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Chapter 0028 Combat training

Chapter 0028 Combat training

“Start with the one which you need to improve the most.” Yang Ziqing said to Su Hao, who was standing in front of her.

“Yes, teacher.”

Su Hao nodded, took a deep breath, and cast police fighting techniques out from his hands; first starting with beginner level.



Su Hao began his assault while Yang Ziqing defended with the same beginner police fighting techniques.

While exchanging moves for less than 3 seconds, Su Hao almost lost on the spot. Yang Ziqing seemed to be aware of it and suddenly slowed down the speed of her attacks. Only then was Su Hao able to get himself out from the pinch.

“Your strength is extremely unstable. Relax your mind. First use basic fighting techniques and get yourself familiar with the new strength as soon as possible.”

Yang Ziqing gave her advice.


Su Hao nodded, changed to basic fighting techniques, and took the initiative to control his own strength.

Physical fitness increased suddenly from 150 points to 300 points, double the original! Under the burst of terrifying strength, Su Hao was completely unable to gain control of it. Sometimes it was heavy, sometimes it was light. Naturally, the moves being displayed were not effective at all.

After a full half hour later, under the guidance of Yang Ziqing, Su Hao was finally able to fully grasp his own strength. After he familiarized himself with his body’s new upgrade, the moves casted out had become extremely smooth and connected well.

The fighting techniques being displayed by him had been upgraded as well with intermediate police fighting techniques!



Su Hao directly skipped to intermediate;he exchanged very fast moves with Yang Ziqing.

Seeing the stable state of Su Hao, Yang Ziqing also sped up her speed and occasionally counterattacked a few times. Su Hao’s state was also gradually nearing peak condition. Intermediate police fighting technique had also been mastered more with every passing second.

The experience from the genius Chen Yifeng kept flowing like a steady stream into his mind. With Su Hao’s actual combat experience, he was able to integrate that experience into his attacks well.

“This is great!”

Watching Su Hao improve in such a short period of time, Yang Ziqing nodded in satisfaction. “Can you cast the advanced level?”


Su Hao took a deep breath and began to attack with advanced police fighting techniques.



There was a quick succession of moves, but it had been defeated instantly by Yang Ziqing. Su Hao was not discouraged by it. Instead, he continued attacking with more variation. The quality of his sparring had also improved by a notch, it was a complete level ahead compared to just now.

Yang Ziqing seemed to be more interested now in guiding Su Hao. She wanted him to show each move as much as possible.

Su Hao’s progress was, without doubt, terrifying. In almost just a round of sparring, all the experiences he gained were be integrated into his moves. This is completely far beyond Yang Ziqing’s expectations.

He remembered that during the sparring match with Sun Yaotian, his origin ability at the time was only 6.8. As for his fighting techniques, he had only mastered up to beginner police fighting technique. This also indicates that even Su Hao was to learn the remaining fighting techniques, he wouldn’t be able to master them as his physical fitness was still lacking.

However, now with the enhancement in physical fitness, Su Hao is now able to completely master them and show their full potential.

Obviously, Su Hao had already learned them early on. It’s just that, due to his limited physical fitness, he dared not display them. After all, forcing his own body to do so would only overdraft his body’s condition.

This child, such strong talent!

Not only by practicing, even by just depending on his own memory and eyesight, he will then be able to learn all the moves. This strong talent, definitely unique!

“Su Hao, you’ve already mastered advanced police fighting techniques. Are there any more?” Yang Ziqing casually said.

Su Hao smiled, “There is still one more. Teacher, be careful.”

“Oh?” Yang Ziqing’s eyes shined. “In theory, with physical fitness of 300 points, you will be able to use all fighting techniques. Don’t tell me you have even mastered military fighting techniques?”

Su Hao calmed himself down and took a deep breath. Within his mind, all the information of fighting essence flashed through. A simple, plain fist erupted from his hand.

This fighting essence was totally on a different level from those ordinary fighting techniques. This is where the soul of fighting techniques is. The only strong point of fighting technique is none other than linking moves.

Basic fighting technique linking moves!

Police fighting technique linking moves!

Military fighting technique linking moves!

In other words, when you have mastered all the fighting technique, you can even displayed a set of linking moves from these three main fighting technique.

Linking moves will not suddenly make your attack become more powerful. The meaning of such an existence is to make your fighting have more impact, coherence, and coordination. This is to ensure that the foe does not have any opportunities to fight back.

