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Chapter 0025 24 hours of panic state

Chapter 0025 24 hours of panic state

“Bro, here. You lay down first.”

Su Ling even took her own pillow to add more padding for Su Hao, ensuring that he is lying in a more comfortable position.

“I’m fine, silly girl.” Su Hao smiled, “I have learned a bit of physical restoration cultivation technique. In no time, I will recover well. However, during the cultivation, I must not be disturbed. Thus, I’m not meeting anyone. You will be in charge of guarding your brother for a day.”


Su Ling nodded and then carefully left the bedroom.

Su Hao opened the quilt and then came out from the bed. He opened a drawer under the desk and then took out each item in the drawer.

One bottle of beginner body strengthening drug!

For an ordinary high school student, under normal condition, you could improve your physical fitness from 100 points straight to 200 points, such is the value of 1 million worth of drugs. The one in Su Hao’s hands, created by the hand of Zhang Zhongtian, will enhance the body according to damage done to the body; from 50 points up to infinite!

35 bottles of beginner origin ability restoration drug!

Each bottle of these would cause great deal of damage to the body as side effect. The recovery effect brought is twice as much compared to the ones on the market.

Of course, what Su Hao had prepared was not only these. There were also 3 cards within his mind which he used his own life in exchange for them!

“Finally, I can start….”

Su Hao murmured to himself, “Whether I’m a dragon or an insect, it’ll all depend on this moment….”


Su Hao picked up the body strengthening drug and consumed it all in a single gulp. Instantly, a stream of qi began to revolve within his body. His pain seemed to have relieved a bit too. Also, there was a little growth in strength within his body.

Su Hao understood now that this was the initial enhancement of this strengthening drug. In other words, the 24 hours duration officially started now!

“This is great!”

Su Hao picked up a bottle of beginner origin ability recovery drug. He paused for a moment, thinking of the pain which he experienced during the first time he took it. But, very soon, Su Hao quickly poured all of the container into his mouth at once.


A kind of berserk origin ability energy was raging within his body which then began to cause impacts all over his body. In Su Hao’s whole body, muscles instantly contracted and tightened in order to fight back the raging energy.

The origin ability energy in his body climbed at an alarming rate. His recovery speed was too quick and in a few breaths, it was fully saturated.

Su Hao definitely would not waste such a precious abundance of origin ability energy, so he selected the advanced origin ability cultivation card. The moment he activated this card, the card which had been in gray color for quite some time began to shine brightly the moment the endless origin ability energy started being absorbed.

Fifteen percent….sixteen percent…

There was a reason why Su Hao chose such a card first. As long as he had managed to learn this advanced origin ability cultivation completely, the origin ability energy within his body will once again skyrocket! Skipping intermediate and directly entering advanced level, whether it was his body’s capability to contain origin ability energy or its recovery, both will definitely improve at a terrifying rate!

Twenty-four percent……

The card was still illumined with a bright ray. However, the effect of berserk origin ability energy within his body began to gradually disappeared. The first bottle of origin ability recovery drug, ran out.


Su Hao, without any hesitation, picked up the second bottle and drank the drug. Again, a roar was resonating within his body. Su Hao grit his teeth, fighting back the impact of the energy, and directed all the origin ability energy to the card to be absorbed.




Su Hao almost went numb from withstanding the pain all over his body. One by one, he poured bottles into his mouth. There was almost no disruption in the endless supply of berserk origin ability energy. This also signified that he was also experiencing non-stop impact on his body. And this time, Su Hao impressively grabbed the ninth bottle and drank it all up.


This time, Su Hao ignored the pain in his body. Instead, he wholeheartedly paid attention to the advanced origin ability cultivation card because at the current moment, the bright progress bar had reached the final stage.

Ninety-eight percent….ninety-nine percent….one hundred percent…

A buzz rang in his eardrums; the advanced origin ability cultivation card was completely illuminated!

Within his body, a roar could be heard. A small whirlpool of origin ability energy suddenly appeared. Then, from the centre of the whirlpool, countless amount of origin ability energy was spreading and clashing all over the surrounding like a shockwave.

The berserk origin ability brought by the drug was easily torn apart by the shockwave and was being engulfed. The situation in his body was a mess like overturning seas and rivers.

Very soon, the body recovery went into a silent state.

Su Hao began to check his body. The origin ability energy in his body which was originally like a streamlet had became a spacious river. Compared to last time, the capacity was more than five times as much!

Don’t forget that terrifying recovery rate!

Advanced origin ability cultivation, indeed a formidable skill! Even his class teacher took many years after graduating from university and barely managed to master it. This proved that origin ability cultivation was not something easy to learn.

Beginner origin ability cultivation 100 points, intermediate 150 points, advanced 200 points.

In just an hour’s time, Su Hao skipped the level from beginner to advanced. His origin ability had increased by 1 point from 6.8 directly to 7.8!

