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Chapter 0017 A valiant confession

Chapter 0017 A valiant confession

Once he arrived home, Su Hao carefully took out the bottles of drugs.

If he wanted to perfectly use the effect of the black market body strengthening liquid, he must let his body taste an enormous amount of pain. Plus, the greater the pain, the greater the enhancement! In this regard, Su Hao had the best choice available which was the beginner origin ability recovery medicine which he obtained from Zhang Zhongtian!

Last time the pain he experienced was still vivid in his mind. If he were to use these two drugs together, not only will he able to bring the effect of the strengthening drug to the full potential, even his origin ability will improve by leaps and bounds too!

“There are still 35 bottles of beginner recovery medicine….” Su Hao muttered to himself. Last time one bottle of recovery medicine enabled him to increase his proficiency in advanced origin ability cultivation by ten percent. In other words, as long as he consumed another nine bottles, he would be able to master advanced cultivation. Of course, this will only happen provided he was able to withstand the pain brought by these nine bottles.

“Nine bottles? This is far from enough!” A decisive light flashed from Su Hao’s eyes. This was the best opportunity for him to improve himself. He must never let this chance go that easily.

Not just nine bottles, he wanted to consume all thirty five bottles at once. This was to ensure he will be able to draw out as much potential from the black market strengthening drug as he could!

“There are still 26 bottles left….. it seems that I have to establish a few cards, and then master them all at once!” Su Hao had such a fanatical thought. If this was known by others, perhaps they will think he was crazy.

Beginner recovery medicine, he intended to consume thirty five bottles at once?

Don’t mention these are drugs from the black market, even those from normal markets contained enormous amounts origin ability energy which is definitely sufficient enough to let any ordinary person explode!

This was Su Hao’s wild hope! If he fails he might die but if he succeeds, he will be an instant star overnight!

He had endured for quite a few years. With such opportunity in front of him, he must seize it!

After carefully storing all the drugs, Su Hao began to inspect the cards which he had already mastered. One advanced basic fighting technique, one beginner police fighting technique, one beginner origin ability cultivation card. Excluding his own origin ability model analysis, there were a total of three cards.

As for the one which he still didn’t master, the one and only advanced cultivation card!

“Once I master advanced cultivation card, my body strengthening will be able to progress at a faster rate. Thus, the one which I need to upgrade should be from the perspective of fighting techniques.” Su Hao recalled, “My police combat technique is still in beginner stage. Why don’t I use this chance to upgrade it to a higher grade! I am afraid that from the remaining 26 bottles, I would only consume at most half of them. Seems that I need to find one more.”

The first card model to establish, Su Hao determined that to be advanced police fighting technique!

The next stage of police fighting techniques is the standard military fighting techniques. The minimum requirement to learn it is to fully master police fighting techniques. For Su Hao to establish the military fighting techniques card, he must first fully integrate his police combat technique. Thus, to open up this knot, he need to learn advanced police fighting technique first.

Before fully mastering police fighting technique, it was best if he forget about it.

As for the second card model to be established, Su Hao had not thought of it yet. It seemed that he could only take one step at a time.

“Lets just settle the first card and then we will talk about it.” Su Hao began to ponder, “Who has mastered police fighting techniques? Even the school instructors only mastered the primary police fighting techniques.”

After he thought for a moment, Su Hao managed to get some ideas. There was someone who had a very high possibility of mastering advanced police fighting techniques.

He had to admit that Chen Yiran was really Su Hao’s lucky star. Last time, he was able to learn advanced basic fighting techniques from her. This time around…..he would learn from her brother, Chen Yifeng!

Jianghe city, the legendary senior!

Su Hao’s idea was very simple. To be able to be admitted into Zhanzheng college, they are all definitely genius-level figures! The fighting techniques course in Zhangzheng college was none other than military fighting techniques!

The third stage of fighting techniques was the highest realm in the world so far for now.

Since his desire was military fighting technique, even if Chen Yifeng had not learnt it yet, at worst, he must have at least mastered advanced police fighting techniques!

So, as long as he found him, the first card will be successfully established!

As for how to find him….

This was definitely a very easy feat.

The first high school in Jianghe city, during the break between lessons in the morning, the students would take this advantage to rest their body. The door of classroom 326 will always be packed with crowds. This was because the school beauty, Chen Yiran, was in this class!

However, they were just onlookers and did not dare to get close to Chen Yiran. There was a time when Chen Yiran casually sent one daring guy who pursued her into hospital for a full six months! Since then, the students only dared to look from far.

But of course there were exceptions such as Sun Yaotian.

“Yiran, why don’t we go out for a dinner together? I heard that yesterday there was a frontal attack of an army of berserk beasts. This is so dangerous. With me around, I will be able to protect you.” Sun Yaotian said proudly to achieve his aim.

