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Chapter 0010 Police fighting technique

GMC 0010 Police fighting technique

When he reached home, Su Hao admired the 36 bottles of recovery medicine; both of his eyes were shining in happiness. However, he was reluctant to use them.

After mastering the beginner origin ability cultivation, his origin ability finally reached a value of 6! His origin ability energy capacity and the recovery speed had also improved. Thus, it was still not that urgent to consume these beginner recovery medicines.

“To use or not to use?” (Kai: That is the question)

Su Hao hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to keep them safe and sound for the time being.

The side effects of these medicine were too strong! It would need three days of his time to recover while being unable to do anything. Although this would allow him to train advanced cultivation, it was still not enough to completely master it.

To master advanced origin ability cultivation would reward him with 200 points. This included the points he earned from beginner cultivation. In other words, his origin ability would rise to a value of 7.

But ……can I enter the natural selection class with an origin ability of 7?

“With this medicine in my hands, I am confident of a breakthrough into the advanced origin ability cultivation. But this should be a last resort to raise my ability value.” Su Hao analyzed, “As it stands, the most ideal method to improve my ability value is to keep improving my fighting techniques.”

Since he had completed the advanced fighting techniques, this meant that he had completely mastered all the combat method courses in the high school.

Since he had completed the courses from the high school, why not start learning the university curriculum?

According to the information that he learnt at school, the fighting course taught at ordinary universities is still the basic fighting techniques. However, the focus of a main university would be police fighting techniques.

Su Hao’s eyes suddenly shined, “Police fighting techniques!”

The minimum requirement to learn police fighting techniques was to be able to fuse beginner, intermediate and advanced basic fighting techniques and apply them during combat. The same point system applied to it too. 50 points for beginner, 70 points for intermediate and 100 points for advanced level. The most important aspect was that these point were extras added on top of basic fighting technique points.

“Good! My next aim is this then, police combat techniques!”

The next day, early in the morning, Su Hao reached his school. Without stopping at any unnecessary places, he headed straight towards his classroom.

Since police fighting techniques was the focus of a main university’s syllabus, then…. The school’s combat tutors had definitely learned it. Otherwise, how could they have graduated from a main university?

Thus, the current purpose of Su Hao was none other than to establish a police fighting technique card!

Since today was the weekend, there were no theory lessons but for high school students, there was no rest for them! Only struggle!

When Su Hao reached the classroom, only a dozen students were inside. Every single one of them were sweating like rain in the monsoon season due to rigorously practising basic fighting techniques.

At the moment, a burly combat tutor, Liu Zhenlong was next to the students; giving them guidance. He was strict and did not become soft hearted at all due to them being his students.

Su Hao had a quick look at the students. Without even a need to guess, they were the hope of the class to enter university. The lowest origin ability among them is 6 points! In the past, his origin ability only a mere 3.8, naturally he did not have the qualification to join the class.

“Su Hao? You come here for what?” Liu Zhenlong frowned as he saw Su Hao entering the class. (T/N: Such tutor looking down at their students…shaking head right now)

As for the students who lacked talent, he did not have a good impression of them. If he included Su Hao’s attitude, family background and strength, there was really nothing worthy to be found. Plus, the recent scandal which was spreading like wildfire made him feel even more disgusted at Su Hao. An originally good student, rather than working harder instead messed around.

Being poor is not shameful but not progressing from poverty, that is just something he looked down upon!

“Hello, teacher! I am here to learn fighting techniques.” Su Hao said.

“Oh?” Liu Zhenlong thought of the recent scandal and asked, “I heard you won the sparring with Chen Yifeng, is this true?”

Su Hao nodded. “We are just exchanging some pointers in fighting techniques.”

“Very good!” Liu Zhenlong’s eyes opened wide. “Let me see the progress of your strength!”

Su Hao was dumbstruck. What was this situation he was in? F*ck! How could a teacher come and challenge a student!

Without even waiting for him to react, Liu Zhenlong started attacking him. Su Hao could only bitterly smile and began to fight back. The fluidity of his basic fighting techniques was shown again, intercepting Liu Zhenlong’s attack.

The more moves they exchanged, the faster the speed and soon, they had executed dozens of techniques.

The students around them stopped practising to watch the heated battle. They started to believe the rumour. This Su Hao was indeed fierce. Even when facing the teacher, he was not inferior at all.



At that moment, when the two fists intersected, Liu Zhenlong stopped his offense. “Very good. You really do have this capability. Not bad, not bad! Although your origin ability is weak so that you have had to start at a lower point, you do indeed have the advantage at executing fighting techniques. This made you much stronger than most students here!”