“This is only the beginning….” Su Hao murmured and once again, picked up another bottle of beginner origin ability recovery drug and consumed it.


The fury of berserk origin ability started again!

His body was once again covered with endless pain. Coupled with the lasting effect from the previous nine bottles, his body was now in very serious pain. Even his arms were feeling heavy too.

Fortunately, his body’s ability to contain origin ability had increased. Now, it needed at least 3 bottles of this drug to bring the energy within his body to saturation. It was no longer like last time where only 1 bottle would cause it to burst.

Taking another two bottles, Su Hao activated the advanced police fighting technique card.

Two bottles, two times the impact on his body!

Soon, during the twentieth bottle of origin ability cultivation drug, an extremely bright light shone. Advanced police fighting technique card was fully brightened. A surge of knowledge and experience suddenly forced themselves to be engraved in Su Hao’s brain cells. Each and every moves of advanced police fighting technique was completely mastered.

This feeling…..really wonderful.

“There are still fifteen bottles left!”

Su Hao took a deep breath. He didn’t stop and consumed yet another bottle of the drug again.


With his twenty-first bottle of the drug, the energy once again went rampant in his body. Su Hao almost shouted out loud in pain. With cold sweat all over his body and a pale face, he even nearly fell down to the floor.

That feeling……finally it’s here.

He thought after experiencing the impact on his body again and again, he would feel numb and the body would get accustomed to it.

However, this time he clearly felt that the degree of pain experienced by him increased!

After taking twenty bottles of berserk drugs at once his body had been, without a doubt, destroyed to the extreme. He clearly understood that for every bottle consumed, there would be enormous damage done to his body as a side effect.

Last time, he had to take three full days to recover completely.

And now he was taking so many bottles in a row.

The pain appeared within a breath and disappeared very quickly too. The berserk origin ability energy was gone just like that without any trace. When the effect of the twenty-first bottle was gone, the energy within his body had recovered to half!


Su Hao took yet another bottle with his trembling right hand. It was not that he was afraid, but that his hand was weak and heavy. He felt that when he lifted his arm, it seemed to not be like his own arm.

The side effect of berserk drug, compared to the one which he imagined, was even worse.

Next time, he might not even able to move to take another bottle of the drug!

His body was in extreme pain. No matter how much he had to suffer, he could tolerate it. However, once his hands lose strength, he could no longer take any more drugs and the remaining bottles would have been wasted like that. Also, the third card which he had struggled so much and used his life in exchange for it, fighting essence, he would have lost the best chance to master it too.

All the last ten days of hard work, they would all be completely wasted!

I can’t be like this!

Su Hao’s eyes were flashing in pain. If not because of the third card, would he tolerate another ten days? If he had upgraded himself few days before, when he fought with Sun Yaotian, would he still have lost that badly?

Wasn’t everything all for this last battle?

Two days later will be the mock exam!

If he discarded the third card, would he still be able to enter the natural selection class?

Moreover, he was very clear, which was…. The more damage done to his body, the more benefit the strengthening drug would bring! 35 bottles of drugs, that was the standard which he set for himself.

“Let me see to the very end then, exactly how much this will enhance me.”

From the gaze of Su Hao, he looked like a madman. He used his nearly depleted energy to open the drawer under the desk and take out a cup. One by one, the drug bottles were opened and poured into the cup.

Fortunately, the beginner origin ability recovery drug didn’t have much of a corrosive property. Although it was a plastic cup, it could still withstand the corrosion.

With his shaking hand, he lifted up the cup, which was half filled with blue liquid. Su Hao gritted his teeth and once again, gulped all of it in a single breath.




With three mouthfuls, Su Hao was finally able to swallow every drop of the liquid.


His vision went completely dark. The cup in his hand fell down to the floor. Su Hao helplessly fell down too. Lying on the ground, his limbs were seen twitching but he no longer had any power anymore.

The tension on his body was also relaxed. Su Hao no longer even had the ability to control his own body!


No, he could no longer felt any pain. His body was completely freed from his control. In the middle of his dizziness, Su Hao just wanted to sleep quietly and comfortably.

Covered in warmness, compared to the monstrous pain felt by his body, it was a the complete inverse. Su Hao closed his eyes comfortably but it was just that at that time, subconsciously, he issued a final order within his mind.

The third card, activate!


The mighty origin ability energy, like the rapid combustion of a rocket, rushed towards the third card, fighting essence. It also absorbed all the incoming energy, which was like a vast large ocean. Su Hao’s river-like container of the energy could not withstand the incoming energy and it all leaked out, rushing to the fighting essence card.


More consumption!

Su Hao who was about to sleep, was awakened by the impact. What he saw was the over flooding river. If he did not give the final command to activate the fighting essence card, he would have definitely exploded from the berserk origin ability energy!

Died without a burial!

After overcoming this life and death situation, Su Hao sobered down completely. No matter how painful, he would see this until the end. He looked at the last gray card which gradually lit up until it brightened completely!


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