Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 48 - Gotcha!

Chapter 48: Gotcha!

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With that, she would have a chance to resume her cultivation —

But how on earth was she supposed to get her hands on that Immortal Spiritual Fruit? How —

All of a sudden!

An idea struck Feng Wu and her eyes flickered!


It occurred to Feng Wu in a split second and she found her opening!

Feng Wu knew perfectly well that this was her only chance to get this close to Jun Linyuan, and she couldn’t afford to miss it!

At that thought —

Feng Wu staggered, bumping into Jun Linyuan. Meanwhile, she cried out, “Ah!”

It all happened so suddenly that Jun Linyuan stumbled back at the impact until he fell down on the ground. Moreover, Feng Wu herself fell on top of him!

And it didn’t stop there. She fell, and her mouth landed on his.

Their eyes met —

Everyone around them was astonished!

Feng Xun’s mouth fell open.

Xuan Yi opened his eyes wide.

Fairy Muyao froze on the spot.

Even Jun Linyuan’s poker face looked shocked! His face went blank for a brief second!

Without warning, he went scarlet in the face and even the skin behind his ears turned pink!

Feng Xun was the first to react.

Seeing Jun Linyuan’s red face, Feng Xun thought that it was from the guy’s fury, which scared the wits out of him!

He cried out, rushed to Feng Wu’s side, and grabbed her by the back of her collar. Then, with a yank, he pulled Feng Wu behind him!

Only then did the rest of them realize what had happened.

Feng Xun stammered, “B- Boss Jun, well, X- Xiaowu didn’t mean it! She didn’t try to take advantage of you! No! I mean, she just got scared and that’s why… Shit! What am I talking about?!”

Seeing what had happened, Fairy Muyao turned scarlet with rage. Her eyes seemed to spit fire as she glared at Feng Wu!

“You – you…” The more Fairy Muyao thought about it, the more painful a memory it became. She finally burst into tears.

She hadn’t even touched the crown prince once and Feng Wu had – had already kissed him!

Jun Linyuan turned his piercing gaze on Feng Wu immediately!

Shielding Feng Wu with an arm, Feng Xun cried out, “Boss Jun! I know you’re kind of a neat freak, but, but… but Xiaowu really didn’t mean to! Sh- she, she was just… Please forgive her, Boss Jun…”

Jun Linyuan pursed his thin, red lips as he looked grimly at Feng Wu. His expression was indecipherable.

Feng Wu raised her right hand at that moment!

Boom —

A loud bang ripped through the air!

“We’re under attack!” Feng Xun cried out!

Everyone turned in the direction of that loud noise.

Flames surged into the sky and a frantic energy charged at them.

“It’s Yu Mingye and his men!” Feng Xun warned the others.

Yu Mingye was approaching rapidly with his three elders!

Charging straight for Jun Linyuan, Yu Mingye shouted, “Jun Linyuan! You’ll remember my name after tonight!”

He had already engaged Jun Linyuan in combat before he finished that sentence!

Seeing that a major fight had broken out, Feng Wu tried to get herself away from the battlefield. However, Feng Xun wouldn’t let go of her hand. “Stay right behind me. Keep your distance from those people!”

Feng Wu was crying inwardly…

Just then when she deliberately fell on Jun Linyuan, she had drawn out the juice of that Immortal Spiritual Fruit when Jun Linyuan wasn’t watching and replaced it with the liquid.

Now —

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