Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 345 - Feng Wu Is Her Natural Enemy!

Chapter 345: Feng Wu Is Her Natural Enemy!

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Lady Wang ran up to Feng Liu in a hurry. “Xiao Liu, are you alright? Talk to me!”

Tears rolled down Feng Liu’s cheeks as blood gushed out of her nose —

Her eyes glinted like a hungry wolf’s and she looked like she was ready to tear Feng Wu’s throat open!

“Feng Wu, you b—”

However, blood rushed into her mouth as soon as Feng Liu opened it, and the taste almost made her puke.

Feng Wu looked as innocent as a bunny. “Oh god, what happened? Xiao Liu, I didn’t mean to, but you squeezed my foot too hard and I flinched before I knew it… Xiao Liu, are you alright? Let me have a look.

“There’s so much blood! Luckily, I’m a doctor. Here, let me help you.” After those words, Feng Wu grabbed a handful of ashes from a censer nearby, made her way to Feng Liu’s side, and smacked the handful right onto Feng Liu’s pretty face!

Feng Liu had just opened her mouth to speak and the ashes fell right in…

” Retch — 

Poor Feng Liu. Her face was streaked with tears, blood was gushing out of her nose, and she was repulsed by the ashes… It couldn’t be any worse.

Lady Wang realized what was going on right away and she glared at Feng Wu. “Feng Wu, what are you doing?!”

Feng Wu looked very innocent. “I was helping Xiao Liu. She was bleeding so bad. See? Her nosebleed has stopped.”

Lady Wang then saw that Feng Wu was telling the truth. However, Feng Liu’s makeup had all been ruined and she looked a mess.

What infuriated Lady Wang even more was that Feng Liu’s dress had been specially designed for today’s event and it was the key to their plan!

“My lady, we’re running late —”

Seeing that Lady Wang was going to waste her time arguing with Feng Wu, Granny Gui hurriedly gave her mistress a reminder.

Lady Wang closed her eyes and took a deep breath —

She wished more than anything that she could rip Feng Wu’s face off. However, she had no choice but to force a smile at the latter. “Xiao Wu, thank you.”

Feng Wu said matter-of-factly, “You’re welcome. We’re all trying to help Xiao Liu here.”

Lady Wang almost choked on her own spit. This Feng Wu was her natural enemy!

To calm herself down, Lady Wang turned to Feng Liu with a scowl. “Come inside with me and clean yourself up!”

One couldn’t help but wonder what instructions Lady Wang would give Feng Liu as she cleaned her daughter up. However, Feng Wu couldn’t care less. She only looked around casually, savoring the view of Lady Wang’s room.

Servants came in to clean up the mess, while Granny Gui kept her eyes on Feng Wu, fearing that the latter would try some new trick.

Feng Wu smiled a little.

Lady Wang and Feng Liu were in this scheme against her together and she was only getting her revenge in advance, while making their plan more difficult.

Before long, Feng Liu came out in a pink outfit.

It was a lovely dress, but the redness on the tip of her nose made her look like she had been crying, which might not seem that auspicious for a birthday party.

Lady Wang frowned. “Xiao Liu, how about you stay at home?”

“No!” Of course Feng Liu wouldn’t agree to that.

She was the one who had come up with the plan and she had made sure that everything was set up just the way she liked it. She couldn’t give up now because of this petty incident!

She had to see Feng Wu’s downfall with her own eyes!

“My lady, it’s about time…” Granny Gui reminded her.

Lady Wang had her own mission to accomplish at tonight’s banquet.

Feng Yanfeng was longing for this transfer to the Ministry of Official Personnel, and after some painstaking effort, he had finally been able to make Sir Yan’s acquaintance. Hence, for the old lady’s birthday dinner party —

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