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Chapter 0029 Theoretical foundation

Chapter 0029 Theoretical foundation

It was already late when Su Hao went back home.

When he got home, naturally he will not be lacking in reprimands from his mother and sister. Su Hao could only bitterly smile and apologize. However, such a warm atmosphere really made his mind comfortable.

A few hours of continuous fight training without rest had took quite a toll on his body.

From the words of Yang Ziqing, such high intense training, even with help of recovery drug will not help too much. It’ll be best if he just takes a day off tomorrow and has a good rest. By the time he sits for the exam, he will be at the peak state to be sitting for it.

Thus, the next day Su Hao could only obediently go to school for lessons.

He had already completely mastered fighting essence. When he was facing the silver sandbag, if not considering the energy consumption, during Su Hao’s strongest moment he was able to burst out all 36 fighting points, which then caused the silver sandbag to be sent flying off from the hook.

This was his strongest blow ever!

The last day before mock exam, the whole school was in a tense atmosphere.

Su Hao walked into the campus indifferently. This instantly attracted the attention of countless people. They were wondering why he had already recovered completely after suffering such heavy injuries?

To also be able to sit for the exam? This is too unimaginable!

Su Hao swept his gaze. All of them subconsciously avoided his gaze and dared not have any eye contact with Su Hao. The battle between him and Sun Yaotian had even been uploaded to the Internet. This video also showed the madman side of Su Hao, even went all the way to blind Sun Yaotian with origin ability of 9. That action of his showed how much courage he has!

Su Hao smiled indifferently and walked towards the direction of teaching building. However, at that time, he heard countless people sucking cold air. When he looked back, Su Hao himself was surprised too.

Sun Yaotian, he had came back to school.

As always, with an arrogant style, a luxury sport car was parked in front of the campus. Sun Yaotian walked down from the car. Compared to his former self, he was exactly the same but there was only one difference. One of his pupil’s color had become different. But most people still wouldn’t be able to notice it.

“Sun Yaotian? I thought his eyes already….”

“He had been treated well. It’s said that with the latest scientific technology, as long as it hasn’t completed necrosis, you can still connect it back. But the price….gee, indeed he’s worthy to be the descendant of wealthy family.”

“Shhh, lower your voice. Su Hao is just beside. Words said that they wanted to meet each other. I wonder if will there be another incident?”

“Who knows? Don’t speak anymore.”

The whole crowd was holding its breath. After all, this is the first time Su Hao met with Sun Yaotian after that fight to death.

Sun Yaotian walked into the school. His body went stiff the moment he saw Su Hao standing in front of him. Suddenly clenching his right hand, since Su Hao had ruined one of his eyes, he naturally had resentment to Su Hao. His eyes were flashing in hatred.

“Su! Hao!”

Sun Yaotian growled, and slowly walked all the way in front of Su Hao and stared at the face of Su Hao, “You still dare to come to school?”

Su Hao glanced at him; a rare smile appeared from his mouth, “Big prince of Sun, long time no see.”

Everyone in the surrounding crowd twitched their mouth, that other day you just heavily injured people and now you can still smile? Isn’t this just adding fuel to the fire?

“You!” Sun Yaotian was obviously angry.

Su Hao, while looking at him, voiced out in low tone, “Do you want to make your move? Why don’t you try, can I ruin your other eye?”

The anger in Sun Yaotian’s heart flared up to another stage. With his fists tightly clenched, it seemed that an outbreak could occur at any second.

However, at that time, gentle footsteps were approaching. With such a quiet atmosphere, Chen Yiran entered into the scene.

Sun Yaotian and Su Hao turned back to look at her. Chen Yiran was still as usual pure looking and indifferent as if she had not been affected at all.

Seemingly not noticing these two people, Chen Yiran walked past them. It was just at the moment that she passed by them, she dropped a few words, “These two must have not known the school announcement yet right? Since you two were in a huge battle last time, if there’s another time, without doubt you will be expelled from school. Do you two want to try?”

Sun Yaotian was surprised, instantly expelled?

What kind of joke was this!

He who has the grade A origin ability talent, his future potential is infinite. If he’s to brawl with Su Hao and get expelled, not able to enter natural selection class, every plan of his will be gone.

As for Su Hao?

He is just someone with grade E talent. There’s almost no future for him. To be expelled from school with such people?

This is such a huge humiliation!

At this moment, Sun Yaotian finally came to his understanding. With anger he looked at Su Hao, “You dare to scheme against me!”

Su Hao sighed, “Aiya, such a pity. This plan of mine has been noticed. I was quite looking forward to that scene. If both of us were to be expelled and while at it, I destroyed your other eye, it would have been fun.”


