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Chapter 0009 Berserk master

GMC 0009 Berserk master

The following day, Su Hao realised he was still the main topic of discussions among students when he went to school. The gossip about him and Chen Yiran was getting hotter and hotter. Regarding this matter, he could only ignore it. With a peaceful mind, he attended the class as usual.

In a blink of an eye, a few days had passed. During the recovery period from his injuries, his origin ability slowly advanced. Whenever his energy tank is full, he would use it on the advanced level of basic fighting techniques.

Within these few days, his progress was something noticeable.

During the injury, he could not cultivate at all and that was very hard for him to accept. Fortunately, after a few days of resting, Su Hao’s body recovered to a suitable condition.

After fully recovering from his injury, the first thing he did was to go to the origin ability firm to collect his debt!

Early in the morning on Saturday, Su Hao reached the origin ability firm and approached the registrar at the counter. He was stunned looking at the fiery Su Hao and asked, “You want to do a quest?”

Su Hao shook his head. “Last time I asked you for the information about the person who gave the star grass task.”

“Ah, that!” The registrar suddenly remembered. “When he came here to retrieve the grass, I did use that opportunity to ask him but he said he did not need any for now. If he needs it, he would put up a request again.”

“Really?” Su Hao casually said, “Give me his contact information.”

“I am sorry but you already know that a customer’s information is strictly confidential.” The registrar apologized.

“Then you can contact him yourself.” Su Hao sneered, “I do not need his contact information. You just need to pass the word to him, If he disagrees, then forget about it.”

“What word?”

“That day the task reward, a beginner origin ability recovery medicine had problems. I had to lay down on my bed for 3 straight nights before I fully recovered!” Su Hao slammed the table and continued, “Doesn’t origin ability firm do any inspections beforehand? Tell him if he does not give me a reasonable explanation, I will report him to the origin ability association!”

Looking at Su Hao who had exploded, the registrar was silenced. His heart could only secretly smile.

Under normal circumstances, the task reward would always have to undergo some test. However, for a beginner recovery medicine, it was just a mere thing. It was not worth it to replace it with any fake products. That was why they did not inspect it. Never did they expect that this medicine apparently poses some problem!

“Hold on.”

The registrar appeased Su Hao and went inside to have a discussion with the higher ups. Soon, he returned from the inside to the counter, “Can we can compensate you with a bottle of beginner recovery medicine for free?”

Su Hao had a shock in his heart. Free compensation? That was a full 10 thousand star dollars worth medicine. Plus, it is not a genuine stable beginner origin ability recovery medicine.

However, Su Hao managed to suppress his inner desire in a few breaths. “I want to see him.”

The registrar smiled bitterly and said, “Okay then. Open your communication device. I will give you his contact information.”

Su Hao took out a large screen outdated mobile phone from his pocket and asked, “Is this okay?”

The registrar was surprised till he almost fell. He could easily complete the 10 thousand dollars task, reject the compensation but apparently he could not even afford a virtual communication device?

“Hold for a moment.” The registrar went somewhere to copy a map for Su Hao. “This is Zhang Dashi’s home. You just need to follow the route stated in the map to reach his home.”

“Many thanks.”

Su Hao kept the map and walked outside.

Zhang Dashi?

Such broken name. Why did he suddenly had a weird feeling about the name? F*ck! Luckily his name is not Zhang Tianshi. If not, Su Hao would never go to find him even if you beat him to death. (T/N: Zhang Tianshi is referring to a chinese god.)

After confirming that he had reached the location, Su Hao walked in and was instantly startled.

There were no sticks or robes. In contrast, this looked like a secret pharmacy. Some distance away, an old man was in his own world with his experiment facing dozens of bottles. His eyes looked like some fanatic god and did not notice the arrival of Su Hao at all.

Zhang Dashi, so he is a medicine dashi? Su Hao finally understood what his name meant. (T/N: Dashi=master)

After the emergence of origin abilities, chinese traditional medicine and drug making became a market driving force and their business grew exponentially.

Through the usage of origin ability, many Chinese acupuncture techniques and treatments surprisingly had very good effects. Numerous illnesses were able to be cured by chinese medicine and there were cases where the patient’s strength had been improved to a certain extent.

As for drug making, numerous research had been done on this topic. The principal aim for this research was none other than to enhance the strength of the medicinal effect! Origin ability recovery medicine! From the most expensive to beginner medicine, all were made by the pharmacists.

