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Chapter 0026 Magnificent transformation

Chapter 0026 Magnificent transformation

The next morning, Su Hao’s house.


The doorbell rang. Su Ling skipped to the door. Through the security monitoring device, she saw that it was apparently a middle aged woman of about forty years old or more.

“So familiar…” Su Ling whispered to herself; soon she finally recognised this person, “Yang Ziqing! Brother’s class teacher.”

After Su Ling woke up from her pondering, she quickly opened the door, “Teacher Yang, welcome.”

Yang Ziqing nodded her head, staring at Su Ling, “I heard about the matter regarding the hospital. You have a lot of guts to bring your brother away from the hospital with such heavy injuries. Where did you take him?”

“Where did…” Su Ling mumbled this sentence to herself, “Brother himself wanted to come back, so I could only follow his request.”

“Come back? Where is he?” Yang Ziqing frowned.

“Resting in his bedroom.” Su Ling replied.

“Let me go and see him.” Yang Ziqing walked all the way to the front of his bedroom before Su Ling quickly intercepted her by standing in front of the door and shook her head, “You can’t!”

Yang Ziqing was obviously surprised by her action. She was just worried about Su Hao. How come she can’t even take a look at him? This child, after all, is one of the hardworking student in her class. Such treatment was obviously not fair to her.

But no matter what she said, Su Ling firmly shook her head and insisted in not opening the door.

“Su Ling, I brought recovery drugs for your brother.” Yang Ziqing bitterly smiled, “You should know your brother’s dream. Even it is a near impossible one, I still wouldn’t allow him to not even have any chance to sit for the exam. Although his talent is no good, this kid Su Hao is the most hardworking student in my class. I can’t help him much, but at least, I can help him recover well before the exam… so that he can participate in the exam.”

So it is like this… no wonder this class teacher rushed here so early in the morning. Su Ling’s heart thought so, but when she recalled back her brother’s command, she slightly shook her head, “Brother had asked me to make sure that within a day, he doesn’t meet anyone… anyone!”

“One day?” Yang Ziqing was really helpless, “When did he say so?”

“Six o’clock in evening yesterday.”

“Alright then. Now it’s eight in the morning. I will accompany you and wait until six in the evening.” Yang Ziqing snappily said, “You, if you are one of my students, I will definitely die from anger.”

Su Ling stuck out her tongue, which really left Yang Ziqing with no choice. Even though they had to wait for some time, the time easily passed. Both of them talked about Su Ling’s progress and ability. Also, Yang Ziqing casually gave her some pointers.

However, what they did not know was in the bedroom which was so near to them, there occurred a terrible scene.

Su Hao was totally unconscious.

This time her wasn’t sleeping, but due to the impact of the excessive pains he directly entered into a temporary state of coma. Although he was in coma, Su Hao could still feel some pain within his body at times, causing his body to tremble.

If someone were to enter his room this time, they would definitely be frightened by the discovery in front of their eyes. Su Hao’s current body could no longer be considered as a body. His body was completely soft without any strength like a leaking inflatable doll; completely lying on the floor with no sign of control.

The last half cup of drug, with more than ten bottles berserk drug, the after effect brought by them was too extreme and terrifying!

Not only his skin, even his own bone was almost corroded. This is Su Hao’s final fight. He had taken out his own life and gambled everything with it.

Time slowly passed and very soon, it had finally reached six in the evening.

At about the same time as yesterday, Su Hao’s originally heartbeat, which beat at a very slow rate suddenly sped up, putong—putong—-rhythmically echoing and soon returned back to normal.

Then, a force within his soft, weak body started to flow all over. Su Hao’s weak body gradually recovered its vitality. Within just a few seconds, his body returned to its original state, brimming in vitality.

His pale face was now showing some signs of blood circulation. If you were to look closely, you would notice that Su Hao’s height had surprisingly increased by a few centimeters.

Shedding one’s mortal body and exchanging one’s bone! (ED: An idiom referring to metamorphosis. Think of it as “breaking out of the cocoon and becoming a Mothra that destroys everything!”)

This really is a complete transformation!

With a bottle of black market strengthening drug and 36 bottles of berserk drug acting together, Su Hao completed a full metamorphosis!


Su Hao woke up from his drowsiness. The first thing he noticed was his room which was in a total mess. As he inspected his own body when he stood up, there was no sign of weakness.

What he could feel right now was only one, overflowing with strength!

“This power……” Su Hao looked at both his fists, used his force and gripped. This is too incredible, my body, how much has it change?

Su Hao himself was not clear, however one thing he could confirm….it should have exceeded additional 100 points.

Beginner strengthening drug’s maximum effect would be to increase physical fitness from 100 points to 200 points. If you physical fitness was 200 points or higher, the effect would be greatly reduced.

For example, if you consume the drug when your physical fitness is at 100 points, the best scenario is that you can directly upgrade to 200 points. However if you take it when your physical fitness is at 200 points, it’s very likely that it will only increase up until 220 points and then completely halt.

From 200 to 250 points is the range of the intermediate body strengthening drug.

As for from 250 points to 300 points, it is the expertise of the advanced body strengthening drug.

In other words, each step taken will be harder than before and the enhancing will require even more work! However, each type of strengthening drug, once used, won’t have any additional effects if taken again.

Su Hao’s physical fitness was slightly better than ordinary people as his was at 150 points. If he was to take an ordinary strengthening drug, at most his physical fitness would stabilize at around 210 points.

However, he did not take such a drug. What he was consuming was the drug from black market.

