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Chapter 0044 Bold and unrestrained tutorial teacher

Chapter 0044 Bold and unrestrained tutorial teacher

Indeed, the natural selection class’s school compound wasn’t huge. After all, there were only a few hundred plus people here. In less than half and hour, Su Hao had already finished his tour. After becoming familiar with the school compound, Su Hao went to the living area to find his room.

The rooms provided by the school were definitely not bad. Each student got their own room. It was exactly like a five-star hotel treatment, simply luxurious. It was totally different compared to urban areas with high cost land. Well, this land within the wildness wouldn’t be able to generate money anyway.

Comfortably lying down on his bed, Su Hao began to fiddle with the communication device on his wrist. Being used to the classic mobile phone, he was totally new to the virtual screen generated by the device.

Soon, Su Hao found a notice from the school.

September 1 → September 10, free to register and participate in theoretical foundation tutorial, physical fitness tutorial, combat tutorial, ability index tutorial

“Four tutorials?”

Su Hao became interested. He remembered what the leading teacher said before: Only after completing the basic tutorials would you be able take part in any activities you wanted. The so-called basic tutorials should be these?

The four tutorials during the first month in school. Su Hao continued to further check their information.

Those tutorials were actually one on one tutorials!

The advantage of natural selection class was that every teacher there was a Zhanzheng College graduate! They not only successfully enrolled into Zhanzheng College, but also graduated from there! Each one of them had an unfathomable strength!

Such strength, being able to enjoy one on one guidance, how many people dreamt of that!

When he was entering the registration system, Su Hao found that someone else had already applied for it and suddenly sneered. Some students much had found out about the announcement and quickly registered their names, fearing that other people would be ahead.

“If you register one day earlier, then you will be ahead by one day? Then that group of repeaters who had exceeded everyone by one year, wouldn’t they be a god-like existence then?”

Su Hao laughed. After finishing registration, he mass messaged all the students from this batch regarding the announcement.

In a room of an apartment.

Sun Yaotian proudly registered his name. Noticing that nobody had yet registered, he copied the announcement details to forward them to Chen Yiran. Of course, he included a ton of bullshit messages which made him feel great, saying he was the first one who noticed it, and that the first person he thought of sharing with was Chen Yiran, and so on.

After writing hundreds of words with affection, Sun Yaotian nodded in satisfaction. When he was about to send the message, his communication device rang. A forward message was sent over.

When Sun Yaotian opened the mail, he was instantly dumbfounded.

Su Hao, forwarded school announcement……. That one forward had completely destroyed all the words he had painstakingly typed. Sun Yaotian was completely angered, “This retard, don’t you know how to keep it private? You made everyone know about this announcement now. Shouldn’t you be telling this to your close friends and taking this advantage?”

At the same time, countless students received the school announcement.

Looking at the registration system, many had applied for it. If not because of Su Hao’s information, perhaps a lot of the students wouldn’t know about it for at least a few days. In the worst case, they might even miss the registration deadline, which would make them regret for the rest of their lives.

“So many people had applied but only Su Hao informed us?”

“No wonder he’s the top student. Not to mention other aspects, his golden heart is definitely incomparable!”

“Register faster. Next month we need to compete with the repeaters.”

Such a short forward message made everyone remember Su Hao. Especially those self-tutored students, they had trained non-stop for a whole two years at home. In school, they only knew a few people. Receiving such warm treatment from others was definitely a first experience for them.

Regarding that, Su Hao didn’t think much about it.

He already had the advantage of registering first. Once the meat was eaten, he naturally wouldn’t mind sharing the remaining soup with others. Moreover, at this time, he had found out that natural selection class was completely different from ordinary class, not the same at all compared with the main campus.

Here, everywhere there would be pit!

Once you fall into the pit, it would be hard to recover!

Having the advantage of registering first, in the afternoon, Su Hao received a notice about physical strengthening guidance, which stated that he had to be present at 4pm, in Room 110 in the teaching area.

At 4pm, Su Hao reached the teaching area.

Room 110, although it was called a room, it looked more like a clinic with a huge space within.

But the whole space was filled with white gauze and equipment.

A tall and sturdy man had already waited there for a long time.

Su Hao stepped forward, “Nice to meet you teacher. I’m here to take part in the tutorial training.”

“En, not bad.” The big guy nodded, “My name is Zhang Qiang, the mentor for your body strengthening. You can call me Brother Qiang or Teacher Zhang. Here isn’t the main campus, you don’t have to be restrained.”

“Yes, Teacher Zhang!” Su Hao replied.

“Sit!” Through the virtual screen, Zhang Qiang’s eyes flashed with astonishing color as he checked Su Hao’s physical fitness stats, “Your physical fitness is first in the whole school?”


“Not bad, I like the one who’s strong in physical fitness.” Zhang Qiang grinned, “Strong ability, my ass! With my strong physical strength, they can’t even move my body no matter how they attack! You kid, are definitely my type.”