The students around looked at him with despise. You, protecting Chen Yiran? Chen Yiran’s strength was obviously higher than him by not only a mere one level. If they really were to encounter berserk beasts, perhaps Sun Yaotian would be the one needing protection.

Sun Yaotian looked at the gaze of Chen Yiran. He did feel some embarrassment and coughed for a bit before he continued, “Although my strength is not strong at the moment, I can guarantee you that anyone who want to harm you will have to step over my dead body first!”

Such lame confession, unexpectedly was able to attract some girls who were madly in love to look at Sun Yaotian crazily.

Chen Yiran continued keeping silent. If not because of the relationship between these two families, she would have long time ago kicked Su Hao flying. Especially now, such a poor performance from Sun Yaotian—God, who is going to save her.


The door of classroom 326 was suddenly kicked open. When the crowd turned their head, they were surprised to see Su Hao standing at the doorway, who then began to rush inside.

“Su Hao?”

Sun Yaotian suddenly went furious. “Why did you come to our class? Do you want to die?”

Su Hao was too lazy to entertain this guy. He just directly walked to the side of Chen Yiran and out of nowhere, pulled her out of the classroom.

The students in the crowd were all dumbfounded!

F*ck, this is too fast!

Su Hao was so daring to rush over to their class and took Chen Yiran away?

Sun Yaotian watched them walk out from the door before recovering from his daze. His anger was flaring, “Block his path!”

At the door, a tall and burly guy with a full two meters tall blocked in front of Su Hao.

Luo Wei, Su Hao’s middle school friend was now the underling of Sun Yaotian. As for the matter last time regarding Su Ling, he was the one who reported it to Sun Yaotian. With his origin ability of 6, he was definitely a lot stronger than the previous Su Hao who stucked at 3.8.

Luo Wei coldy stood in front of Su Hao and said, “Su Hao, you’d better stop….”

“Get lost!”

Su Hao was too lazy to bother this nonsense. With one hand holding Chen Yiran, the other hand was directly bombarded right on point without any reservations. With such a ferocious fist, there was even a slight breeze generated.

“Such high speed!”

Luo Wei’s mind started to get alert. With both hand crossed, he tried to protect his chest and blocked the fist from Su Hao.

Once Su Hao saw his fist was not effective, his right leg instantly kicked out!


Lou Wei was kicked in the stomach. His body was pushed away by the force and fell to the third floor railing. He was almost fell down from upstairs.

Su Hao sneered. Luo Wei still thought that Su Hao was like the previous him. He was simply courting his own death!

Without stopping, Su Hao kept dragging Chen Yiran outside of the classroom building and walked all the way outside of the campus. When Sun Yaotian rushed there, he couldn’t even see Su Hao’s shadow.

“F*ck! Trash!”

Sun Yaotian released all his anger on the body of Luo Wei by kicking him. He could only bitterly watch the direction from which Su Hao had left.

At the park of Jianghe city.

Su Hao continued pulling Chen Yiran, walking towards the deeper part of the park.

Chen Yiran only looked at him with interest. When she was in a pinch, Su Hao was the one who dragged her out. During the way here, he kept holding her hand. This really made her feel some shyness. But what made her curious was what was Su Hao trying to do.

The Su Hao which she knew was not someone who was reckless. And of course, he would definitely not be such high-profile, seeking his own trouble.

They continued walked to the central part of the park. When they reached the pavilion which was near to the lake, Su Hao finally stopped.

Chen Yiran sat on the stone bench. Looking at him while revealing her sweet smile, she asked, “What do you want to do? Mmmm, let me think. Finding me in such high profile manner, don’t tell me you want confess to me?”

“Yea, how do you know?” Su Hao looked at her seriously. “I have liked you for a very long time. Don’t you know?”

Chen Yiran’s eyes suddenly opened wide staring at him. Apparently, she seemed to be scared by his sudden statement. She was just casually joking. Looking at the serious expression of Su Hao, she was a bit speechless, “Su Hao….you, you are not serious, right?”

Su Hao looked at her expression and his heart began to secretly sigh. Chen Yiran obviously just did not know how to reject him. Although in the recent days there were some sparks going on between them, but they were not enough to create a foundation of being in a relationship.

“Of course.” Su Hao raised up his face. Watching the pure jade alike face of Chen Yiran, he continued, “You look at this young master’s face. Such seriousness, does this look like a joke? For you, I am willing to give up my life and work hard for the future. Even my most cherished little puppy I can let you keep it….”

The more Chen Yiran heard, the more familiar it felt. She only reacted much later. Wasn’t this the retard confession which Sun Yaotian told her two years ago when they first met each other?


Chen Yiran looked up at the facial expression of Su Hao. Instantly, she knew that she had been played by this guy yet again.


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