Moreover, his body had actually been severely injured by Sun Yaotian that day. Then, he even consumed all 35 bottles of berserk drug at once. That last move of his, with more than ten bottles being gulped at once, caused him to nearly drop on the spot. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was extremely lucky to live another day!

The enhancement this time, really made him extremely satisfied!

With his upgrade in physical fitness, Su Hao stood up straight and looked within his mind. Three brightly shining cards were floating in his mind; the light rays were so comfortable to watch.

Advanced origin ability cultivation!

Advanced police fighting technique!

Fighting essence!

Su Hao laughed, this time, with the mock exam, he must absolutely become an overnight celebrity and in a swoop enter the natural talent class!

While sitting cross legged, the surrounding origin ability energy, silk by silk flowed towards his body. Advanced origin ability cultivation instantly activated; slowly recovering the used up energy within his body. Fighting essence card consumption was too monstrous! The rate was twice more than the previous two cards!

“Already six o’ clock. Lets us enter then.”

Yang Ziqing peeked at the clock and looked at Su Ling.

“En.” Su Ling did not stop her this time. Although her brother had asked her not to disturb, she was somehow still worried about him.

Gently opening the room’s door, the scene in front of them really caught them off guard.

The room was a total mess. Scattered on the floor were numerous bottles of drugs, as well as cups. Su Hao was sitting in the middle of them, being surrounded by golden silks of energy.

Sensing someone entering his room, Su Hao opened his eyes.

Traces of golden light could be seen on his eyes. That trace of golden silk really startled Yang Ziqing’s mind. Such strong breathing! This breath….don’t tell me….

“Bro, you alright?”

Su Ling wanted to help her brother up but Yang Ziqing stopped her. Instead, she jumped forward and rushed in front of Su Hao, sending him a punch.

The usual, ordinary high school class teacher Yang Ziqing was never looked down at due to her old age. The moment she made her move, it was as if that earth was shattering.

Su Hao’s eyes were brimming in light; he turned around and countered with a punch!


The air was startled as the two fists intercepted each other. With both figures retreating two steps, it was surprisingly a tie!

“Teacher Yang, how could you be like that!” Su Ling quickly rushed to her brother’s side and supported him. She was extremely dissatisfied and said while pouting with her small mouth, “You said that you wanted to give brother a recovery drug, but why did you attack him?”

A trace of a smile could be seen in Yang Ziqing’s gaze, “Silly girl, with your brother’s current condition, does he still needs my recovery drug? Being able to block my punch, and the atmosphere just now. Your origin ability should have exceeded ten by now, Su Hao.”


Su Ling’s eyes were both opened so wide that her eyeballs could have fallen off. Thinking of those two earth-shattering punches, she recalled that her brother was previously injured before this and now….

“Bro, what Teacher Yang said…”

Su Hao smiled indifferently, “Since Teacher Yang has said so, then it should be true.”

“Good kid.” Yang Ziqing patted his shoulder, “When I graduated from college, only then did my origin ability reach 10. At first, I was worried that you would be affected by this. It seems that you have made adequate preparations.”

Su Hao scratched his head, “It’s all thanks to your good teaching.”

“You don’t have to lick my boots.” Yang Ziqing looked at the bottles of drug on the floor and picked one of them up, it really is beginner body strengthening drug!

Looking at the surrounding bottles closely one by one, she instantly understood everything.

“Su Ling, your brother is currently recovering. I will take him for a test.” Yang Ziqing smiled, “When we come back later, you will know how strong your brother is.”

“Oh.” Su Ling seemed to be in a state of confusion. Since when did her brother suddenly become that strong?

Being able to fight to a draw with Sun Yaotian, whose origin ability reached 9; yet today, he suddenly jumped directly to ten. This is the threshold to enrol oneself into Zhanzheng college.

Looking at the expression of Yang Ziqing, he already knew that she must have noticed something. He could only helplessly sigh and pat Su Ling’s little head, “Don’t worry. Brother will go for a short test and it will be done quickly. I’m also curious about my exact strength right now.”

“En. You go early and come back early. Mum will be back soon. She is extremely worried too, not being able to see you yesterday.” Su Ling said.

“Alright.” Su Hao smiled, followed closely behind Yang Ziqing, and left the house.

When they reached the curbside, Yang Ziqing’s floating car was already waiting there. Once Su Hao sat, the car was turned on and they dashed towards the direction of the school.

Yang Ziqing looked at Su Hao, “You don’t seem worried at all.”

Su Hao laughed, “You have been my class teacher for the last two years. In the school, the ones who are good to me are only you and Chen Yiran.”

“This brat.” Yang Ziqing helplessly shook her head, “You have a lot of guts; you even dare to consume black market drugs! However, after being heavily injured by Sun Yaotian, that drug definitely healed you and improved your body a lot. But what about that whole bunch of beginner origin ability recovery drugs?”

Yang Ziqing was somehow suspicious, “Not all black market drugs are expensive. Beginner origin ability recovery drug, although it could increase the origin ability energy, the side effect is too much. Why not use the certified drug as that banned drug only costs 8000 star dollars.”

“8000 star dollar?”

He finally understood why that day, Zhang Zhongtian happily gave him the drugs. Since each bottle was 2000 star dollars cheaper, 35 bottles would save him 70 000 star dollars!

I have been cheated!

No wonder the second time they met, he pretended to not recognise Su Hao. Su Hao had always thought of him as someone crazy in creating drugs; this old bastard is even a cunning businessman.


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