Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 50 - Feng Xiaowu! Stop Right There!

Chapter 50: Feng Xiaowu! Stop Right There!

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Yu Mingye puffed out his cheeks. “You heartless, fickle woman! Do you even know what shame is?! How dare you kiss Jun Linyuan?! Have you forgotten that you’re my woman now?”

Feng Wu finally knew what all the fuss was about.

But why was he so angry?

“My hands were tied, okay? I only did it to get the juice of the fruit!” Feng Wu retorted confidently. Plus, since when was she Yu Mingye’s woman? He was making things up!

Yu Mingye smirked. “There were a hundred ways to do that! Was that your only choice?”

Feng Wu stared back at him. “But that was the most straightforward and effective one! Look, I got the juice, didn’t I?”

Yu Mingye’s face was livid as he pointed at Feng Wu’s forehead. “Just admit it. You wanted to kiss Jun Linyuan and you still like him! You just can’t get over him! Is that it?”

Feng Wu looked the exasperated Yu Mingye up and down, then said out of the blue, “Yu Mingye, you’re not actually falling in love with me, are you?”

Yu Mingye’s cheeks flushed at those words and he panted with rage. “Me? Like a woman with loose morals like you? Don’t flatter yourself!”

“Great! Glad to hear that.” Patting her chest, Feng Wu was relieved.

Yu Mingye, on the other hand, was so furious that blue veins popped on his forehead and his chest heaved.

However, Feng Wu said lightheartedly, “Since you don’t like me and I feel the same about you, we’ll go our separate ways from here, and hopefully we won’t see each other again~”

After that, Feng Wu dashed out at top speed!

Yu Mingye didn’t see that coming. His face nearly turned green as he bellowed, “How dare you! Get back here!”

He was going to chase her when he realized in utter frustration that his shoes were stuck to the ground by some super glue!

What was worse, the glue had seeped through the soles of his boots. He was going to take his shoes off and go after her, but his feet were also glued fast to his boots.

He had been set up by that ugly girl!

When had she set the super glue under his feet? How come he never noticed?

Yu Mingye had never felt so humiliated. He bellowed after Feng Wu, “Stop right there, you ugly girl! Have you forgotten that Excruciating Soul-Destroying Bone-Crushing Mind-Poisoning Pill of Ten Thousand Ants? You’ll die a miserable death!”

Feng Wu, who was already a hundred meters away, found his threat ridiculous. She turned around and made a face at Yu Mingye. “Young Master Yu, that’s a really big name for some pink laxative pill.”

Pink laxative pill? She knew?! She had known from the very start what it was?! So, she had been faking it all along?

Thinking back to all his elaborate threats against her, Yu Mingye found himself such a clown… Damn it!

Infuriated, Yu Mingye pounded his fist on a tree trunk. “Feng Xiaowu, stop right there! You’ll wish you were dead when I catch you!”

How dare she trick him! The girl had messed with the wrong guy!

At those words, Feng Wu ran even faster. There was no way she was going to stay here!

“Argh!” Face livid, Yu Mingye was driven over his limit by his rage. He broke free of the super glue, but the sudden exertion of power also injured his internal organs. He spat out a mouthful of blood!

“Feng Xiaowu! Stop right there!” Yu Mingye ignored his internal injury completely. All he could think of was catching Feng Xiaowu, this ugly girl!

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder. Shit —

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