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Chapter 0015 A sense of purpose

Chapter 0015 A sense of purpose

The next morning, Su Hao once again journeyed to the berserk red jackal territory. As usual, he hid his presence.

In the morning, there were a quite a few wandering berserk red jackals. But he could not find a group of seven berserk red jackals. After waiting for the whole afternoon, Su Hao who was getting more and more restless began to calm down. Like a veteran hunter, Su Hao quietly hid himself within bushes; waiting for the right moment.

After lying in wait while starving himself throughout the afternoon, he finally noticed a team of seven berserk red jackals. Without a single shred of hesitation, Su Hao began his decisive move!

Building the model and sprinkling some pheromones as the final touch, once again, the scene from two days ago was reenacted.



Numerous arrow sounds could be heard as they swiftly cut through the air. A few moments later, these seven berserk red jackals dropped dead on the ground.

Su Hao skillfully pulled out the fangs. However, he suddenly had a very bad feeling. When he looked up, pairs of fierce red eye were staring at him.

It seems that some distance away, another group of berserk red jackals was passing by. It was just unlucky that they happened to notice Su Hao.


In Su Hao’s heart, he blamed his luck. Forget about the number of berserk red jackals in the group, the current materials in his hands were only sufficient to kill only one!


Su Hao did not hesitate at all. The scene of him being tirelessly chased was replayed.

Su Hao bolted for his life. The berserk red jackals chasing him had truly gone berserk as their name would suggest and were leaving behind a dust storm which rose quite high in the air and let the jackals blend in. Were an observer watching this scene, it would seem like a young boy was desperately running from dust and dirt and elicit a laugh. Of course, Su Hao would want to punch such a person.

In the past, these berserk red jackals would only chase for a while before giving up. This time chased him tightly, not wanting to let him go. Seeing a group of their own kind rushing together, more and more berserk red jackals joined in. Currently, the numbers had reached more than 100!

Even if Su Hao ran into another berserk beast’s territory he would still be chased. It seemed they remembered him as a serial killer of their kind.

Su Hao knew he only had one choice; forward!

He no longer tried to shake off the berserk red jackals army by taking detours. Instead, he adjusted his direction, heading directly to the city gate blindly. All these days painstakingly training which enhanced his physical fitness from 100 points to 150 points began to show its benefit.

Su Hao’s physical fitness was better than most ordinary people. Under the situation that his life was being threatened, he dashed a bit faster than the berserk red jackals behind him.

At the Jianghe’s city gate, several guards leisurely sat in front of the gate to enjoy the scenery.

Since each city had been equipped with an origin ability defense mechanism, the berserk beasts had learnt their lesson and no longer randomly attack the city. Thus, the soldiers guarding the city gates had become the most leisurely but also most important job.

As for today, the leader of the guard on duty today was Zhou Tiancai.

“Ah—-so sleepy. Captain Zhou, it is about time to change shift.” A guard said with a grumpy tone.

Zhou Tianchai stared at him ferociously. “Brat, you only know when to get off work! Wait for the next guy on shift come first. The city gate must be guarded 24 hours continuously; any mistakes are not tolerated!”

“Ceh! Who attacks us these days?” The young soldier disdainfully continued, “Last time was such a long time ago. Since the installation of the origin ability defensive mechanism, who still dares to charge at us? Once they reach the defense mechanism, they would be instantly killed by the lasers! Plus, Captain Zhou, you have been a guard here for 5 years. Have you ever encountered any berserk beast attacking this city?” (T/N: Today, you will)

Zhou Tiancai was speechless. He indeed had not encountered one so far. As this young soldier mentioned, berserk beasts attacking the city was many years ago. It was the older generation gate guard’s story. At that time, this profession of being a gate guard was worthy of respect!

Ever since the city had the scanner technology, scanning the entire perimeter of the city, there was basically nothing for them to do.

The gate guard had now became the most leisurely and easy going job; the most unpromising career. The only thing they could be proud of was their distant past—guarding the city gates from berserk beasts, protecting their homes.

It was just that now, these were all legends from the past.

Sigh, Zhou Tiancai no longer spoke further. Looking at a distant place, his heart began to doubt for a bit. Berserk beasts, do they dare attack the city? If mankind’s technology was obviously more powerful and dominant than the berserk beasts, then why not sweep the whole berserk beast population? Don’t tell him that berserk beasts also had some monstrous secret weapon?

As he was puzzled, Zhou Tiancai noticed at the distant horizon, there was some abnormal movements which were then followed by dust flying in the air. It seemed that numerous berserk red jackals were madly rushing at something.

“Has my eyesight gone bad?”

Zhou Tiancai rubbed his eyes and looked once again, yes! It was actually true!

“Berserk beasts attack! Alert!” As Zhou Tiancai shouted, some excitement could be noticed in his voice.

