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Chapter 0027 Super breakthrough!

Chapter 0027 Super breakthrough!

“Hold on…….”

Yang Ziqing suddenly thought of something. “Don’t tell me that you were trying to take advantage of the side effects caused by these drug…”

Su Hao embarrassedly nodded.

Yang Ziqing asked with a shocked tone, “You drank all 35 bottles at once?”


“My god.” Yang Ziqing looked at the most honest student in her class and couldn’t help but exclaim, “You living until now is truly a miracle.”

In response to this, Su Hao could only scratch his head and laugh bitterly.

A floating car streaked across the sky in an arch. While driving, Yang Ziqing asked out of curiosity, “Not to mention the recovery drugs, even that one bottle of strengthening drugs alone costs a whole 3 million star dollars. Plus, that is the price in the normal market. Where did you get this drug?”

“I directly exchanged for it with Master Zhang. I helped him to collect some materials and then got this bottle of drug as the reward.” Su Hao briefly explained.

“Master Zhang?” Yang Ziqing asked with a doubtful tone.

“Berserk Master Zhang Zhongtian,” replied Su Hao.


Yang Ziqing’s hands trembled. The floating car rotated 270 degrees and was almost overturned. Luckily, Yang Ziqing’s driving skills aren’t bad. Very soon, she was able to regain control of her car. With her shocked face, she looked at her student, “Zhang Zhongtian has always been in Jianghe City the whole time?”

“Yea, one day I saw his mission request at Origin Ability Firm. In the end I ended up being cheated by him. Then, it was through that that we get to know each other.” Su Hao asked, “Teacher also knows him?”

“Of course I know him.” Talking about Zhang Zhongtian, Yang Ziqing seemed to have some hatred towards him, “That cunning old man!”


Su Hao coughed for a moment. He really didn’t guess incorrectly. This Zhang Zhongtian is really a cunning businessman!

After a few minutes, Yang Ziqing was finally able to calm down her emotions. It seemed that she had been defrauded by Zhang Zhongtian in a not quite shallow way. However, after she understood the whole situation, she then nodded and said to Su Hao, “Like this, I’m able to understand this situation of yours. However, next time, lessen the assignments of yours outside the city. It’s too risky and dangerous, especially after the attack of berserk beast army several days ago.”


Su Hao nodded earnestly. Of course, he would not say that half of the reason for the berserk beast attack was him.

After exchanging a few words, in a few moments, they finally reached the school.

At this point, the sky was already not that bright anymore. Many people had already left the school. Yang Ziqing directly led Su Hao to the school’s physical measurement room. While pointing at the white levitation chair, she said, “Lie down on it.”

Su Hao’s eyes flashed in surprise. He knew about this levitation chair, the tester for the college entrance exam. It can detect every single detail and information about your body. Never did he expected to experience it right now.

He walked there and immediately laid on top of it.



A soft alert sound echoed, a few soft gray safety belts appeared from the bottom of levitation chair which then fixed Su Hao’s wrists, ankles, and his body; making him unable to move.

The levitation chair was then activated. Su Hao was then suspended in the middle of the air in the room. From the ceiling, numerous laser rays appeared and swept through his body.

Yang Ziqing stared at the virtual light screen which popped out with an indifferent look. On top of the screen, numerous quantities of information kept appearing. You could clearly see from there, body toughness test, bone hardness test,…..body…….

After countless tests being done at a rapid speed, the lasers disappeared. Then, the levitation chair slowly fell back to its original position. On the light screen, finally the end result popped out.

Physical fitness : 300 points.

“300 points?” Yang Ziqing’s whole body was startled. How could this be?

Even with tens of millions worth of strengthening drugs, for people who had reached 250 points in physical fitness, they would still require perfect drug to play a role in order to reach 300 points. But Su Hao, the very first time he took this drug he had already rushed all the way to 300 points?

Such a terrifying effect, it clearly showed how much suffering and pain Su Hao had to withstand that time!

Su Hao came down from the levitation chair. Looking at the data, even he was caught off guard. He had speculated it to increase by more than 100 points but the end result was a total 150 points! How could he not be happy with such a result!

“How much was your physical fitness before this?” Yang Ziqing asked.

“150 points.” Su Hao replied.

“An increase of a whole 150 points. This should be the most perfect result this bottle of drug could bring. You could withstand until then. It’s not an easy feat.”

Yang Ziqing nodded.

However, even with this 150 points, it would only add another 1.5 points for origin ability, This would most probably not be enough for Su Hao to reach 10 points. Recalling Su Hao’s meteoric rise in fighting technique, Yang Ziqing raised her head and asked him, “Has your fighting technique has improved from last time? This time, did you master advanced police fighting technique?”

Su Hao nodded and took a moment to analyse his own strength.

Physical fitness: 300 points!

Theoretical basis: 180 points!

Combat method: 300 points!

Basic fighting technique 100 points, police fighting technique which he has skipped to advanced level, could be considered as complete which mean another 100 points in his hands. Plus the fighting essence which he learned just now will add up to 300 points in total.

Ability index: 300 points!

His origin ability talent is 100 points and with the complete mastery of advanced origin ability cultivation, another 200 points was within his grasp. In other words, it had the same total of 300 points!

Comprehensive assessment score: 1080 points!

This indicated that his current origin ability had reached as high as 10.8!

A full 24 hours of quick breakthrough had allowed him an exact increment of 4 points! If this is known by others, it’s more than enough to be recorded in the historical records of origin ability. This is without doubt an absolute glory!

