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Chapter 0024 Su Hao’s transformation

Chapter 0024 Su Hao’s transformation

The moment the students left the sparring hall, what happened in the hall began to spread like wildfire.

Su Hao was seriously wounded, Sun Yaotian was blinded, and Chen Yiran and Sun Yaohui confronted each other. When all these events added up together, it got so huge it reached the attention of the school’s higher ups.

The whole school was in a state of panic. The school higher ups were forced to hold an emergency meeting. Sun Yaotian’s status didn’t need to be mentioned. However, as for Su Hao, nearly all the students in the school paid close attention to this matter. Not to mention, there was one more person involved in it, Chen Yiran. If this matter wasn’t handled carefully, there would be quite a bit of trouble later on!

After a full one hour meeting by the higher ups, and after a war of different opinions, the principal had made a final decision. Since both Su Hao and Sun Yaotian were both extreme and heavily injured each other, they were given a warning as it was the first time such an offense happened. If there was a second time, they’ll have to be expelled from the school!

Such an interesting decision. With this kind of attitude, the school clearly stated its position: they are not going to be standing on any side!

Regarding this conclusion, some people questioned it while some agreed. There were also certain people who despised such a decision. Still, such a decision was definitely the most sensible one. This kind of matter, those involved would have to solve it in private.

Sun family.

Sun Yaohui returned home with a very ugly expression. Receiving him home was none other than a slap on the face.


The sound of a loud and crisp slap echoed the whole room. One side of Sun Yaohui’s face was instantly swollen. It was exactly the same compared to the time when he slapped Sun Yaotian!

“This is your doing?” In front of him, a middle aged man stared at him coldly. With his indescribable anger, “I thought you were the so-called Viper. To come up with such a flaw!”

Sun Yaohui was half kneeling on the floor right now.

He wanted to say that it was his own little brother who acted up privately without his consent. He wanted to say this was all his little idiot brother being to affixed with his face when he was winning, which allowed Su Hao to take this opportunity to destroy his eyes. However, he couldn’t. He could only helplessly kneel down with a guilty tone, “I’m sorry, Dad.”

The middle aged man standing in front of him was a tycoon in Jianghe city, the Sun clan’s corporation’s leader, Sun Batian!

“Heng!” Sun Batian gramped. “Your little brother’s talent is our family’s only hope. Both of you, one in the light while one in the dark, you two will be the greatest partners! You just have to ensure that your brother gets the best achievements. Such an incident, I don’t wish for it to happen again, otherwise…”

Receiving such a harsh warning, Sun Yaohui’s face got pale. “Absolutely, this won’t happen again.”

“Regarding your little brother, you don’t have to intervene. This time, I myself will negotiate with Chen family!” Sun Batian’s eyes were flashing in anger. “I’m really disappointed in you. Go back to Zhanzheng college. Just wait for the result of my negotiation with Chen family.”


Sun Yaohui silently withdrew.

This was the dialogue between father and son. Although they are both his sons, the treatment is too different. It was in this family environment that Sun Yaohui developed such a distorted psychology.

This stage had become the terror of the guy known as Viper. He could only open his mouth wide, showing his fangs, but he could not manage to bite down. Instead, he could only quietly exit.

Jianghe city, a garden villa.

When Chen Yiran reached home, she was frozen in front of the door.

The one she saw on the sofa in the living room wasn’t her brother. Instead it was her own father, which she hadn’t met for a long time, Chen Haonian!

“Dad, I’m back.” Chen Yiran was pleasantly surprised.

Chen Haonian was sitting on the sofa, holding a copy of the newspaper and seriously reading it. Compared to the virtual newspaper on the screen, he still prefer this old-fashioned medium of communication.

“En, have a sit.” Chen Haonian pointed at the sofa opposite to him. Chen Yiran went over there and had a seat. Looking at her father’s face, she suddenly felt it was unnatural, “Dad, why do you look so serious? Where is bro?”

“Let me get the hell out back to Zhanzheng college.” Chen Haonian faintly said. These two tycoons of Jianghe city, surprisingly made the same decision regarding this matter.

“O.” Chen Yiran was speechless.

Chen Haonian put down the newspaper in his hands. Watching his daughter, whatever happens, she always stays calm and doesn’t panic. His wife and this daughter of his are very similar.

“How is Su Hao?”

Chen Yiran tossed her beautiful hairs to the side, “I already sent him to the hospital. However, even with the top notch recovery drugs, he’ll still need a few days of treatment. The mock exam which will happen in three days, it seems that there is no hope for him.”

“En.” Chen Haonian nodded. Looking at his daughter, “You like him?”

Chen Yiran raised her head, with her bright eyes looking at Chen Haonian and a serious tone, “En.”

“You should know that this is the consequence of this incident. Sun Yaotian’s eyes being destroyed brought a huge impact to the Sun family. Sun Batian definitely won’t take this lying down.” Chen Haonian said in a low tone, “At most, what I could offer is to just not take any action.”

“Dad!” Chen Yiran’s eyebrows frowned. “It was because of me that he….”

“Everyone needs to be responsible on all matters that they have done. Su Hao is the same, you are also included.” Chen Haonian said with an indifferent tone.

Chen Yiran could be seen clearly on the verge on anger, “Dad, how can you be like that. Su Hao, he….”

“You really want to help him?” Chen Haonian looked at her with a serious look.

