Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 49 - Did You Just Call Me Young Master Yu?!

Chapter 49: Did You Just Call Me Young Master Yu?!

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The juice of the fruit was in Feng Wu’s possession and all she had to do was get the hell out of here!

However, Feng Xun was gripping her wrist hard to try and keep her safe, so tight that blue veins popped up on the back of his hand.

Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun with her limpid, bright eyes, the look in them indecipherable…

Feng Xun still had no idea that she had removed the juice from the fruit.

Yu Mingye was steadily losing ground against Jun Linyuan. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Feng Wu, whose wrist was in Feng Xun’s grip. Yu Mingye’s face turned livid immediately!

The ugly girl was his woman!

How dare Feng Xun hold her hand!

How dare he!

Yu Mingye called out a command to the head of the elders, who had rushed to his aid, “Go over there!”

Seeing that his young master was losing out to Jun Linyuan, the head of the elders shook his head in resignation, but still turned around and charged at Feng Xun!

It became quite the challenge for Feng Xun to protect Feng Wu once the head of the elders began his assault.

“Run!” Feng Xun cried at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu gave Feng Xun one last look, not quite knowing how to describe her feelings at that moment… Of all the people in the team, Feng Xun was the one she felt the most guilty about lying to.

I promise I’ll make it up to you after I get my strength back, Brother Feng Xun. Feng Wu clenched her fists. The next second, she dashed away as fast as she could.

No one noticed her disappearance, or even if they did, they probably couldn’t care less.

Feng Wu kept on running!

All she could think of was getting to the foot of the mountain! Now!

Once the juice left the fruit, its spiritual essence would start to dissipate rapidly. She was afraid that she would lose all of it before even leaving the mountain.

An idea then struck Feng Wu, and she quickly transferred the juice into a bottle, then filled the pouch of the switching needle with another viscous liquid, which was Star Aloe Vera juice.

From appearance alone, Star Aloe Vera juice was no different from Immortal Spiritual Fruit juice, as both were thick, transparent, and limpid.

Only after that did Feng Wu let out a breath of relief.

Looking at the thumb-sized white porcelain bottle in her hand, Feng Wu smiled wholeheartedly for the first time since she got here. Her entire face seemed to light up as she beamed.

Finally, she had gotten hold of her Immortal Spiritual Fruit. After taking it back home and refining that Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill, she would be able to resume her cultivation. The good-for-nothing fifth daughter of the Feng family was going to reverse her situation for good!

Just then, a cold voice interrupted her reverie.

“Ugly girl, I see that you’re a fast runner,” a grumpy voice said behind Feng Wu.

Feng Wu’s heart sank!

Yu Mingye?!

She was never going to outrun Yu Mingye, and it was that realization which stopped Feng Wu from trying anything else. Turning around, she greeted Yu Mingye with an obsequious smile. “Young Master Yu…”

“Young Master Yu?” Yu Mingye’s wickedly mesmerizing, amorous eyes narrowed and he smirked maliciously. “Did you just call me Young Master Yu?!”

“Young – Young Master…” Feng Wu was lifted off the ground and she struggled violently.

“Hmph!” Yu Mingye’s eyes spat flames of rage as he stared at her! She could almost feel his wrath burning her skin!

The longer Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu’s tender, pink lips, the angrier he got!

All of a sudden, he raised a hand and flipped his sleeve at Feng Wu —

Was he going to hit her now?! Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

However, before she knew it, Yu Mingye was wiping her lips with his flamboyant pink sleeve. He rubbed so hard that it was obvious he was upset.

Feng Wu glowered. “Wh- what are you doing?!”

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