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Chapter 344 - Pardon? What Was That —

Chapter 344: Pardon? What Was That —

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Her uncle cared about her? Feng Wu felt like cracking up.

To irritate Lady Wang, Feng Wu played along and nodded. “I know, Uncle is great to me. He’s going to make me the crown prince’s…”

Feng Wu knew that those words would make Lady Wang try her best to stop her uncle from doing that.

She knew it!

Lady Wang’s face stiffened right away and the smile disappeared. However, it only took her a second to pull herself together.

As always, Feng Liu was the one unable to control herself.

“Feng Wu! You’re shameless! Offering yourself to the crown prince? Who the hell do you think you are? His Royal Highness will never agree! You’re bold as brass!…”

“Feng Liu!” Lady Wang scolded her and gave her a warning look!

Only then did Feng Liu realize what she had done. How could she have forgotten about her important plan? After today, Feng Wu would be… Well, that was if Feng Wu would live to see another day.

Feng Liu snickered, darted a contemptuous look at Feng Wu, and turned away.

Feng Wu went on with her excellent acting. Looking at Lady Wang, she smiled bitterly. “If Xiao Liu really doesn’t like it, I won’t go to the Yan manor, then —”

Lady Wang and Feng Liu exchanged looks and said in unison, “You have to go!”

Feng Wu hesitated. “But I have a headache…”

Lady Wang went up to her in a hurry and helped her sit down. “Granny Gui, give Xiao Wu a head massage.”

“And my hands hurt.” Feng Wu made another request.

“I’ll rub them for you.” Lady Wang was burning with hatred, but she forced herself to smile.

“And my feet hurt, too…” Feng Wu said in a pitiful voice.

“Feng Wu! You’re pushing it!” Feng Wu didn’t put any effort into making her acting convincing, which only agitated the others further.

Everyone knew that Feng Wu was pretending, but if she really decided not to go, there was nothing they could do about it. Feng Wu was the key to their plot today, and without her, they would come away empty-handed.

“Feng Liu! Apologize to your sister!” Lady Wang gave Feng Liu a warning look.

Feng Liu was furious. However, at the thought of their plan, she had no choice but to clench her fists and say, “… Sister Wu, I’m sorry.”

“What was that? I didn’t catch that.” Feng Wu looked bewildered.

“Miss Wu! I’m sorry!” Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu!

“Pardon? The wind was blowing so hard. I didn’t hear you.”

“Forget it! Stay at home!” Feng Liu stormed off.

Feng Wu frowned at Lady Wang. “My feet hurt so bad. Aunt, I don’t think I can go today. Sorry for wasting your time…”

Shaking with anger, Feng Liu turned around and stomped back. She knelt down in front of Feng Wu and took the latter’s leg. “Where does it hurt? Here? Or here?”

Feng Liu pressed so hard that anyone would jump up in pain —

“Ouch!” Feng Wu reacted exactly that way. Her leg flexed and she kicked Feng Liu in the face. There was a loud thud, which almost sent Feng Liu flying backward.

However, Feng Wu was the one who looked hurt. “Feng Liu, did you have to press that hard? Do you hate me that much?”

Feng Wu had aimed her foot exactly at the tip of Feng Liu’s delicate nose.

It was one of the softest parts of the body and Feng Wu spared no effort. Feng Liu broke into tears right away!

“Xiao Liu!” Lady Wang forgot all about Feng Wu and ran to her daughter!

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