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Chapter 0008 The cheating recovery medicine

Chapter 0008 The cheating recovery medicine

He returned home to notice he was alone, his family had yet to return. Su Hao organised the star grass neatly. Looking at the beginner recovery medicine in his right hand, he felt a burst of excitement.

This little item, actually costs 10 thousand star dollars!

Opening the bottle which contained the liquid, it looked like the traditional oral cleansing solutions. From the blue bottle, an unusual type of fragrance permeated throughout the room. Su Hao was startled. Such a fragrance could actually begin re-energising his origin energy.

As he was ready to drink in one motion, Su Hao abruptly stopped his action.


“I can’t drink this now!”

Of course consuming this recovery medicine would be able to restore all of his origin ability energy but…..that was it! His progress in advanced cultivation would only increase by a tiny bit. As for his current strength, it did not bring any benefits at all.

But…..what if he used in other way?

Su Hao then thought that mastering advanced cultivation would be an extremely difficult task as of now. Why not start it from the beginner level first? This bottle should be enough for him to master beginner origin ability cultivation. This should definitely increase his pitiable origin ability by leaps and bounds.

After he had set a clear goal, Su Hao kept the recovery medicine. He then continued practicing fighting techniques in order to familiarise every move and type available.

After his family members reached home, during dinner, Su Hao once again copied his sister, Su Ling’s beginner cultivation ability. As usual, an additional card appeared in the middle of his mind, beginner origin ability cultivation card.

After finishing his meal, he went straight back to his room.

Su Hao took a deep breath. Opening the bottle, he drank all the liquid in one shot.


Once the medicine entered into his body, a violent energy instantly burst throughout his body. His body became really uncomfortable. A trace of blood could be seen flowing from his mouth. With both fists tightly gripped, his body kept shaking.

“Damn! What is this shit!”

“Beginner recovery medicine is definitely most harmless. As it is according to the Origin Ability Association standard, should not be giving any harm to the consumer.” Su Hao could easily recall the description of this medicine from the textbook. Compared to the current immediate impact, it was totally different.


Su Hao splurted out blood. He then half squatted on the floor while clenching his fists till the nails penetrated his skin.

“I have been cheated! Poison?”

As Su Hao was in the middle of an absent mind, he suddenly noticed his origin ability suddenly started to rise rapidly. It was the same as the impact just now, violent and rough with such monstrous rate.

“Beginner origin ability cultivation, activate!”


The gray card in the middle of his mind instantly turned bright. One percent, five percent, ten percent…..the energy seemed to be inexhaustible. The progress of the card was extremely fast.

In exactly 10 seconds, Su Hao’s body re-entered that uncomfortable state again. Beginner origin ability cultivation, complete!


His mind’s capacity seemed to forcefully expand. The originally small space began to expand again. Su Hao’s origin ability energy limit was increased and the recovery speed went to another level.

Beginner origin ability cultivation; all students which are focused on by the school must master this course. This was because it is the minimum requirement for the college entrance. Score: 100 points!

“I mastered it!”

Su Hao pleasantly said. However, the next moment, the pain felt by his whole body dragged him back to reality. His body’s origin ability was still skyrocketing!

“This degree of recovery already exceeds any recovery medicine available in the market right now.” Su Hao withstood the pain and began his analysis. Looking helplessly at the progress of his origin ability which was rapidly rising; his emptied energy was now back at full tank!

“Advanced origin ability cultivation, activate!”


Since his origin ability kept growing, Su Hao directly started to activate the advanced cultivation card. In about 10 seconds time, the medicine’s effect gradually slowed down. As for the advanced cultivation card, the progress had gone up to a full 10 percent!


Su Hao grinned to himself. This was indeed not bad; such rapid progress. However, he would not dare to experience such thing any time soon. If the side effect was to reach such a degree every time, he was afraid he would die from the side effect before having any breakthroughs.

Standing up, Su Hao had aches all over his body. He wanted to get back on his bed and lie down. Then, as he took a step, he suddenly faltered.


Su Hao crashed down onto the floor and displayed the word ‘da’. (T/N: 大)

“Deng, deng, deng!”