Su Hao scratched his head. It was very clear now that all the teachers were not that harmonious with each other.

“How much is your understanding in physical fitness?” Zhang Qiang looked at Su Hao as he asked.

Su Hao pondered for a moment, “Physical fitness, which reflects human body strength. This includes cell activity, muscle toughness, bone strength, sense sensitivity, skeleton….and also comprehension of the parameter of body as a whole. They have a very huge impact on the overall body strength comprehension.”

Zhang Qiang was stunned for a moment as he listened to the explanation, “Very detailed, what’s your score in theoretical foundation?”

“190 points.” Su Hao honestly answered.

“Excellent!” At the corner of Zhang Qiang’s mouth, it was slightly twitching. Then, he continued, “This teacher of yours only scored 100 points in theoretical foundation.”

Su Hao began to sweat!

No wonder the teacher had that expression just now, he totally didn’t understand Su Hao’s explanation. Damn, just arrived and I had already steped on his tail!

“190 points, during my time in Zhanzheng College, only those abnormal freaks would get such a result.” Zhang Qiang continued with a slight hint of nostalgia, “It had been a long time since I last saw one with such high score in theoretical foundation.”

Su Hao no longer interrupted, worrying he might say something wrong.

Zhang Qiang glanced at him, “Hehe, it’s good to have a high score in theoretical foundation. Those few good friends of mine said that I’m only all brawn and no brains! You kid, next time give me some pointers, understand?”

“Yes!” Su Hao at this stage, had already sweated a huge deal.

“Continue the topic just now, let me inform you. What cell activity, muscle toughness etc, those are all bullshit!”

Zhang Qiang sneered, “That is what a biologist need to know. You as a student, to think all these for what?”

“You have to remember that physical fitness is nothing more than your own strength! Defense! Agility! Strength refers to how hard you attack your foe. Defense is none other than how well you can take all the beatings, and agility is how fast can you evade the incoming attack!”

Su Hao listened until he was stunned on the spot.

Ten thousands of thoughts madly passed by within his heart….

Is this teacher really a graduate from Zhanzheng College?

This is more than a simple minded person, this was simply a one-cell organism!


Zhang Qiang with a slap, hit Su Hao’s head, “Brat, what are you thinking?”

“No, nothing.” Su Hao said with a pale color on his face.

“Your physical fitness is not bad. 300 points, such a score is more than enough to enter Zhanzheng College.” Zhang Qiang began to speak highly, “Beginner body strengthening fluid, intermediate body strengthening fluid, advanced body strengthening fluid, perfect enhancement from 100 to 300 points, even a large family would have to spend quite a fortune for this. You kid, which family heir are you from?”

Su Hao’s mouth puffed, “Teacher, I am just from ordinary family.”

“Trying to lie to a ghost?” Zhang Qiang was unhappy, “Just now, I just praised you for being smart. How can an average family afford to buy that much drug which costs billions of star dollars for perfect enhancement?”

Su Hao honestly said: “Teacher, I only took beginner body strengthening drugs before.”

Zhang Qiang was caught in surprised for a moment, “Your origin ability is body strengthening? No, that’s not right. I have already seen it just now. Yours is something model whatever thingy right? Totally not related to physical fitness. Your 300 points, how did you obtain it?”

Su Hao scratched his head, “I myself practiced until 150 points and then enhanced with black market strengthening drug.”

Zhang Qiang’s facial expression turned into a grave one, “Black market strengthening drugs? You actually raised a total of 150 points? And it was from 150 all the way to 300 points?”

“Yes!” Su Hao nodded.

Zhang Qiang’s expression now turned even more strange. Looking at Su Hao’s heart, he was very worried, he slowly took his time before opening his mouth, “Last time, when I was 150 points, I also took such a drug.”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

“However, I relied on my origin ability which was a body strengthening type. That was why I dared to take it. Almost letting myself become crippled, I eventually raised to 280 points!”

Su Hao recalled back the situation at that time. If he was to take it again, he dare not guarantee that his life would be able to stay intact.

Looking at him, Zhang Qiang understood, “This kid, you are even braver than me.”

“Through scientific research, the limit score for physical fitness is 400 points! Reaching 400 points represents the limit of the human body. This also means that getting over the limit is most probably due to interference from an origin ability. After years of testing, once physical fitness exceeds 400 points, the extra points would be counted as ability index.”

Zhang Qiang faintly said, “This point, you must be very clear about it.”

“Yes.” Su Hao nodded. In theoretical foundations, there was such information.

“400 points, it looks simple. Only very few students were able to achieve such in high school. Only after entering Zhanzheng College that you all would madly rush to 400 points. There, it is the true stage for geniuses and freaks!”

Zhang Qiang said.

“Very few students could get such a score in high school?”

Su Hao felt somehow strange, “Aren’t those with body strengthening ability able to easily push themselves to reach the 400 mark?”

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