The surrounding crowd were sucking cold air; this Su Hao, such a fierce man!

Sun Yaotian swallowed a bit of his saliva; looking at Su Hao, he concealed his panic and pretended to be calm and walked towards a place a distance away, “For me to be expelled at the same time as such garbage as you, you are not worthy of such.”

Sun Yaotian’s sentence was for the others to listen, and also to comfort himself.

He is, after all, someone who will become stronger in future. Once he enters into the natural selection class, his strength will then improve by leaps and bounds. Su Hao, such a person will only be doomed to be shaken off and fall behind.

When his origin ability reached 20, 30 or 40, Su Hao might still be struggling at 7 or 8 points. At that time, with Su Hao’s weak origin ability, he can easily crush him and destroy him completely. Why is there any need to be rush now?

Yes, I’m just ignoring him. I’m definitely not afraid of him.

Sun Yaotian left, Su Hao’s mouth raised a trace of smile.

Private duel at this time?

And then expelled at the same time?

Even if Sun Yaotian was willing to, he himself won’t do so!

Natural selection class isn’t only an opportunity for Sun Yaotian to improve himself, it’s also the stepping stone of Su Hao’s meteoric rise!

However, to not be bullied, one has to show attitude. If you want to play, I’ll accompany you! You want to die, I will accompany you! By witnessing Su Hao’s crazy performance before, almost everyone believed Su Hao was definitely capable of doing so.

This was the effect that Su Hao wanted.

Also, he was very sure that within the mind of Sun Yaotian, that shadow of failure is gradually expanding….Viper’s scheme against Su Hao had indirectly affected Sun Yaotian’s heart.

With the sinking of his battling heart, even the momentum of courage will be lost too. With just a strong talent, how far can he walk?

The first lesson is the class of his homeroom teacher. Su Hao didn’t want to be lectured by her, so he quickly ran to his class.

With the departure of those three, this little dispute can finally be considered to be over.

The students had all seen the final result of this event. Sun Yaotian and Su Hao came out unscathed. The only difference was that compared to the previous intimacy of Su Hao and Chen Yiran, this time they were like strangers!

In the eyes of the students, this beautiful romance had finally broken apart under the bombardment of heavy giants.

Whether it was in battle or love, Su Hao without doubt was the one who felt the most pain.

At this moment, Su Hao who seemed to be, in the eyes of spectators, as the one who lost the most, was very relaxed and happily reading all the books in his hands. He was slowly analysing each and every page regarding the theory which will be tested in the exam.

He was in a really good mood.

Chen Yiran’s performance was not contrary to his expectations. To the crowd it might seem that their love is over, but Su Hao knew very well that this feeling between them had only just begun.

It started from the moment Chen Yiran was willing to stand in front of him.

What Chen Yiran had to do, she had accomplished it. As for him, he just need to be strong, stronger and stronger!

“En……again the summary of plants outside of this planet.” Su Hao stared at the book in his hands, frowning. “This recent theoretical foundation course was always very interested in studying more about extraterrestrial knowledge.”

Su Hao flipped through the textbooks in his hands. Once again, he revised all the knowledge and remembered as much as possible.

He was struck so many times at 180 points. To progress in theoretical foundation, was really not an easy feat.

Su Hao sighed; the coverage of theoretical foundation is too broad. Not only including the knowledge which could be learned through textbooks, to be able to be one of the factors in determining the origin ability points it also includes actual combat experience, field survival, the outline of battle and also analysis of every material.

This is also the very reason why he was able to get started in combat fast.

Some people with origin ability of 10 only scored 0.5 for theoretical foundation. Also, there are some who scored 1.6 in theoretical foundation, making the remaining points 8.4 for the origin ability!

If you think those who have high scores in theoretical foundation will be easily defeated, then you are wrong!

Theoretical foundation of 1.6 represents a total of 160 points in theoretical knowledge.

Mastering these, when you start making your move, within your mind, countless series of formula might be flashing through your mind. In a short amount of time, you will be able to analyse the power of your punch, whether you need to evade the incoming attack or whether you can evade or not!

If it’s a battle with a berserk beast, with just a look, he will have all the information on that berserk beast. How sharp are the teeth of berserk beast, how much force the teeth can withstand, and also the weaknesses of the beast. Having such information in his mind will be more than enough to overturn a battle.

In other words, in the case of those with the same origin ability, the higher theoretical foundation, the greater the likelihood to win when fighting!

And Su Hao is without doubt one of the best in this field!

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