Sound of footsteps could be heard. Su Hao’s room door was suddenly opened without any warning. His sister, Su Ling rushed into the room in a panic and was shocked. “Bro, what happen?”

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Su Ling then came closer to help him stand up. Su Hao could only clenched his teeth due to the intense pain. After lying on his bed, only after laying down did he feel much better.

“Bro, did Sun Yaotian bully you again?” Su Ling raised her tiny nose; with some dissatisfaction she asked him.

“Nope.” Su Hao bitterly smiled while shook his head. “Just now I was practicing. As a result, I was injured.”

“Really?” Su Ling asked Su Hao while staring at him.

“En.” Su Hao nodded and comforted his sister, “Rest assured. You brother has a strong body. This little injury is nothing to me. You better go rest early. Tomorrow, we still have to go to school.”

“Oh.” After making sure her brother was alright, she left the room. It was just that her mouth was still muttering, “Stupid brother, just practice makes you fall. Yet still wants to act like an adult.”

The corner of Su Hao’s mouth slightly twitched. He decisively chose to disregard her comment and then closed his eyes to rest.

At the centre of Jianghe city, inside a garden villa.

Chen Yiran was holding a ruler in her hand. With a very dark expression, she looked ahead. As for the legendary figure whom everyone in the school idolized him, Chen Yifeng, he just sat on a chair quietly and looked down. He dared not to move even a slightest. (T/N: Is this her sister or Asian mum instead?)

“Bro, you are so daring right?”

“No!” Chen Yifeng replied quickly, “Today it was just coincident for me to pass by your school.”

“You want to lie who? You still think I am a little kid?” Chen Yiran continued in a very angry tone, “You found Su Hao and made a move against him right? You already graduated so many years ago yet you still try to bully people.”

“Love really makes one forgetful.” Chen Yifeng whispered the next sentence, “Once you have a lover, you start to put this old brother aside.”

“What did you say?!”

Chen Yiran immediately hit down on him with the ruler in her hand. With gas coming out from her head, she said, “I already said that Su Hao and I are not a couple.”

“Aiya, I know.” Chen Yifeng waved his hand. “Rest assured. I have already tested him. That kid passed my test. Next time when dad and mum nag you, I will absolutely be on your side.”

Chen Yiran had been angered till she became speechless. Other people’s view she could ignore but her very own brother, she could not help but to care about. “Next time, don’t you ever find Su Hao again!”

“Even if you ask me to go also I won’t do it.” Chen Yifeng rolled his eyes, “Find him for what? With my origin ability, I will be just bullying the weak. If I suppress my origin ability, I can’t beat him.”

Hearing this, Chen Yiran secretly laughed at him. “You deserved it! This morning, I sparred with him. Under the situation of suppressing origin ability, I also could not beat him.”


Chen Yifeng was shocked. “This morning, you were sparring? Then you two….you two really do not have any relationship?”

“Of course.” Chen Yiran said confidently. Noticing Chen Yifeng’s facial expression, she finally understood. “It must be that Sun Yaotian that spoke about us from behind. His words, you still believe them!”

Chen Yifeng embarrassedly said, “It’s okay. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Who said it does not matter?” Chen Yiran then stood there silently while touching her forehead. “Oh my old brother, at first it was still okay, but your trip to the school was just like admitting our relationship in front of everyone. Next time when we meet, it must be so awkward. Even now, I still do not know how to face Su Hao.”

“Weng, weng…”

Chen Yifeng’s wristband vibrated. With a change to a serious face, he then told Chen Yiran, “There is a call. It must be something important. I will go outside and answer the phone.”

Chen Yiran could only helplessly looked at her brother who left with a grin in his face. Again this move. You think I did not see that you pressed it yourself?

Stretching her body, Chen Yiran walked towards the window. With the moonlight shining on her body, the scene of being enveloped by the moonlight; created an illusion of a goddess.

For her, it was really a day full of unexpected events.

Su Hao’s skyrocketing improvement, Chen Yifeng’s sudden visit, the battle between Chen Yifeng and Su Hao, ar…..these two years hard work from Su Hao, was he finally rewarded? I wonder how far this guy can go.

Chen Yiran raised her head, filled with a smile full of hope. Even if she did not notice it herself, a seed quietly and unknowingly planted itself in her heart.

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