Looking at his expression, Yang Ziqing was extremely satisfied with this student of hers….. The most hardworking student in her class had finally succeeded though this success was obtained from nearly exchanging his own life.

While watching Su Hao, the more she looked the more pleased she felt. “Su Hao, my daughter will very soon enter high school. By then, you two can mix with each other more.” (TL: Knew it, her true motive. ED: Be careful, Su Hao.)

Su Hao’s excitement instantly turned into cold sweat at that moment. Noticing Yang Ziqing’s gaze, which is like a mother-in-law looking at her future son-in-law, his soul immediately parted from his body. If he remembered it correctly, Teacher Yang’s daughter is still a minor…..

“Su Hao, not satisfied with my daughter?” Yang Ziqing’s eyebrows frowned.

Su Hao quickly waved his hand, “How could that be, but……perhaps, she is a bit too young.”

“What small, she will eventually grow up too.” Yang Ziqing laughed, “Of course I know about the matter of you and Chen Yiran. But, that road is definitely not an easy one to walk on.”

Su Hao sneered, “The current outcome is something which they had agreed. However, my own outcome will never reach their turn to decide upon! By the time i have reached the aim of my strength, I’ll definitely write my own ending!”

Yang Ziqing looked at the eyes of Su Hao, that was the gaze of full self-confidence and fanaticism.

Su Hao’s strong and steer heart, was getting more and more powerful.

“Good!” Yang Ziqing was even more satisfied. Su Hao had all the strong and needed elements in order to ensure a good future, “Your body has just been enhanced. There are still many points which you are not adapted to.”

“If you want to adapt fast, you have to get more combat experience. If not, the day after tomorrow, you will suffer a crushing defeat in the exam.”

Yang Ziqing said solemnly.

Su Hao then was in a deep thought.

“Outside the city, it’s too dangerous to gain experience. Even if you are able to find someone to spar with, I am afraid you will easily get an injury. In order to sit for the exam, it’s the best if you maintain your body in perfect condition.”

Yang Ziqing faintly said, “Seems that finding a good spar to adapt your new strength is not that easy.”

Hearing the comment of Yang Ziqing, Su Hao also pondered, this seems to be true.

To find someone to be his sparring partner to adapt to his newly found strength, he couldn’t think of anyone. If it was before, Chen Yiran definitely would definitely accompany him….

Chen Yiran….

Su Hao suddenly felt lonely. Both Sun and Chen families were not finding him trouble. Exactly what price did she have to pay in the end? Su Hao really did not want to recall this matter but whenever he does, his heart aches.

Yang Ziqing noticed his expression which seemed to be thinking something which God only knows, “Thinking of her again?”


Su Hao did not deny.

Yang Ziqing faintly said, “Yesterday, Sun Batian and Chen Haonian ate a meal together. Obviously, they were discussing something related to this matter.”

Su Hao’s eyes lit up at once.

“The specific details aren’t known but from their behaviour, you could roughly speculate that from now on, Chen Yiran and you will be like strangers.”

Yang Ziqing calmly said, “After graduation, maybe she will have to marry Sun Yaotian too.”

“Sun Yaotian.” Su Hao gripped his fists, “His eyes have not been blinded?”

“If Sun Yaotian really was blind, not to mention Chen Yiran, even the school wouldn’t be able to help you.” Yang Ziqing snappily said, “One of his eyes was destroyed, but it had been replaced with the latest biological eye. With this eye, he will still function like an ordinary person.”

“Is it?” Su Hao sneered, “He intended to destroy my strong heart. However it ended with my heart becoming even stronger. As for his heart, I’ll forever be branded as the shadow within it. Plus, this time, I’m getting even stronger. I’ll still be the same and getting him shiver in fear of my shadow!”

Su Hao was becoming more like a madman. Yang Ziqing didn’t even try to stop him but just nodded with satisfaction, “Not bad, not able to make a move on him doesn’t mean that you can’t do something from other points of view.”

“No matter how anxious they are, they’ll still have to wait for Chen Yiran to graduate from college and fully grasp perfect mastery of her ability in order to get married. Thus, you have a total of 5 years to do something.”

Yang Ziqing faintly said, “If you really want to marry Chen Yiran, then in this five years time, you will need to be an existence feared by both the Chen and Sun families!”

Su Hao firmly nodded and said each word very clearly, “I’ll do it!”

“Great, having such ambition.” Yang Ziqing nodded her head, “If this is the case, tonight, I’ll be your sparring partner. However, you have to fulfil one condition of mine.” (TL: Nice try there… ED: It’s a date)


Su Hao agreed without any thought but he suddenly recalled something. He raised his head, looking at Yang Ziqing, “Except the matter just now.”

Yang Ziqing somehow regretted, “Not even fooled.”

A black line appeared on Su Hao’s face. Even his old blood almost sprayed out. Teacher Yang’s daughter, how much is she afraid that she won’t get married off. She was still a minor yet her mother kept selling her off.

“Rest assured, it’s not about you marrying my daughter. Of course, if you want to marry her at that time, I won’t mind too.”

Yang Ziqing faintly said.

Su Hao quickly waved his hand, “I won’t, I won’t.”


Seeing his mood had ease up, Yang Ziqing then clapped her hands, “The remaining time isn’t much. Let me see how much have you improve in fighting technique!”


Su Hao took his fighting position and got ready to get in action.


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