The old man was giving his full concentration to the bottle in his hand. That moment was the time where the old man could not stop or leave halfway. Su Hao could only helplessly wait there. He had a look around the shop. There were numerous kinds of medicine displayed here until he saw a sign board which caught his attention.

The name on top of the sign board – Zhang Zhongtian!

He is the one?!

Su Hao reorganized his mind. That master class pharmacist, Zhang Zhongtian?

Zhang Zhongtian was once the vice president of the pharmacist association. Su Hao saw his name before in a textbook. Whenever there is any topic regarding medicine, his name would appeared a in a lot of places.

What made him more famous was the emergence of berserk medicine! That was why Zhang Zhongtian had another nickname, berserk master!

Berserk medicine, a type of medicine which could increase the consumer’s strength and ability by a huge margin. However, at the same time, the side effect after the consumption was also very severe.

The emergence of berserk medicine received a huge support from the consumers. Thus, this made pharmacist association get a huge sum of profit.

However, since then, Zhang Zhongtian had went astray from his path. Almost every drug of his, were very strong in both benefit and side effect. Countless people had died from consuming his medicine. That was the reason why berserk medicine was classified as a banned drug now.

Later, after a meeting by the committee of the pharmacist association, Zhang Zhongtian was removed from the board. Never could anyone imagine he would open a small shop at Jianghe city.

“So that berserk medicine was his doing then?” Su Hao said secretly in his heart. He used the recovery medicine from the task reward and the benefit was at least twice the amount compared to normal beginner recovery medicine. Of course, it was then accompanied by a severe side effect which he needed to rest for a full three days to recover from!

After waiting for a moment, Zhang Zhongtian finally completed his work and walked out.

“This is the injured young man? On the left side, there are a row of physical rehabilitation medicines. After consuming it, your body will recover well.” Zhang Zhongtian with his muddy eyes glanced at Su Hao and casually said before taking out some more ingredients to continue his research.

Su Hao blushed, feeling ashamed and quickly stopped him, “Dashi, do you still need more star grass?”

“Star grass?” Zhang Zhongtian frowned and continued impatiently, “So far, nope. When I require it later, I will post a request.”

With some nervousness, Su Hao quickly said, “Dashi, last time for the task to collect star grass, you had to wait for several days yet nobody accomplished the task. Luckily, I managed to complete it. If you request for such task again, I can’t imagine how long you would have to wait for it. The nearby star grass has all been collected by me. I think there is no longer any star grass growing now. Why not take this opportunity to buy them in bulk from me? This way it would be more convenient for you when you need it.”

Zhang Zhongtian pondered for a moment and suddenly awoke from his enthusiasm in research. With his small eyes, he looked at Su Hao, “So, are you not here to claim your compensation?”

“Of course.”

Su Hao smiled, “The medicine you gave me was many times more effective than those at the market, although the side effect was quite severe. Why would you need to compensate?”


Zhang Zhongtian nodded with satisfaction on his face. He always believed that his medicine is much better than those medicines which abided the law set by the pharmacist association. Su Hao’s fake praise definitely hit the soft spot in his heart.

“How many star grass do you have right now?”

“There are still 36!” Su Hao replied.

“This is too much. I could not use them all up.” Zhang Zhongtian frowned, three hundred and six thousand dollars was enough for him to get himself an important material for berserk medicine.

Su Soa laughed. “Dashi, you don’t have to give me star dollars. I just need recovery medicine.”

“Oh?” Zhang Zhongtian was definitely tempted. “Okay, I agree! The row there is full of beginner recovery medicines. Just take any that you like. After you bring the star grass here, just put them at the top of the table over there.”

After finishing his word, Zhang Zhongtian went back to take care of his experiments.

Su Hao was surprised. This old man…..was he really not afraid of me taking the medicine without reserve? But Su Hao did not dare to simply take any random medicine there.

Although Zhang Zhongtian had immersed himself deeply in this field for so many years, despite his obsession in pharmaceuticals, if you consider him as some retard, then you are very wrong!

Su Hao quickly went back home. After he brought over the 36 star grasses, Su Hao took 36 bottles of recovery medicine before leaving the store.

When he was approaching the door, he happened to encounter a young man who rushed in hastily with countless herbs in his hands. Noticing Su Hao, he apparently considered him as a customer visiting the store to buy medicine.

“Welcome. Do visit us again!”

Then, the young man quickly walked inside. “Teacher, the herbs that you wanted, I have brought them!”

Su Hao helplessly smiled. These two teacher and student, their attitudes were very alike, always in a rush and very impatient.

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