Several young soldiers next to him yawned. “Please, Captain Zhou. This is the start of the year, how can any….f*ck my life, this is really happening!”

These young soldiers were shocked on the spot, watching the distant boiling red army; as if it were a gigantic mouth wanting to devour them whole.

Zhou Tiancai cursed at them, “These brats, why are you daydreaming! Activate the defense mechanism!”

“Yes! Yes!”

A few people rushed to activate the defense mechanism. The hidden origin ability laser cannons began to appear to the surface, moving to aim at the red army. At any time, those fatal laser could be fired.

A 10 meter long gate started moving. “Kacha!” The city’s internal walls had been sealed, preventing any human from leaving the city. Only the outer part of the city, a 3 meter long gate of the guard headquarters was left opened. As for the men outside the city, they were all gathered at the guard headquarter.

“Ready to fire!” (T/N: You have been abandoned, Su Hao!)

Zhou Tiancai was in very high spirits. Just when he was ready to press the fire button, he abruptly stopped his action and stared blankly at the screen. That red army, at the most front, a person was running.

“What happened?”

“Captain, seems to be one of the students.”

“WTF, ready for collision! We must not allow this student to die here.” Zhou Tiancai cursed. With a serious expression while facing his men, he said, “Fellow gate guards, it is our job to protect the public safety. Especially this genius student who will become the pillar of our nation in the future. Even at the expense of our life, we must ensure his safety!” (E/N: Wait till they realise his standing according to public records…)


Several frivolous gate guards felt the heavy duty and a sense of purpose. This feeling was something they had never felt in these past years guarding the gate.

“Ready! Stike!”

Su Hao started to gasp for air, his body was lacking oxygen. He also began to feel weakness in his legs. When he finally saw the the city gate some energy appeared from deep within and pushed him forward. He continued running, trying desperately to maintain his speed.

This situation was far beyond his expectation.

He had only killed a few dozens berserk red jackals. How could his actions trigger this mad army of berserk red jackals?


This was no longer the group of berserk red jackals. While Su Hao bolted, the berserk red jackals howled. Now, even random berserk beasts began to join the party. It was as if they had received some kind of command. Surprisingly, they did not attack him but instead, rushed towards the direction of Jianghe city. (T/N: Wow, wow, wow. Shit is happening.. E/N: Choo choo!)

And some……they were even faster than berserk red jackals!

Su Hao had been attacked by the troop behind him countless time. He was even almost killed in the mouth of berserk beasts.


A werewolf like berserk beast rushed to the front, its speed was significantly faster than berserk red jackals. With its mouth, it attempted to bite Su Hao. Su Hao leapt on the werewolf’s head. Taking the advantage of the leveraging force, Su Hao once again continued rushed forward. The distance was pulled further apart from this manoeuvre.

At that time, when he saw the city’s gate which was clear as water with some reflective light rays, these reflection somehow made his eyes extremely painful.

Su Hao recalled what he had learnt from the textbooks. He suddenly understood what that was.

Origin ability ray gun!

Many rampaging berserk beasts were killed from the ray gun! However, at the moment, the ray gun was only on standby mode and did not fire. It was very obvious there was some hesitation which was naturally due to Su Hao.

Su Hao understood that even if it was not targeted at him, just the light ray from the ray gun was enough for people to have short term blindness. It went without saying that he who was running from the horde would be one of the victims too.

“F*ck this shit!”

Su Hao cursed, took a deep breath and facing the direction of the city gat above, he showed a few gestures. His achievement of 180 points in theoretical basis which indicated more knowledge in his brain began to show its usefulness.

The city gate above.

Zhou Tiancai had already ordered the command for collision. However, whether he would successfully save this student, he dared not guarantee. At this time he saw the gestures of the boy through the aiming screen.

“What is that? What is he trying to say?”

“It seems familiar.” Zhou Tiancai remembered he had seen this gestures somewhere but currently, he could not recall. For so many years he had not encountered such situations, naturally, some knowledge had been forgotten.

One of the trainee gate guards there voiced out. “I have learned this in a history textbook! This is a strategy gesture! He was conveying a message!”

“Oh?” Zhou Tiancai was excited. “What information is he conveying?”

The trainee gate guard approached him and answered, “It is an attack order. He allows us to fire!”


Zhou Tiancai was speechless. “Once this origin ability ray gun fires almost every human would be blinded but some types of berserk beasts would not be affected. Does this bastard want to die?”

“Captain, if you still do not attack, when the berserk beasts approach the city, I am afraid not only can we not save the student but even our city might be in danger.” One of the gate guard there said his analysis and continued, “We can only believe the student! Believe that he will evade our attack!”


Zhou Tiancai also knew that this was not the time to hesitate. Looking at the figure of the student through the aiming screen, he spat out one word while clenching his teeth.


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