“Yes!” Chen Yiran nodded.

“Great.” Chen Haonian said, “I don’t care that your relationship has progressed to which stage. From this moment on, break up with him. There is no need to meet him anymore from now on. After graduating, you can choose not to be with Sun Yaotian. But at the very least, you must find someone who can protect you and has status.”

“Dad, you….” Chen Yiran was shocked and raised her head. The plain looking expression of Chen Haonian was seen, as if he was dealing with some trivially small matter.

Chen Yiran didn’t get angry and also didn’t bitterly cry with never ending tears. Instead, she only looked at her own father with a serious facial expression. It was just that from her gaze, there was a hint of disappointment.

For a very long time, Chen Yiran’s voice finally echoed in the living room, “Is this a deal?”

Chen Haonian’s hands paused, slowly said. “You can think of it like that.”

“Alright, I promise.” Chen Yiran replied. “I and Su Hao won’t contact each other anymore. Even if we meet each other, we will act like strangers. This matter, let it end just like that.”

After finishing her sentence, Chen Yiran immediately went back to her room. It was just that her action when she left was a bit forced. Her brother was suddenly being driven away to college, her dad suddenly appeared. All of this really caught her off guard. Also, this dad of hers, which she had not seen for a long time, forced her to make such a decision. All of these events really made her disheartened.

Families with well matched status, this topic will always be eternal.

Within the living room, a woman which is about 30 years plus came out. Wearing pyjamas, she walked behind Chen Haonian and helped massage his shoulders to relieve his fatigue, “Yiran went up?”

“Yea.” Chen Haonian nodded, “That child really disappointed me.”

The women just smiled casually. Her smile was a bit similar to Chen Yiran. Indeed, she is the mother of Chen Yiran, named Zhao Yaru.

“You don’t even have to do it like that.” Zhao Yaru shook her head, “It will be fine if you just directly tell her.”

Chen Haonian shook his head, “Even if it causes heartache, it will still be better than the grief in the future. Some matters, let us ourselves be responsible for them. Let’s not pressure them on our children. Hate me or what, at least she won’t have to suffer pain.”

Zhao Yaru sighed, “You still can’t forget her?”

Chen Haonian slowly close his eyes. “How could I forget, after all, she died in front of my eyes. During the battle that year, she became the only victim. This really made me regret my entire life. This time, I will never let Su Hao become the victim. Even though there will be pain and sadness, they are still only high school students. Soon, it will all pass by.”


Zhao Yaru nodded and grabbed her husband’s hand. She then quietly sat beside him, accompanying him.


The rooms there were separated by blue glass. This made the ward nearly enclosed by just glass. Such design made the hospital look really clean which easily put the mind to peace.

In ICU Room 6025, Su Hao was laying on the bed half naked, only wearing a pair of white and blue pants, and his body was covered with needles. Numerous bottles of recovery drugs and therapy drugs were injected through the needles into his body.

On the right side of the bed, there was a virtual screen which displayed the physical condition of Su Hao and his state of recovery.

A girl was lying on the left side of the bed. Feeling dizzy, she subconsciously slept. From the tear stain on her face, it was very clear that this girl had cried for a very long time.


Su Hao came out from the coma state and opened both his eyes. The scenery which he saw was a bit dark, but very soon it went back to normal.

Su Hao looked at the surrounding, this is……..the hospital!

As for the steady breathing sound which was beside his ear, Su Hao turned over to have a look. It was not Chen Yiran, but his sister, Su Ling.

“Ling Er.” Su Hao whispered.

“Ah?” Su Ling was still in a light sleep. Hearing a voice, she instantly woke up and was surprised noticing Su Hao awoke, “Bro, you woke up already?”

“En.” Su Hao nodded with a pale face, “What time is it now?”

“Now? It is already night. You have fainted for half a day.” Su Ling replied with some sadness in her tone.


Su Hao murmured to himself, half a day…..all the incidents which happened during the first half of the day began to play in his brain. Sun Yaotian…….the sudden appearance of a young man….Chen Yiran…….Sun Yaotian’s treat…….his own weakness…..

So, this is what a true battle is all about?

If he has the ability….if he is powerful enough…..

In a short period of time, Su Hao suddenly figured something out and murmured, “It seems that I owe her another life of mine.”

“What owe.” Su Ling said while not feeling satisfied. “If not because of her, how would bro have received such an such injury. Bro, don’t think too much. Get some good rest first.”


Su Hao’s face showed a determination, “Now is not the time to rest.”

After saying that, Su Hao actually tried to get up from the bed with a struggle.



Su Hao pulled out all the needle tubes from his body. His body though, was on the ground.

“Bro, you’re crazy!” Su Ling didn’t foresee her brother crazily standing up, although he was very unstable. She quickly rushed to support him, “Bro, don’t scare me. With your body’s condition right now, you must not find Sun Yaotian for revenge.”

“Silly girl.”

Su Hao patted Su Ling’s small head, “Do you think your brother will do something which would only bring death? Rest assured, I won’t find him. We….go home!”

“Go home? But, bro, your body is still…..” Watching Su Hao, Su Ling was very worry.

“I’ll be fine as long as we go back home. I can lay down quietly in my room. Plus there’ll be a fool which will take care of everything for me.” Su Hao calmly looked at a distance away from the window. From his mouth, there was a trace of cruel sneer.

“This is a battle between men. The outcome of it, I will personally decide!”

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