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Chapter 0016 A generous reward

Chapter 0016 A generous reward

Su Hao who was desperately running for his life, noticed the rays of light from the city wall. Finally, there was a trace of change and his heart was delighted. Looking straight at the direction of the city gate, he bolted forward in a straight line without caring about any obstructions.


Su Hao closed his eyes. By remembering the pathway which he had just memorised, he dashed forward according to the line in his mind.


A light beam was fired from the inside of the city wall. It was so bright that it could illuminate the whole world. A rich and dense origin ability energy penetrated through numerous berserk beast’s bodies and instantly melted down.



Fortunately, after several attacks were fired, most berserk beast’s eyes had been affected. One by one, they slowed down their pace and no longer could pursue Su Hao. Only some berserk beasts like the werewolf did not give up. Surprisingly, they did not receive any damage from the light ray and pursued him closely.

After a round of light rays were fired, numerous berserk beasts had various injuries or died; the rest no longer had any will to fight back.

At the city wall, the gate guards were surprised.

“Hey, this is all thanks to that kid.”

Zhou Tiancai laughed, glanced at the aiming screen and suddenly, his facial expression had a change. “This is bad!”

Everyone looked in that direction and they grimaced. A werewolf lookalike berserk beast was chasing the student. It had patiently waited for the round of light rays to end before making its move to intercept the student’s run.

At that moment, the student still had his eyes closed!

After the surrounding roaring and howling settled down, Su Hao was finally able to sigh in relief. However, at the same time, he could felt the breath and pressure from behind as if a crazy beast was chasing him.


A strong wind began to blow from behind. Su Hao’s closed eyes suddenly lit up.

Once Su Hao’s eyesight was restored, he instantly evaded by rolling on the ground; as he rolled he took out a sharp fang from his bag with his right hand. Then, he surprisingly turned around to face the berserk beast.



After two consecutive attacks, Su Hao’s beautifully performed high jump kick was slammed down on its body, pushing it down to the ground. Without wasting a single second, with the sharp fang in his right hand, he fiercely stabbed it down with perfect accuracy.


The sharp fang directly pierced through the berserk beast’s body. It was helplessly nailed to the ground, unable to move. Su Hao looked up; noticing the surrounding messy and bloody scene with so many berserk beasts casualties. Su Hao laughed out loud and showed a victory gesture while facing the city wall.

Above the city wall, everyone who saw the scene through the aiming screen subconsciously smiled.

“This kid, he is not simple..”

“Yeah, his reaction is fast and ferocious! The most important thing is that he has a heart of a guardian!”

“You’re right…..for the safety of Jianghe city, he had the courage to put his own life at risk.” Zhou Tiancai also pleasantly said, “This kid, he will be someone famous one day.”

Everything had already been settled and sorted out. The berserk beasts also did not dare to attack again. This berserk beasts attack which happened after 10 years had finally ended just like that.

Sacrifice oneself for others?

Su Hao was not that great. However, he knew clearly that his own family was in Jianghe city too. Not to mention this situation was caused by him so he would need to take the responsibility himself!

However, he did not know how killing dozens of berserk red jackals would trigger an army of them?

Before him, there was already a man who killed so many berserk red jackals. In addition to that, he even killed the chief of the berserk red jackals!

That person, he must the real culprit who triggered this army of berserk red jackals!

The matter of this berserk beast troops had already ended before it could cause damage. This was obviously only a small scale raid which the origin ability ray gun could easily handle. Under the gun fire, many berserk beasts had become casualties and the rest had quickly fled the scene. This raid did not even damage a single hair of the city.

Su Hao was invited to the gate guard’s monitoring room. There, he met with the captain of the gate guard squadron.

“Young man, what is your name?” Zhou Tiancai asked.

“Su Hao, one of the students here.” Su Hao replied with a simple answer.

“Not bad.” Zhou Tiancai nodded with satisfaction. He looked at Su Hao’s back filled with the spoils of war and laughed, “This matter today is the mistake of our guard squadron for not detecting the berserk beast raid earlier. But, your performance just now received our approval. Thus, we decided to let you have some military merits.”

“Military merits?” Su Hao’s was startled. Usually, these military merits could only be obtained when you participate in wars or make a significant contribution to the country! As for gate guards, they are one of those qualified to get the merits. Never did Su Hao expect that he would be able to obtain military merits.

Military merits, represents the glory of the citizen!

A person who obtained military merits had definitely contributed a lot for the country. Those are worthy of respect! Of course, for Su Hao, this matter was a bit too far from his current strength and ability. The most important point here was that earning military merits would give him additional points for the college entrance exam!

“Yes, because this is only a small scaled attack from the berserk beast, there are not many military merits. Giving you the merits, consider that as our good intentions. Luckily your response was quick. If not, I don’t dare to imagine what would’ve happened.” Zhou Tiancai laughed.

“Then many thanks!” Su Hao said excitedly.