However, if you have mastered fighting essence….

Then the meaning of linking moves would be entirely different in this case.

When you fight while displaying fighting essence, the body will start to gather traces of origin ability energy. Even when you are displaying the moves, the body will keep gathering energy known as fighting points.

When you attack with the last blow from the moves, you can burst out all the energy!

The more fighting points accumulated, the stronger the power explosion!

When Sun Yaotian won over him last time, he was using fighting points to do so. With only a few moves, that energy explosion was still fresh in Su Hao’s memory.



Both of them exchanged moves for a while. Yang Ziqing furrowed her brows; although Su Hao’s attacks now were faster than just before and more coherent, overall such changes were still not that great. Where is that military fighting technique?

However, at that time, Su Hao suddenly voiced out, “Teacher, be careful.”


Yang Ziqing’s mind was alarmed and instantly saw Su Hao’s kick directed towards her. A terrifying surge of energy burst out at that very moment.

“This is…fighting essence!”

Yang Ziqing’s eyes were illuminated with a flash of light. Without any hesitation, she used all of her strength to confront the incoming attack of Su Hao.


Su Hao rolled on the grounded in a relax manner; Yang Ziqing was forced two steps backward. Su Hao began to stabilize his body while a trace of a different radiance could be seen within his eyes.

Fighting essence!

This is truly fighting essence!

Even if Su Hao self-taught military fighting techniques, she would still not be surprised but…..fighting essence, this is not something which you can get a tutorial from Internet. Though the black market does sell it, even at the lowest price it would reach up to 10 million star dollar. Plus, often it will have the price but no stock.

This is the true soul of fighting essence!

Those who dare to spend to more than ten million star dollar to buy fighting essence tutorial, which of them are not from rich family?

Of course, there is still one more possibility. That is, after mastering all three main fighting techniques with complete mastery and slowly comprehending them, perhaps one day you will be able to fully understand them all and create a new kind of fighting essence.

This student had made her more and more surprised.

“This fighting essence, did Chen Yiran give it to you?” Yang Ziqing asked him while having a strange feeling.

Su Hao shook his head, “I got it myself.”

Yang Ziqing nodded and did not ask any further. It was not surprising after all, since Su Hao could get the black market strengthening drug which cost 3 million. “I know you are trying hard to gain money. The tasks outside the city are still dangerous to someone like you. Don’t get too far from the city.”

“En.” Su Hao just answered without putting much thought into it.

“The fighting essence you displayed just now must be your first time right? There are still quite a number of places which you need to fix.” Yang Ziqing faintly said, “Although the last move of yours produce a great strength, the moves before that, you casted them too deliberately. For those who have experience facing this, with just a glance they will be able to guess that you are accumulating fighting points. In such case, they will not give you a chance to link moves and will recklessly assault you directly. Thus, your fighting essence will not have any role here.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Su Hao had some doubt, “When I am using fighting essence, I can’t help but let my moves be more coherent and letting them link in a fluid manner.”

Yang Ziqing gave a pointer, “Then hide them. Let the foe not seeing any clue as if you are like your usual self. When you are displaying fighting essence, you must never let anyone detect it and then suddenly burst out all your fighting points at the very last moment, that would be perfect. The deeper you hide them, the more moves you can use in order to accumulate more energy for a burst.”

Su Hao nodded and implanted this advice deeply in his mind.

If he is able to quietly condense 100 fighting points, that sudden burst of strength is definitely enough to tear the king of red jackals into pieces! Such power is definitely terrifying!

Yang Ziqing went to get a remote control out of the room and with a single press of a button, a silver sandbag flew out from within the room and stopped in front of Su Hao.

“This is a seamless sandbag. It is enough to withstand you strength. Try practicing with it. Make sure that when you are casting fighting points, it is the same as your usual combat!”

Yang Ziqing said solemnly, “Only when you have completed this, will you be considered to have true 10.8 origin ability.”

“Otherwise, for the exam the day after tomorrow, your life will definitely not be easy!”


Su Hao’s eyes lit up. Staring at the sandbag in front of him, a bombardment of fists were directed onto it. There was no sign of relaxation at all. Whenever he is practicing, he will never allow himself to be lazy.


Peng peng!



A series of sounds echoed within the physical examination room. Su Hao entered into the state of cultivation. This was all for the exam which will be held the day after tomorrow.

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