“Many thanks for teacher’s guidance.” Su Hao said respectfully.

“Since you had already made progress, why stop?” With a positive look from Liu Zhenlong, he continued, “You have already mastered the whole fighting technique syllabus of high school. Time to learn new stuff. Watch carefully!”


Liu Zhenlong suddenly changed his stance. His fighting technique naturally changed too. With each firm fist fired at Su Hao, it was very tricky!

The eyes of Su Hao shined, “Police fighting techniques!”

Basic fighting techniques were used widely in a lot of areas by everyone. Basic fighting techniques were derived from many different martial arts, in order to make them have less weaknesses and were easier to learn and execute by the masses. That was why the techniques themselves somehow looked ordinary. However, police fighting techniques were something which the police department had kept on improving before end up with this style. Each strike was targeted at the vital parts of the foe.


His brain started to flick; surprisingly his model analysis ability began to activate by itself!

“……ability analysis…..analysis completed……..beginner police fighting techniques……establishment of card….”

A wonderful feeling began filling up Su Hao’s heart. Watching Liu Zhenlong who showed the moves in front of him, Su Hao subconsciously followed the moves together with the instructor. One strike, two strikes, three strikes….

From not being proficient till skilled, from skilled to perfect mastery, Su Hao was once again entering the zone of practising.

Liu Zhenlong’s whole body was sweating after he finished showing all the stances. Liu Zhenlong then took a deep breath to cool down his body. For ordinary students, he just needed to teach beginner basic fighting techniques. Only some students would occasionally require him to display intermediate basic fighting techniques. As for police fighting techniques, he had not used them since graduation.

“How was it, can you show some…..huh?” Liu Zhenlong turned his head to face Su Hao to say some encouraging words. To his surprise, all he saw was Su Hao fully immersed in comprehending the moves he showed a moment ago.

As he saw each stance being demonstrated by Su Hao, he was shocked. This was indeed police fighting techniques!

Liu Zhenlong was shocked on the spot. The students next to them were also dumbfounded by the scene in front of them. What the f*ck! To learn beginner basic fighting techniques, they would need at least several months to master it. How did Su Hao learn the moves by just looking at them once?

“These move sets, are indeed what I have shown just now.”

Liu Zhenlong’s heart was thumping loudly. This kid had such a monstrous talent! Although mastering basic fighting techniques would ease the comprehension of police fighting techniques, it was definitely not to such a degree! (Kai: ezpz)


After finishing the last move, Su Hao suddenly regained clarity.

“Teacher.” Su Hao said with some embarrassment.

Liu Zhenlong patted his shoulder, “You bastard, so good in hiding your skills so deeply. You had made me consider you as a student with no hope.”

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Liu Zhenlong continued to comment, “Your fighting talent is strong but with a weak origin ability. At early stages, combat would be the dominant field, but when your origin ability reaches 10 or above, you can only use combat techniques as a support. With only pure combat skills, you will stay weak.”

“I know.” Su Hao nodded and did not feel discouraged by the comment. “It is still far for the current me. My aim is none other than to enrol myself in Zhanzheng college!”

“As for the other problems, when I enter Zhanzeng college, I believe I would be able to find a way to solve them by then.” Su Hao answered firmly.

Liu Zhenlong was speechless for a moment and then laughed. “Good ambition! Although this seems to be a difficult task, I eagerly look forward to that day!”

After finishing his words, Liu Zhenlong clapped his hands while facing the crowd. “Alright, all students, our class ends now!”

After they were dismissed, the students left the classroom. It was just that when they passed Su Hao, they could not help but be shocked at the scene they had just seen. Only Su Hao remained in the class as he was still immersing himself in those wonderful feelings.

What he was immersed in was not police fighting techniques but his own origin ability.

This time, Liu Zhenlong volunteered to display the moves of police fighting techniques. The energy which Su Hao consumed when activating the analysis was only one third of his full capacity. This indeed saved a huge amount of his origin ability energy!

In other words, if he was able to receive a demonstration of an ability, rather than an acquisition via model analysis, it would save him a lot of time, energy and effort!

“Model analysis….so far I can only establish a living model and skill cards….” A high expectation could be seen from Su Hao’s gaze. He still did not understand much about the changes to his ability.

But he believed that one day, his origin ability will bring him to a higher realm; disregarding the heavens!

(Kai: ……analysis…..analysis completed……..overcoming the bounds of heaven……establishment of card…)

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