After registering Su Hao’s information, Su Hao briefly explained about the task he was completing outside the city. He had suddenly encountered a berserk beast army and then rushed back to the city.

The city’s joyous atmosphere and the gloomy scene surrounding the city wall outside; these made Su Hao experience contrasting feelings.

These berserk beast army did not have any lingering effects on Su Hao’s mental state. After returning back home, Su Hao had a wash and tidied up before brought the 30 fangs to submit his completion of the task.

Surprisingly, Su Hao did not go to the origin ability firm. Instead, he went directly the store of Zhang Zhongtian.

When Su Hao arrived, he once again saw Zhang Zongtian mixing a variety of drugs and materials. His eyes were flashing like a lunatic god. Su Hao had already gotten used to it and could only helplessly waited for Zhang Zongtian to complete his work.

“Huh? Who are you?” Zhang Zhongtian looked at him with a strange expression.

Su Hao speechlessly patted his forehead. It had only been a few days but he had already forgotten. “Hi, Master Zhang. I am here to give you the task you issued.”

“Task, what task?” Zhang Zhongtian frowned. “I have already gave the reward to the origin ability firm. If you have completed the task, go there and claim your reward.”

“Really?” Su Hao smiled with a mysterious aura. He then placed the big bag behind his back on to a table.


30 berserk red jackal fangs scattered on top of the table, with the flashing sharp edge.

“Berserk red jackal fangs? I had waited for more than one month and finally, somehow has completed the task?” Zhang Zhongtian was overjoyed. He quickly grabbed a few fangs and prepared to take them for some experiment.

Su Hao helplessly sighed. “Master Zhang, I want to exchange for a bottle of beginner body strengthening fluid.”

Zhang Zhongtian’s body went stiff. He turned back and looked at Su Hao. While pushing up his old glasses, he said, “Although I usually do not care much about these matters, I definitely knew that the beginner body strengthening fluid definitely costs more than 500 thousand star dollars. Don’t try to fool me.”

“Master, you have to remember that this task is already more than one month old and yet, nobody completed it.” Su Hao said.

“Alright then.” Zhang Zhongtian went to the counter and looked around to find something. A moment later, he took out a bottle of fluid and gave it to him, “Nuo.”

(Nuo = take it.)

“Many thanks Master.”

A flash of surprise could be seen in Su Hao’s eyes. When he examined the bottle, he could see a label ‘beginner body strengthening fluid’ on the body of the bottle.

“Go back, go back.”

Zhang Zhongtian impatiently waved his hands as he could not wait to resume his experiments.

Su Hao was very pleased with this bottle of body strengthening fluid. When he was prepared to leave the store, he suddenly felt something was wrong. He then frowned. This is not right!

At the bottom of the bottle of body strengthening drug, there were numbers printed which represented the government’s drug identification. In other words, this bottle of beginner body strengthening fluid is the standard one which you could get at the market! The market value for this was 1 million star dollar and not the Zhang Zhongtian’s own produced version which was sold for 3 million star dollar in the black market.


Su Hao casually grabbed the fangs which was in the hands of Zhang Zhongtian, “Master Zhang, what I want is not this drug. At the very least, you should have give me your self-made version.”

Su Hao shrugged, “If this is the case, then I will leave.”

Su Hao kept the fangs into his bag and prepared to go back. Zhang Zhongtian was slightly unwilling to part with the fangs but did not do anything to stop Su Hao. With just a word from Su Hao, he wanted to increase from 500 thousand star dollars to 3 million. For those berserk red jackal fangs, to be higher 10 times than the normal market price, it was something he simply could not accept.

Su Hao suddenly halted his movement when reached the main door. “O yea, Master Zhang. I forget to tell you that just now, there was a berserk beast raid. The berserk red jackals have almost been annihilated there. When you want the fangs later, I am afraid you have to go other places to buy them.”

Zhang Zhongtian face suddenly changed, berserk beast raid?

If what Su Hao said was true, then the task which he requested in the origin ability firm might never been completed!

“Wait wait….” Zhang Zhongtian shouted to stop Su Hao from leaving the store. He then made a call to reconfirm and went back to Su Hao, “Here is one bottle of beginner body strengthening fluid. I want the fangs.”

“Thank you, master.”

Su Hao laughed and dropped down his bag. After exchanging the bottle, it looked exactly the same except there was no number series at the bottom of the bottle.

“Boy, I don’t like you at all.” Zhang Zhongtian said bluntly. “Quickly, go.”

Obviously when the transaction was completed, Zhang Zhongtian began to drive people away.

As for this, Su Hao did not put that in his heart. It was not wise to offend a master of drug making. However, he remembered that during his last visit, Zhang Zhongtian still had a favourable impression about him but now, he had totally forgotten about him.

Su Hao believed if he comes here again, Zhang Zhongtian wouldn’t even know who he is.

On the way back from the store with such rewarding journey, Su Hao was excited. After so many days of effort and undertaking such huge risks, it was finally the time for him to enjoy the rewards!

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