

“Your body condition is different from the rest. This is also the very reason for this tutorial session.” Zhang Qiang faintly said, “You have never use intermediate body strengthening drug and above. In theory, once over 300 points, even if you use advanced body strengthening drug, the effect achieved would be very minimal. However, there’s one exception, black market drug!”

Su Hao’s eyes shined, yes!

One bottle of beginner body strengthening drug could push him all the way to 300 points. What if he consumed intermediate and advanced?

“Don’t think too much.” Zhang Qiang glared at him, “Even if it’s a black market drug, in the condition that your are over 300 points, its effect could be completely ignored. The only role it could play is by using the side effect to enhance your body. If you could obtain it, you can try. However, I don’t recommend you to take this route. This is too risky.”

“En.” Su Hao nodded.

After asking some information about physical fitness, Su Hao then bitterly left the class. Not able to get past the hurdle that was Zhang Qiang, it seemed that he could only use other methods to get his hand on the body forging method.

That was the first day coming to natural selection class.

One lesson of body strengthening tutorial had allowed him to have a clearer image of his next step.

Zhang Qiang had provided him two routes!

In any case, that should be enough right?

One route which was safe and steady. By practising body forging method and slowly enhancing physical fitness, he should be able to slowly push 300 points all the way to 400 points.

As for the other route, which was the extreme one, through intermediate and advanced black market body strengthening drug, using their side effect, he could make a huge leap and advancement. Perhaps he could even harvest that last 100 points.

Of course, no matter which route he took, the capital require was definitely huge!

“Which one to pick?”

Su Hao thought for a moment. Finally, a decision was made.

Smooth or extreme choice?


Su Hao was now considering whether to take either one route or both at once!

He was very clear of his own problems. Although with his current terrifying 1200 points advantage, ranked first within his batch, he knew very well that his enhancement was approaching the limit!

Relying on his grade E origin ability to get extra points, that would be impossible.

Thus, whatever chance he had to upgrade, he must not waste any!

“First, I would use body forging method to enhance my 300 points to 400. Then, I would use the side effect of black market body strengthening drugs to rake in additional points, which would then be added to the ability index.” Su Hao pondered for a moment, he had completed his analysis on the route he was going to take.

As long as he was able to complete both routes, without any accidents, he should be able to enhance an additional 200 points.

Regarding the college entrance exam, he was one step closer now!

If Zhang Qiang knew about Su Hao’s plan, he would probably think that Su Hao was crazy!

Let’s not mention the risky move first, body forging method and black market strengthening drug, which one of them wouldn’t cost a tremendous amount? Although body forging method could be obtained at the school, how many years would he need to accumulate enough points to buy it?

Not to mention that expensive price tag, even if it was task points, everyone would at first prioritise buying stuff to enhance origin ability. Who would spend countless of task points on the body forging method which would be free when they enrol in Zhanzheng College?

“I will!”

Su Hao looked at the gradually darken sky, “Sometimes, I also wish to see how far I can actually go.”


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